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Sex Position of the Month

Labor Daze
Requiring a real work out, this exotic position is just the thing to make your Labor Day extra special. This position requires a little more flexibility and endurance than most, so Adam and Eve recommends you have some experience in bedroom gymnastics before trying this one. The woman should start on her hands and knees, with the man positioned behind her with his back to a wall. The woman should put her feet on the wall and slowly “walk” up the wall while using her hands to support her weight. While she “walks” up the wall, the man should pick her up by the hips to provide extra support and help hold her up as he pumps away with his balls swinging against her clit. The woman can then push off the wall and rock back on her hands for deep penetration and G Spot stimulation.


Dr. Kat

Dr. Kat has a new iTunes video podcast called DAILY SEX TIPS FROM HAWAII. Get a new tip every day by subscribing to the podcast. Each tip is 1-3 minutes and covers everything you ever wanted to know about sex. They are bite size, fun and entertaining. Don’t forget to rate and review them on iTunes too. Find the podcasts at or at

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You Can Ask Dr. Kat by emailing her at

Dr. Kat,

“How do you approach your wife, lover, sexual partner to discuss your fantasy about female ejaculation and how you want them to experience it?”


Hi Phillip,

Female ejaculation or squirting as some call it is one of the main questions I get asked through my practice and the media. How do you do it? How do you control the amount of fluid ejaculated? Lots of men and women fantasize about squirting. Here’s the general 411…Female ejaculation can occur through the stimulation of the G-Spot. All women have G-Spots but not all women ejaculate. The G-Spot is a bundle of nerve tissue about two inches into the vagina on the upper wall. You can find it by inserting your fingers and making a hook shape. The fluid also comes from the gland.

Now there has been some conjecture about what the fluid is actually made of. What we do know, is that it is not urine or merely your same old vaginal discharge. Nope. It has been shown to contain elevated levels of two proteins, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and prostate-specific acid phosphatase (PSAP). PSA and PSAP are found in male ejaculate and come from the prostate. Most male/female anatomy share equivalents of one another (think, clitoris/glans, testicles/ovaries) and this may indicate that women have something akin to a prostate. It’s been suggested that the paraurethral glands, which run parallel to the urethra, are the "female prostate." Orgasm may cause these glands to empty out

Now that we’ve established what the heck the G-Spot is and what the fluid may be let’s talk about stimulation shall we? Vigorous stimulation of the spot with a firm object tends to be what leads to a G-Spot orgasm. Fingers or penises are fine but many women find more success by using a sex toy specially designed for the job. Check these out:

G-Gasm Delight

Silky Stud

Lucid Dream #14

Some women may also experience an urgency to urinate once they begin to stimulate the G-Spot. This is a common sensation. I suggest to most women to just relax through the sensation as continued stimulation should eventually lead to a G-Spot orgasm and not their urinating without control.

A good way to bring your fantasy up is by incorporating some dirty talk into your sex play. For instance, tell her you’d like her to come all over you or you want to watch her squirt/orgasm. There are also plenty of squirting videos out there. If she’s open to it you might want to talk about how it turns you and watch one of these while having sex. Finally, purchase a G-Spot toy for her like one of the above. Tell her, you’ve heard of a new way to give her pleasure and you’d like her to relax and let you do all the work.

As stated, almost all women have the capacity for a G-Spot orgasm; some may or may not ejaculate. If your partner does ejaculate it may be from less than a teaspoon of liquid to more than a cup. When asked, most women say these orgasms have a different feel to them versus clitoral or vaginal orgasms -- they can actually be more intense. I do not know of any way to increase or decrease the amount of fluid expelled. It is what it is, Phillip. So, if your partner doesn’t ejaculate please don’t be disappointed. Whether she ejaculates or not, it leads to a really fabulous orgasm and that’s all that matters.

Dr. Kat

Sex Chat with Dr. Kat

Listen to Dr. Kat's FREE iTunes Podcast "Sex Chat with Dr. Kat and Her Gay Boyfriend" here: It’s currently in the TOP 20 of Sexuality podcasts on iTunes!

