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What are Waterproof Vibrators?

Bathtime was never like this before! Waterproof Vibrators have a specially a water tight battery case that allows you to submerge them in water to make any water experience even better. Made with tight, waterproof O-ring (no pun intended) around the lid of the batttery case you can feel safe taking your favorite battery opperated sex toy into any body of water. Some water proof vibrators even come in the shape the classic Rubber Duckie.

Whether you’re alone or with a partner, waterproof vibrators are perfect for turning bath time into playtime. Many women love being able to combine the stimulation of their vibrator with the sensuous feel of water or a powerful shower massage for a knee-shaking orgasm. And once you experience the intense pleasure of a Rabbit vibrator down below while your shower rains hot, steamy water down your shoulders, you may never want to return to dry land!

Waterproof Vibrators Models:

  • "Wall-banger" models: feature suction cups you can stick to the wall of your shower for the ultimate doggy-style experience
  • Rabbit vibrators: these popular passion playthings are experts in deep-sea diving
  • G-spot and Prostate Massager: these vibrators feature tapered heads and long, slim shafts so that you can position them precisely where you want
  • Cock Rings: the ultimate toy for two will get you even wetter underwater
  • Butt Plugs: you can arouse your most intimate desires with these saucy playthings

It's very important to remember sex lube When you choose a waterproof vibrator; water can strip away your natural lubricants, leaving you vulnerable to chafing and soreness. And that could lengthen the time between sex-capades.

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