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Guilty Pleasures Continued

Making Money As A Male Stripper (continued)

AT THE AGE OF 22, I'm living the kind of life most guys only dream about. I make a ton of money, plus get all of the action I can possibly handle.

It all started during my first year of college. I worked out at a large co-ed gym. I got to know the owner fairly well and eventually, he asked me if I'd like a job. I jumped at the offer. It was okay. I taught aerobics, helped out with weight training, and generally schmoozed with the wealthier clients. But it wasn't exactly exciting.

It turned exciting, though, when I made friends with several of the guys that worked at a local strip club. They told me that they made $700 to $1000 per night, easily. One of them, Mark, offered to introduce me to the club owner. Sure, why not?

My first night as a stripper, they billed me as "Mr. Wizard," kind of a warlock with a "magical staff." I know, it sounds stupid even to me, but let me tell you, the babes went wild! Man, what a rush! My cock was so hard from all those feminine hands sliding over my body that I thought I'd explode right in front of everyone!

Mark smirked as he congratulated me on a great first night. Then he warned me that it wasn't over yet.

I made about $750 including the fees the darlings paid to take pictures with me. Back in the dressing room, Mark smirked as he congratulated me on a great first night. Then he warned me that it wasn't over yet. There was a knock on the door and two of the ladies from the audience entered.

Lynn, a petite blonde, said that she just wanted to let me know how much I had turned her on. Ariel, her bustier brunette friend agreed. They said that they wanted to see if the huge bulge in my g-string was real or not. Before I could say a word, both were on their knees, rubbing my cock through the silky material. My prick sprang to life and Lynn pulled it free.

Just as Ariel opened her mouth to taste my dick, Mark winked at me and left the room. I relaxed and ran my hands through Lynn's long hair, urging her to suck my balls. I had never had 2 women at the same time before, but I had always fantasized about it and knew just what I wanted.

I let my tongue dart into her depths, tasting her desire.

Both ladies lapped at my dick, their tongues entwining as they flicked over my rock hard meat. Considering how hot I had been anyway, I knew I wouldn't be able to last very long and sure enough, Ariel was soon gulping down my load.

Picking Ariel up, I sat her on the couch and spread her legs. I let my tongue dart into her depths, tasting her desire. She moaned as I found her clit and tongued it rapidly. Lynn moved in behind me and ran her hands over my ass. I felt her tongue slide into my asshole, making my prick stir once again. My hands reached for Ariel's titties and I pinched the nipples, rolling them between my fingers. My mouth fastened on her pussy, licking her wetness up as she climaxed.

I turned over and pulled Ariel up on to my dick. She sank down on it, moaning. Lynn straddled my face and I stuck my tongue out, searching her sweetness. Ariel picked up speed, bouncing on my dick, rocking back and forth, making little noises of pleasure. I nibbled Lynn's clitty, sucking it until she ground her box into my face. I snaked my tongue into her depths before plunging two fingers into her pussy.

Ariel's orgasm was swift and intense. Her pussy gripped my staff like a vise as she came, drenching me with her juice. Lynn took her place, riding my prick like a woman possessed. I massaged her breasts as she fucked me. My own climax was coming. Sensing that, Lynn went over the top, slamming down on to me, harder and harder until we both came.

Occasionally, we get booked for a private party.

They kissed me good-bye and left me laying on the floor. Mark came back at some point and told me that Lynn and Ariel were "stripper groupies". He told me that I hadn't seen anything yet. He was right. On any given evening, at least one hot lady would let me know that she wanted to get together with me after the show. I take quite a few of them up on it.

Occasionally, we get booked for a private party. At one, I was surprised to see Mark pull out his cock and jack off for the women. He said that if they requested it, he had no problem obliging for an extra fee. The next time I worked a private party with Mark, I also jacked off for them. What a rush! All of those horny women squirming in their seats as I stroked my cock. The harder I pumped my dick, the more they wriggled. When I shot my load, they went nuts. I made almost $1000.00 for that performance.

I wondered about having sex with some of the guests at these parties, as I had been asked to fuck the guest of honor on several occasions.

Mark said he did it all the time if the mood was right.

As I danced, the girls gathered around the bride.

One night in particular, I felt the mood was right. I had agreed to dance at a bachelorette party. When I arrived, there were only the three bridesmaids and the bride. As I danced, the girls gathered around the bride. To my surprise, one of them slipped her hand into the bride's tank top. That really made me horny. My dancing became even more provocative. Soon, they had her stripped. Two of them were sucking her nipples as the third played with her pussy. I stood by her head and she peeled off my g-string. Her friends urged her to suck my cock as they licked her all over. I watched as one spread the bride's legs and lapped at her clit. It drove the bride nuts! She deep-throated my prick, running her tongue up and down the shaft.

One of the bridesmaids hinted that the bride had never been fucked in the ass but was really curious about it. That really got me going! I adore a tight butt and the idea of a virgin ass was just too much to pass up.

The bride got on all fours and I moved in behind her. One of her friends, a redhead, lay down in front of her and the bride got busy eating her pussy. I parted her cheeks and ran my tongue up her slit to her asshole. She shivered as I rimmed her anus. I wet my finger in her pussy before sinking it into her ass, working to stretch her opening. I added a second finger while licking her clit. The bride was really getting into it, pushing against my fingers and asking me to fuck her.

I got up on my knees and the brunette bridesmaid leaned over with a bottle of lube, making my dick slick for anal entry. They must've planned for this in advance! The bride was still lapping her redheaded friend's pussy – her redheaded friend, who now had the last bridesmaid sitting on her face.

I slowly eased the tip of my cock into the bride's tight ass. She tensed up. I stopped, stroking her back and speaking softly. The brunette bridesmaid that had lubed my cock moved in sideways, under the bride to tease her clit as I carefully pushed my dick all the way into the bride's back passage. I rested momentarily, letting her ass muscles stretch out to accommodate my hard-on.

The delicious sound of girls eating girls was all around me.

The brunette grabbed a pillow and got up under me from behind, sucking my balls into her warm mouth. I started fucking the bride's ass. Slowly I pumped deep into her velvety ass before pulling almost all of the way out. The delicious sound of girls eating girls was all around me. One even encouraged me to fuck her friend harder. I did, thrusting deep and fast. The bride played with her clit and pushed her ass up to meet each stroke.

I positioned myself between them and grabbed her by the ankles, throwing her legs up over my shoulders.

Soon, the bride came. Then I found myself pumping the brunette's ass. She sat on my prick as the redhead and other brunette mouthed her muff and my balls. As soon as she came, I washed my dick and the redhead took her place, her pussy swallowing my thick prick. She rocked back and forth on my cock as I fondled her breasts from behind. Her friends urged her on, telling her to fuck me hard as she came in a gush. The other brunette lay back on the floor and spread her legs for me. I positioned myself between them and grabbed her by the ankles, throwing her legs up over my shoulders. I entered her quickly, almost savagely. My need to climax almost overwhelmed me as she screamed out her satisfaction. With a last final grunt, I came.

Just another night on the job, but what a job! I switched my college major to business management with the idea of opening my own club when I no longer want to strip for a living. However, I expect to be stripping for many years to come!

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