Pleasure in place

Market Research

Adam & Eve polled over 2,000 visitors to the site and this is how singles and couples pleasure in place during COVID-19.


The couples we polled are trying new positions for the first time, having more sex around the house and are introducing shared toys into their relationships.

Couples Survey Results

Question: Is there more need for variety and/or adventure in your sex life now that sheltering in place is the new norm?

Question: Do you like having sex in different parts of the house?

Question: How interested are you in finding toys to use together?

Question: Has sheltering in place encouraged you to try any of the following for the first time?

Question: Has the shelter in place affected your ability to be intimate with your partner? (Couples quarantining apart.)

Question: Do you self pleasure more often now that you can't be with your significant other? (Couples quarantining apart.)

Not only are couples looking for new ways to be intimate but 43% of the couples we polled have never used a shared toy and are very interested in trying one together for the first time. Even more couples (49%) are also introducing new positions into their sex life since sheltering in place started.

"Couples can strongly benefit from trying new things and exploring different options to improve intimacy. New places and new toys are healthy and highly recommended."
-Dr.Jenni Skyler, PHD, LMFT, CST,
Adam & Eve's resident sex therapist


Singles have learned how important it is to have a variety of toys especially when their self-pleasuring has increased considerably since sheltering in place began.

Singles Survey Results

Question: In this time of sheltering in place how important is it to have a variety of sex toys to use?

Question: How much has your sex toy usage increased since sheltering in place began?

Question: How long will you wait to go on an in-person date once social distancing ends?

One surprising result is 19% of singles we polled were visiting for their first sex toy!

"This is awesome as there's no better time to try something new. This is a great opportunity to increase your self-pleasure practice and get in close touch with how arousal and desire work in your body. Self-pleasure followed by an orgasm releases dopamine to reduce the stress hormone-cortisol. The right toy will give you the right results. Find a toy that turns you on and feels like a good fit"
-Dr.Jenni Skyler, PHD, LMFT, CST,
Adam & Eve's resident sex therapist