While you don’t need a treasure map to find the G-Spot, it does help if you have some detailed directions. Learn more about this elusive erogenous zone, including how to find the G-Spot and how to stimulate it.

How to Find and Enjoy Your G-Spot

Articles, magazines, even books have told you: you should be having G-Spot orgasms. But just what is the G-Spot? How do you find it? And how do you start having all those amazing orgasms? Good news: with a little relaxation and exploration, you can enjoy amazing G-Spot pleasure, too.

Just What is the G-Spot?

Named for the scientific researcher who first studied it, the Gräfenberg Spot, or G-Spot, is a sensitive erogenous zone located on the interior front wall of the vagina. It has a spongy or slightly ridged texture. When you add just the right kinds of stimulation, this spot can provoke different, deeper, and some even report more intense pleasure than clitorally focused climaxes.

Tips For Finding Your G-Spot

How to Find the G-Spot

Ready to go exploring? Great. You don’t need anything but your fingers and some privacy to find your G-Spot.

  1. Start either laying down or in a relaxed, reclined position. If you’re not aroused, go ahead and let those naughty thoughts and fantasies flow. Arousal promotes blood flow, which helps your G-Spot stand out and become its most sensitive.
  2. Insert a finger or two into your vagina. Add a little lubricant for comfort, if you like. Now gently curl your finger or fingers toward the front of your body, as if you’re making a “come hither” gesture.
  3. Gently move your fingertips in a spiral pattern until you feel an area that’s slightly rougher and spongier than the surrounding areas.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure if you’ve found your G-Spot. “Honestly, it can be hard to find,” says Adam & Eve's resident sexpert Dr. Jenni Skyler, PhD, LMFT & CST. Keep exploring and stimulating, and you’ll learn a lot about your deepest erogenous zone. A hint: since the G-Spot presses against the bladder, getting close can spark feelings of having to urinate.

Stimulating Your G-Spot

When you’re first getting to know your G-Spot, it’s best to explore a variety of approaches and sensations. “No one G-Spot likes the same thing,” says Dr. Jenni. Vary your exploration methods, and you’ll be on your way to discovering your G-Spot’s magic. Here are some of her suggested methods:

Finger Stimulation

The most classic way to stimulate your G-Spot! Dr. Jenni recommends using “various methods of stimulation – from side to side rubbing to circular motion to stroking or petting.” Also make sure you vary the intensity of your stimulation. Your G-Spot might love a gentle, circular massage. Or you might find out that a steady thumping thrust of your fingertips feels more satisfying.

G-Spot Sex Positions

Lazy Doggy Sex Position for G-Spot stimulation

Many classic sex positions can be made G-Gasmic by bringing in a pillow or changing the angle of thrust to better hit the G-Spot. But you can also try deep missionary positions like Legs Back Launch Pad or Covered Bridge for G-Spot O’s. Or opt for sensual positions like Lazy Doggy or G-Spot stimulating Cat’s Meow.

G-Spot Toys

You might consider this stimulating your G-Spot on easy mode. When your fingers get tired or you crave a little extra stimulation, try toys specially designed to take your G-Spot for a joy ride. G-Spot vibrators come with curvy shafts and exaggerated tips that are great at finding and stimulating your spot with powerful vibration. Or if you’re looking for thrusty thrills, try G-Spot dildos. They come in an array of styles and materials from realistic silicone to stylized glass.

Final thoughts: For best results, make G-Spot play about the journey, not the destination. It may take a while to figure out what works for your body. And don’t be afraid to indulge in simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral play — blending both types of pleasure can lead to some of your best O’s ever.