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Guilty Pleasures Continued

On Making A Good First Impression (continued)

Wherever it is where people with special sexual tastes meet and hook up -- that's where Wally found a special couple to meet his special needs. This is his story. -- The Editors

This incident happened a few years ago. I was running the ad below on some local forums online where I live. Sometimes people email it to others they think might be interested. It's an accurate description of what I'm into:

SUBMISSIVE W/M 40: Will be nude servant or sex slave to females of all ages in groups and individually. Spankings, other forms of discipline, etc. accepted and expected. Use me for your pleasure and amusement. –– Wally

The phone rang: "Is Wally there?"

I replied, "I am Wally."

A voice said, "I'm Jim. My wife Jo Ann and I were just reading your ad and would like to come over this evening."

I replied, "OK, about what time?"

He answered, "About seven."

Around six, I showered and dressed, putting on only a dress shirt, slacks, socks and shoes. I never wear underwear for one of these sessions. At a quarter after six they knocked. My heart started to race when I got up and went to the door.

While she ran her eyes over me, he asked, "Are you Wally?"

Opening the door, I was greeted by a couple in their late forties. He was tall and heavy set. She was a tall, slender, stunning blonde wearing a tailored white blouse and a long skirt that buttoned down the front.

While she ran her eyes over me, he asked, "Are you Wally?"

I replied, "Yes. You must be Jim and Jo Ann. Come in."

I stepped to one side while they walked past me into the living room area. The two of them crossed to the couch. When they sat down I said, "I wasn't expecting you until seven."

Jo Ann smiled at me while Jim said, "I know, but Jo Ann was in a hurry to get here."

Jim added, "I told Jo Ann that you might be running around naked when we get here."

Starting back to the living room area I replied, "If you had told me you wanted me naked, I would have been, but usually women don't want me naked when they get here."

I was crossing the room to take a seat opposite them when Jo Ann said, "Well, I'm glad you weren't, but maybe next time."

I lowered myself into the chair while Jim inquired, "Have women asked that you be naked when they get here?"

I replied, "Yes, some have."

Smiling, Jo Ann then asked, "Do you like greeting women you have never met when you don't have a stitch of clothing on?"

The split skirt she was wearing opened slightly, revealing her long slender legs "

My heart started to race a little while I replied, "Yes, I do get excited when a lady asks that I be nude when she meets me."

The split skirt she was wearing opened slightly, revealing her long slender legs, and she asked, "Wally, why don't you open your pants, take it out and play with it while we talk?" I undid my belt buckle, released the button on my pants and pulled down the zipper, while she continued. "Do the women always show up?"

Looking at her, I slipped my hand into my pants and popped my cock out into plain view, with a big smile coming to her face, as I replied, "No, not always."

I started to squeeze my balls with my cock getting stiffer and Jim asked, "But you like it better when they do?"

My heart started pounding heavier, with Jo Ann looking right at my cock and smiling. I answered, "Yes, I do."

I continued to caress my testicles while Jo Ann replied, "They don't know what they are missing. That's quite a tool you've got there."

My eyes dropped to her feet. She was wearing six-inch spiked heels."

She watched me playing with my cock for a few moments, then said, "You look silly with just a shirt on. Why don't you take it off." I slipped my shirt off and dropped it on the floor next to the chair.

My eyes dropped to her feet. She was wearing six-inch spiked heels.

Smiling, she said, "Now I would like you to come over here to me."

I got up and crossed the room to her, continuing to manipulate my balls with my cock sticking out in front of me. It bounced up and down while I walked. When I reached her, she said, "You can stop playing with yourself now." My hand no sooner left my balls when her hand grabbed my cock and started working it. Looking up at me and continuing to rub my cock, she said, "Mmmmmm, I think I'm going to have some fun with this. Now go get me that whip on the wall."

A cat-o-nine-tails hung on the wall behind the chair I was sitting in. I turned and walked back across the room, my cock still bouncing up and down. I took the whip off the wall and started back toward her.

I handed her the whip, my heart pounding, and she was looking at my cock with a big smile on her face. Taking the whip from me, she started to toy with it while looking me up and down. Slowly, she started dragging the leather lashes across my cock.

Slowly, she walked toward the table, playing with the whip"

Slowly, she started flicking the lashes at my cock while she said, "I just want them to get acquainted with your cock right now." Then she started toying with the whip while looking at me with a big smile. After a moment or two she said, "Put your right foot up on the arm of the couch." Just when I had my foot in place she started inserting the handle up my ass, saying, "I hope you like the feel of this because I like pushing it up there. Although the handle isn't very stiff. I'll have to find something stiffer." She continued for another moment or two, then looking at the table, said, "Why don't you go lie face up on the table while I take my skirt off."

Crossing to the table, I got on it face up with my legs spread as she had requested. Slowly, she walked toward the table, playing with the whip while my heart pounded.

Then, while standing alongside the table and looking down at me she said, "I have to go to the bathroom. You just lie here and wait for me to get back."

A moment after she disappeared into the bathroom, Jim asked me, "Do you have a blindfold or something? She loves it when you can't see what she is going to do next."

I replied, "No, but I could get a towel out of the other bathroom."

He said, "Good. Get it."

The two bathrooms were next to each other with a door separating them. One could be entered from the living room and the other from the bedroom. When I entered the bathroom I could hear her pee hitting the bowl. It sounded like a faucet had opened up. Taking the towel, I returned to the table and stretched out again, spreading my legs as I had before. Jim placed the towel over my eyes and I continued to lay there for a few moments.

My heart was pounding. How far up was she going to go with it?"

Then Yeeow! her nails pinched my cock and she declared, " He won't know what is going to happen until it happens. I am going to have fun, now."

There were a few more moments of silence. Then slowly the heel of her shoe was being shoved up my ass. My heart was pounding. How far up was she going to go with it? Oh wow, what a feeling. Then slowly, she drew it back out.

Jim said, "Look at his cock. It's sticking straight up in the air."

She answered, "And so it is –– and I'm not finished yet." There were few more very, very long moments of silence and then Whack! the cat came down on my cock. I lay there for a few moments, my cock throbbing. Jo Ann then removed the towel, gazing down at me with a smile and sweetly whispering, "You can get up now."

I got up off the table while she put her skirt back on and followed while they approached the door. Opening the door, she looked down at my cock and said, "Now your cock is as red as your hair," and the two of them left. As soon as they were gone, I jerked off while standing naked at the door. I shot across the room. I am waiting to see them again.

-- Wally

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