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Stay Hard & Tightening Lubes

Keep sex lasting longer with our stay hard and tightening lubes. Specially formulated to ensure that your erection remains its hardest or your vagina feels its tightest, these lubes and creams will give you and your partner a more satisfying and intensely pleasurable experience between the sheets.

If your erection doesn’t last as long as you would like, try one of our stay hard creams or gels. Stay hard creams help maintain and strengthen men's erections and sexual desire for longer, hotter, and harder lovemaking. For an ultra-hard and super sensitive combination try an arousal gel. When applied directly to the head of the penis, the gel works fast, making you feel bigger, harder, and more sensitive for unforgettable climaxes.

Men can also use cock rings and other erection enhancers for a similar effect, or use them along with an enhancement cream for optimal hardness. Vibrating cock rings have their benefits for the ladies as well – the pulses directly to the clit make for powerful sensations that will send her over the edge.

For a like-a-virgin feel, try one of our tightening creams, gels, or lubes. Tightening creams are formulated to help tighten a woman's vaginal walls and create an intoxicating experience for your lover while inside you. These creams can be used in conjunction with Ben Wa balls to help strengthen the PC muscles, allowing for more muscle control and the ability to "hold on" or squeeze you lover as he thrusts. A clitoral gel is the perfect way to heighten your sensitivity, ensuring explosive orgasms even without the use of toys.

If that much sought-after G-spot orgasm is still just out of your reach, try a G-spot cream specially designed to increase the size and responsiveness of that erogenous zone. Use it alone, with a partner, or with your favorite sex toy for mind-blowing G-spot orgasms every time.

Our stay-hard and tightening creams, gels, and lubes are sure to help you last longer and feel even better for deeper, stronger orgasms that’ll leave both you and your partner intensely satisfied.

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