October 2019 (continued)

Forbidden Fruit Newsletter (continued)
Who would you smash at the Monster Mash?
A) Sexy Vampire -- those kisses are killer!
B) Horny Mummy -- I'd try bandages as bondage gear
C) Frankenstein & His Bride -- talk about a freaky 3-way
D) Wicked Werewolf -- I like it animal-style
E) Mad Scientist -- potions, electrodes? Yup, let's get weird
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Guilty Pleasures Continued

An (Unplanned) Erotic Vacation For Three (continued)

My wife had always wanted to go out west and opportunity knocked when a friend offered us the use of his condo in a resort in Idaho. He tempted us with descriptions of a fireplace, hot tub and great views. Plus it was near Yellowstone National Park. It was May and already boiling hot in Florida. The thought of cooling vistas of snow-capped mountains sealed the deal for us. We decided to take our friend, Matt, who was recently divorced, a great guy, fun to be with, and a gourmet cook.

The borrowed condo surpassed expectations. There was even an indoor hot tub! We started a roaring fire and opened the sliding glass door to the veranda. In the distance, buffalo and antelope lazily wandered on the snow covered mountains. By the time we had killed off our second bottle of wine, we were all ready for the hot tub.

my wife and best friend had their clothes off and were splashing around, so what could I do?

My wife, Linda, was feeling no pain. She surprised me by suggesting we jump in the hot tub au natural. I felt a little funny getting starko in front of Matt, but before I could voice an objection, both my wife and best friend had their clothes off and were splashing around, so what could I do?

When Linda took our hands in hers and put one on each tit, I looked at Matt. He winked at me with that "Why not" grin of his, but I wondered if he'd be this nonchalant if it was his wife. Then I remembered that Matt had been trying for some time to convince Linda and me to try swinging, so I guessed this was business as usual to him. So I kept my hand on her lovely breast and put the other hand up her…under water.

Wow. Her juices were flowing. I could tell she was more excited than she'd been in a long time. She put her hand on my shaft and gave me a great handie, while she kissed Matt long and hard. Then she laughed and put her other hand on him and began to jack off both of us.

I groaned, "Whatever the lady wants," and she gave me the most radiant smile.

Matt looked over at me and asked, "Is this okay with you, bro?" I groaned, "Whatever the lady wants," and she gave me the most radiant smile. If this was making her happy, I was all in. She's a gorgeous thing, 34 years old and the body of a woman ten years younger. If she wanted to experience being in the middle of a "he-man sandwich" as she later called it, then…yeah, do it.

We wound up dripping wet on the king-sized bed. Linda grabbed a big towel and dried us all off, with special attention to our equally erect cocks. Matt had a nice skin flute and Linda didn't waste any time taking it into her mouth to play it, sucking him long and hard. My hand was on my own dick -- I couldn't believe how exciting it was to watch my wife service my best friend. Who knew!?

Matt calmly turned Linda over on all fours. With a graceful movement, he put a condom on and slid into her from behind, full steam ahead, with her banging back against his hips and groaning and screaming loud enough to startle quite a few of the wildlife outside.

Linda pulled me over and took me in her mouth as Matt continued to thrust in her. I heard a loud grunt -- his -- and he came inside her at the same moment I unloaded between her pursed lips on my shaft.

I thought we were finished, but Mrs. Insatiable was not. She was relishing her power over not one, but two men! That naughty minx got us going again with her mouth and actually took both our shafts into her mouth, sucking us simultaneously. I don't usually think of myself as gay or bi -- I love pussy and always have -- but man, the feeling of another slippery cock rubbing against mine in her wet, sucking mouth got me rock hard again so fast I could hardly believe it. In minutes the two of us spurted down her tonsils, totally spent.

the fresh, cold air sharpened our appetites.