Hi I'm Dr. Kat, Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Therapist. Join my gay "boyfriend", Ross and I on the couch as we dish about celebrity sex and relationships, sex in the news, what sex toys we like, the nitty gritty of our own relationships and all the while answering your questions about sex, dating, marriage, STDs, sex ed, and the trials and tribulations of life and love in general. It's a 2 for 1 as you get your sex questions answered from both of our perspectives and we have a lot of fun while we're at it. Find out more at and e-mail us your questions at or call our 24/7 Listener Line at 213-270-1968.

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Southeast of Eden Cartoon

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Spend some time playing free sex games – like "Sexy Picture Find" & Connect the Dots. Download some wallpapers & learn about our sexy contract girls.

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This is the month we recognize the value of reading in general and books, lovely books, in particular.

It's been said the largest sex organ is your mind, so fill it up with sexy facts, ideas and techniques the rest of your body will love!

Did you know Adam & Eve has quite a library of sex-themed reading ready and waiting for you?

How about this, instead of reading a book a day, we'll cut you some slack and give you a dozen great titles to spread out over 30 days.

Our suggested selection looks like this:

1. Complete Guide To Sexual Positions

Dr. Leah Schwartz Ph.D, author of The One Hour Orgasm, calls it "A wonderful guide for couples." Learn about 155 sexual positions in 17 categories. You also get 200 explicit full-color photos illustrating each one.

2. How To Date A Younger (18+) Man: The Cougar's Guide

Nowadays we call older women in their 30's, 40's and older "MILFs" if they're married and "cougars" if they're not so married.

It's an age old phenomenon with a new name –– experienced ladies teaching the ropes to willing, younger partners! Filled with fun-to-fill-out quizzes, hilarious quotes and practical tips, this book makes a great gift to let that special lady you know she still has "it."

3. Kama Sutra Step By Step

The Kama Sutra is the most popular and most talked about sex guide in history. Now you can harvest its ancient secrets for yourself...and learn a few modern tricks too! This gorgeous 240 page spectacular will fuel a lot of rewarding eroticism for you and your partner!

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Picture this: you’re standing in the airport security line. Your bag sails through the X-ray machine — but wait! A TSA agent stops you and asks you to explain one of your ‘electronic devices’.

Sound like your worst nightmare? Well, it shouldn’t be. Millions of people own sex toys and travel with vibrators and other sex accessories in their luggage every day.

But if you want to travel without risk of any embarrassment, there are plenty of sex toys that’ll fool anyone at a glance – from the TSA to nosy luggage-rifling relatives.

Vibrators. Nautral Contours makes a line of colorful and abstractly-shaped massagers that won’t set off any warning bells. Try the Magnifique, Liberte, or Ultime models. Luxury brand Lelo’s ‘pleasure objects’, like the vibrating Sira, Alia, and Isla, are likewise designed to fly under the radar.

Strokers. The Tube Stroker will fool anyone, as will the Handjob Stroker. Get space-age with a 6-pack of Tenga Eggs and Tenga Soft Tube Cup masturbators – or get crafty and spring for the deluxe Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator.

Dildos. Glass is great! Take along the Icicles Glass Rose or Blue Helix and call them art objects. Want something softer? Adam & Eve’s Silicone Handmaiden series is nicely colorful and abstract.

Anal Toys. No one will know what to make of the Dr. Joel Silicone Prostate Probe, the Evolved Bendable You Too Prostate Massager, or the oddly-shaped Classix Prostate Stimulator. Love anal beads? The Bon Dea Vibrating Bead Chain has all the pleasure without looking like standard beads.

But remember, even if you’re caught out, TSA agents have seen it all, and will be more interested in passenger nervousness than in someone’s toys. So relax, smile, shrug your shoulders, and proudly say, “They’re my sex toys.”

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Aarrgghhh! Time to plunder the booty, mateys!
Of all the odd holidays out there, September is home to one of the oddest and the most popular – Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th. But why limit yourself to talking like a pirate when you can have sex like one too!

The fun starts with the Pirate Wench costume. This skimpy and sexy outfit is a great accessory for a night of swashbuckling and treasure hunting. Then you can shiver your lover’s timbers with one our specially themed Pirate vibrators or sex toys while watching the critically acclaimed Pirates, the best-selling adult movie of all times! Or you could come up with your own pirate fantasy to act out – like the pirate princess captured by a brave sea captain or the pirate who captures the daughter of his rival. Either way, get ready for a night of fun and adventure on the high seas without leaving your bedroom!

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