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What Are Discreet Vibrators?

At Adam and Eve, we promote a "sex positive" outlook and encourage our customers to enjoy and explore their sexuality. That being said we also recognize the need for discreet vibrators and sex toys. After all, your private life should remain just that. No one wants to find themself blushing after accidentally leaving a sex toy out for the cleaning lady, mother-in-law, small child, ect to find. In these cases, a bullet vibrator would probably be preferable to a shocking-pink, seven-inch-long realistic vibrator.

There are three types of discreet vibrators on our site: those that do not look like vibrators, quiet vibrators and small vibrators. Discreet vibrators may be a combination of any or all of these three. First the vibrator toys that don't look like stereotypical erotic playthings. A good example is the Magnifique Natural Contours Massager. This powerful, motorized vibrator looks like an innocent back massager, but it hides some powerful vibrations behind its plain-vanilla appearance. We also carry vibrators that are so unassuming you'd never know they're responsible for great orgasms. There are cute rubber duckie vibrators and sleek ergonomic vibrators


Discreet Vibrators Keep Your Private Life Private

Another giveaway for some vibrators, besides their appearance, is the noise. Many battery-operated toys make a distinct buzzing sound that can be heard from many yards away. So if you're looking to avoid this, choose plug-in vibrators, which are typically whisper-quiet. Tiny bullets are also known for giving you the silent treatment. You might see some realistic looking vibrators that look like a sex toy but are so quiet you can use it anywhere.

The most discreet vibrators are the ones that are so tiny, you never see them at all. For example, you can insert a bullet into your nether regions and head out in public or to a party with no one the wiser. Butterfly versions, which strap to your body, or Ben Wa balls, which are inserted inside your vagina, are also powerful options that can remain your little secret!

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