We all fell asleep feeling great. The next morning -- a visit to Yellowstone National Park. The sheer beauty of it took our breath away and the fresh, cold air sharpened our appetites. At Artist's Point we took selfies with our phones. Driving back to the condo, we feasted our eyes on the Tetons, the most magnificent chain of mountains anywhere. It began to snow and we drove down the mountain at about five miles an hour. Linda chose that tense stretch of road to reach over and unzip me. All I can say is that it's a miracle we arrived in one piece. She was showing a daredevil side of her personality I'd never known before and frankly, I found it quite exciting…it was as if she was someone new.

At the base of the mountains we fell into a bar in Jackson Hole. After the third drink we were laughing at everything. Our mood must have been contagious because everyone kept coming over and talking to us, real friendly like. I noticed a few of the guys really gave Linda the eye -- she was glowing, after all. I could see all the attention was really getting to her. Suddenly she whispered in my ear that it was time to get back. We drove across the mountain pass and made it back to the condo. She jumped into the hot tub and called out for us to join her, but we mountain dudes were just too tired.

The next morning was another story. All three of us woke up as lusty as we'd ever been. Linda started tantalizing us with her creative tongue, licking and lapping up every square inch of our bare bodies. In time we returned the favor by herding her giggling and naked body into the shower, where we all rubbed up against each other, covered in soap suds. We then sponged each other off like one slippery creature with three mouths, two cocks, one pussy and lots of arms and legs.

and after a bottle of champagne -- it seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

I had never felt another man's erect penis against me before, but in the shower -- and after a bottle of champagne -- it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I even put out my hand and cupped it around Matt's throbbing, rock-hard tool. I could feel his pulse. He continued to kiss and fondle Linda as he reached for me, both of us exploring each other's hard-ons with our fingers. I felt his hand on my ass cheek, and then he slipped one finger gently into my asshole. Uh oh. It felt great! I let him open me up and slip the finger in deeper toward my prostate. But then I got a little nervous and decided then and there it was time to dry off.

I left my wife and Matt in the shower, watching them as I wrapped myself in a thick towel. She was pushing against the shower wall as he inserted himself from behind. As he began to grind deeper and faster into her, I unconsciously stroked myself, working my hand more furiously up and down my erection with each stroke and moan. My cum spurted onto the tile floor as Linda screamed her climax with a guttural moan and then Matt grunted as he, too, climaxed.

We stayed in all that day, binge-sexing, playing with each other. We had reached a point of total relaxation, and were like a pair of satyrs with a horny nymph. Matt and I even reached a point, with Linda's hoarse, fevered encouragement, where we experimented with going down on each other, but we agreed "no penetration and no kissing." I figured it's not gay sex if Linda's there. I had never felt as close to a man -- or as much in love with my wife. I can't explain it any better than that.

The next morning, we got up with the sun and played with each other until Linda begged for mercy.

The next morning, we got up with the sun and played with each other until Linda begged for mercy. Then we drove to Bowsman, Montana. The restaurant we stopped in looked like a dive -- but inside it was packed with locals and a few lucky tourists.

After we rested a while, we went to a hotel bar and ordered drinks. The people were friendly and wanted to know all about our trip -- how we were enjoying it so far, etc. If they only knew! After the drinks, we went back to our room for one more session that somehow continued through the night.

Matt was leaving us the next morning. He'd decided to go to San Francisco to visit friends. We had a quickie in the shower, which wound up on the bed with Linda on her back. Matt at her mouth, and me inside her to the hilt until we all came loud enough to cause some odd looks in our direction when we went to check out. But maybe that was all my imagination. Not the 3-way sex, just the funny looks.

we couldn't seem to get enough of each other -- and we couldn't wait for Matt to join us again.

The first three days back from vacation, Linda and I were like two rutting animals. Luckily, we still had some time off -- we couldn't seem to get enough of each other -- and we couldn't wait for Matt to join us again.

That was how it all started, two years ago. Matt is still our closest friend and we've taken more trips as a trio, each more exciting than the one before. Matt is also dating some lovely ladies and his hope is to find one that can fit in comfortably with the three of us. When that happens, I'll probably have some more hot stories to share!

-- Mr. Anonymous

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