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How to find the Perfect-Fitting Vibrator Sex Toy

With the thousands of vibrators on the market, it can be quite a challenge to find which ones best fit your needs. This vibrator guide will look at you should consider before buying a vibrator. After boning up on those pointers, you can then explore some of the dozen different vibrator models to see what each has to offer. Then, this guide covers some of the you should look for in your new vibrator sex toy. By carefully planning your decision, you’ll be able to better narrow your selection and find the vibrator that best suits your needs.

Essential Vibrator Guidelines

The most important factor in buying a vibrator is size - a fact many people tend to gloss over. You can buy an expensive vibrator with all kinds of special features, but you’ll end up disappointed if the vibrator of your dreams turns out too small or too large to use. Most vibrators are sized 5 to 7 inches long and 1 inch wide - similar to the average penis. Vibrators intended exclusively for anal use tend to be a little shorter and thinner while other vibrators can measure a whopping 14 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.

Many vibrator novices make the mistake of buying a vibrator too large for their needs - making it a good idea to start out with an average-sized vibrator. If you feel the need for deeper penetration, look for a longer model with average width so you do not get stuck with something larger than you can comfortably handle. As a good yardstick, you could estimate the size of a lover’s penis and buy a similarly sized vibrator.

There are two standard ways to control the power of your vibrator. The more basic models come with a rotating dial in their base so you can vary the vibrator’s speed from low to high. Other vibrator models have pre-set pulsations. By pressing a button on the vibrator’s base or on a separate remote, you can set the speed from low to high or even select a pre-set pattern that rapidly turns the vibe on and off.

Different Vibrator Models

Once you’ve determined a comfortable size for your vibrator, it’s time to think about which model of vibrator suits your needs. Depending on how you plan to use your vibrator, there’s likely a special model of vibrators specifically engineered to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a simple back massage, dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation from a Rabbit Vibrator or G Spot delight. While there are some vibrators designed to stimulate multiple erogenous zones, many women prefer to have multiple vibrators with each vibrator specializing in one area.

Anal Vibrators - Explore your back door! Anal vibrators come in a myriad of sizes, so whether you're an anal amateur or an ass master you can find the perfect size. Learn about Anal Vibrators and how to use them.

Bullet & Egg Vibrators - Small and powerful, Bullet and Egg vibrators are discreet and delightful. Learn more about Bullet and Egg Vibrators and their many uses.

Clitoral Vibrators - Often considered the most highly effective type of women’s' sex toy, clit vibes are one of the most popular models made.

Discreet Vibrators - Sometimes it's nice to have a vibrator that doesn't scream sex toy, hence discreet vibrators. Learn more about discreet vibrators and how to avoid embarrassing moments.

Finger Vibrators - Whether you wear them or hold them while you use them these little vibrators pack a punch. Learn more about Finger Vibrators.

G-Spot Vibrators - Helpful in achieving the illusive G-Spot orgasm, these vibrators are designed especially to massage the sensitive G Spot. Learn more about G Spot Vibrators and how the work.

Mini Vibrators - Small enough to take almost anywhere,; powerful enough to blow your mind. Learn more about Mini Vibrators and how to use them.

Nipple Vibrators - Tease and taunt your rosebuds till they're hard enough to cut glass. Learn more about Nipple Vibrators and their uses.

Pocket Rocket Vibrators - Dynamite comes in small packages and these vibrators are proof! Learn more about Pocket Rocket Vibrators and their ummph.

Prostate Vibrators - Touted as the male G Spot, the Prostate is powerful sexual organ and massaging it can lead to explosive male orgasms. Learn more about Prostate Vibrators and Prostate Massage.

Rabbit Vibrators - Perhaps the most well known vibrator in the world, Rabbit Vibrators are loved by women gloablly. Learn more about Rabbit Vibrators and the amazing things they do.

Traditional or Cylindrical Vibrators - These are your basic nuts-and-bolts vibrator, the classic design most people think of when they think of vibrators.

Vibrator Kits - Vibrator Kits come with one basic cylindrical vibrator and a variety of sleeves made from different materials. These sleeves are simply slipped over the vibrator so you can customize it for several different purposes - such as G-Spot or clitoral stimulation. Many of these sleeves are completely covered with flexible pleasure nubs making these vibrators ideal for clitoral stimulation as well as an arousing massage.

Wand Massagers - Sweet, discreet orgasms that come with shoulder massages, wand vibrators are one the most well known types of vibrator sex toys. Learn more about Wand Massagers and how to select the perfect one for you.


Vibrating Cock Rings - These are usually small rings made of a stretchy material like cyberskin or silicone with a bullet or egg vibrator. The ring fits snugly over the base of the penis - restricting blood flow so a man can stay harder for a longer amount of time.

Special Features to Improve your Vibrator Experience

Now that you know what you want your ideal vibrator to be made out of, it’s time to actually start shopping. While browsing through our extensive collection of vibrators, you’ll find several that advertise special features - like pleasure nubs, realistic Look, waterproof controls. This section explains just what these little extras are and what they do.

Pleasure Nubs, Bumps or Ridges - Many higher-end vibrators aim to increase stimulation as much as possible by creating ridges, bumps and pleasure nubs along the vibrator. Ridges are lines that run along the vibrator’s shaft and stick out just a little bit to provide additional stimulation during penetration. On many vibrators, particularly realistic vibrators, these ridges are made to look like veins.

Bumps tend to small, raised circles along the vibrator’s shaft that function similar to ridges. Larger-sized bumps are also found around the vibrator’s base for clitoral stimulation. Bumps have little to no flexibility. Pleasure nubs are small and thin but highly flexible hair-like pieces that stick out along the shaft and near the base for clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

Battery Free Vibrators - Your television remote won't go without batteries again when you use one of these multi-tasking and discreet vibrators. Learn more about Battery Free Vibrators.

Flexible Vibrators -Twist and shout with limber lovelies, Flexible Vibrators help you hit all the right spots. Learn more about Flexible Vibrators.

Realistic Vibrators -Almost as good as the real thing! Learn about Realistic Vibrators and how fun the can be.

Rechargeable Vibrators - Same sexy fun without all the battery replacement. Learn more about Rechargeable Vibrators.

Rotating Shaft Vibrators - Round and round they go, the power of your orgasm only you will know. Learn more about Rotating Shaft Vibrators.


Waterproof Vibrators -Alone or with a partner, waterproof vibrators are perfect for turning bath time into playtime. Learn more about Waterproof Vibrators.

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