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September 2013  

Forbidden Fruit
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›› In This Issue: ›› Share Your Sexy Secrets:

Share Your Sexy Secrets
Sex Position of the Month
A&E's Resident Sex Expert Answers You
Dress Up Sexy This Halloween!
Full Body Massage For Happy Endings
October is the Sweetest Month
Play Free Sex Games at Adam&Eve
Exclusive ebook Preview

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›› Sex Position of the Month: Sex Position

Flying High Sex Position
This sex position puts all the power in the woman's hands. Start with the man lying flat on the bed. Then woman then mounts him as in cowgirl. Instead of sitting on his shaft; however, she then lies down on top of him. Both partners stretch their arms out to the sides and hold hands. Combining the intimacy of missionary with dominating cowgirl puts the women in control. This allows her to set the pace and level of penetration as well as offering increased vaginal stimulation.

My First Sex Toy


Don't know where to begin when buying a sex toy? Let alone how to use it on what parts? Let Dr. Kat show you the ins and outs of some Adam and Eve's most popular sex toys in these fun, brief and free videos.

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›› A&E's Resident Sex Expert:
Ask Dr. Kat at

Hubby is Hiding Porn
Hi Dr. Kat,
My husband and have been married for 9 years. Last year I found out he was hiding porn. It was the first fight we have ever had. I wasn't mad because he watched it, I was mad because he hid it from me. So I started buying soft core porn that we could watch together (cause I don't like hard core) hoping it would help. Then last night I noticed a hard core dvd in the player – again not a big deal because he likes it. When I asked him about he started talking around it like he was trying to hide it. All I wanted to do was tell him I watched and wanted to act out a scene. Of course it turned into me having...

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Listen to Dr. Kat's FREE iTunes Podcast

Click Here: To Listen on iTunes
Interested in all things spicy and even down right dirty?
Let Dr. Kat and her gay boyfriend Ross guide you through Q&As, saucy sex stories from the media and funny sex education bits - all from the comfort of iTunes.

Dr. Kat & Her Gay Boyfriend
›› Dress Up Sexy This Halloween! ›› Full Body Sexual Massage For Happy Endings

Halloween is the perfect time of year for sensual tricks and treats. It's also a great excuse to try on a fun and flirty new identity in the form of a hot Halloween costume. But if you're tired of the witch, vampire, and werewolf classics, there are lots of sexy options for both men and women to choose from.

1. Hot Cops. Yell "Freeze!" and bust in wearing a modified cop uniform. You'll love waving your nightstick, frisking willing perps, and deploying handcuffs at raucous adult parties. Just visit your local Halloween store or order a standard cop uniform shirt and accessories, then pair it with matching booty shorts or hot pants for a super-sexy look.

2. Dirty Doctors. A tight outfit, lab coat, and stethoscope are all you need to get flirty partygoers asking you for a one-on-one checkup. Lab coats can be purchased from most uniform stores and some thrift stores. Make sure your...

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You're probably familiar with massages people give each other for sore necks, backs and limbs. But how often does massage take center stage in your bedroom?

Here are some tips and observations to help your next massage finish with a happy ending – orgasm!

• Pick a time when both of you have not had a grueling day – so no one dozes off!

• A good long massage will release oxytocin into your bodies, creating an intimate bond.

• You'll also be building sexual tension, making that happy ending even more special.

• You could take turns, but a special massage would concentrate on just one partner.

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Adam&Eve Hot Chat
›› October is the Sweetest Month
Candy Corn

Let the trick-or-treaters worry about going door to door this month, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with our special selection of adult-only candy!

Candy Ball Gag – A sweet addition to kinky bondage games, this tasty cherry-flavored ball gag will keep your lover's lips and tongue busy!

BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy – This special candy fizzes, pops, crackles and explodes in your mouth to take oral sex to the next level!

Sex Rocks Candy – Suck on a piece of this yummy candy while licking your partner's sweet spots! The flavorful candy and increased sensation make this treat an oral sex necessity.

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Play Games at Adam&Eve now  
›› Play Free Sex Games at Adam & Eve:

Spend some time playing free sex games - like "Sexy Picture Find" & Connect the Dots. Download some wallpapers & learn about our sexy contract girls.

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›› Exclusive Preview: If I Were You an erotic novel

Adam & Eve Exclusive: a sexy glimpse into the erotic novel If I Were You.

Read two full chapters from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling erotic book author Lisa Renée Jones' novel, If I Were You, the steamy first installment in the Inside Out erotic romance trilogy–in the seductive tradition of Fifty Shades of Grey...

Read 2 Chapters from If I Were You

Are you ready for MORE?
To order the If I Were You paperback from Adam & Eve, CLICK HERE

To order the sexy body jewelry mentioned in the book, CLICK HERE

To order the fur-lined paddle mentioned in the book, CLICK HERE

Become an Insider!
Did you know the Inside Out erotic book series is being developed for TV? Producer Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland, Must Love Cats and Dogs, Austin Powers and more) is giving you the chance to be connected direct to her for inside info, casting chats and more. Just send an email to and SAY I WANT TO BE AN INSIDER!

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