June 2020 (continued)

Forbidden Fruit Newsletter (continued)
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Guilty Pleasures Continued

Swinging and Jealousy (continued)

When we talk to our straight friends about our swinging lifestyle, the question they always ask is, "But don't you get jealous?" The answer we give is, "Of course, but we use it as an aphrodisiac -- it fuels our desire for one another." But to be completely honest there have been occasions when things got a little out of hand.

There was one night, a swing with almost a hundred people, a really hot scene. By one in the morning I'd had at least ten men singly and in groups of two or three, and every part of my body had enjoyed their attentions. Steve and I had drifted into different rooms and at one point during some hot action, I thought I felt him return.

We had a special signal, he'd slip one finger into my ass and touch me a certain way so that I knew it was him. After almost a dozen guys have had their fingers and tongues and cocks inside you, it's not that easy to recognize your own husband unless he knows a trick no one else does.

On that night, though, something unforeseen happened. I was on my hands and knees, a man kneeling in front of me, his thick member filling my mouth, another lying beneath my breasts, pinching my nipples and teasing them with his teeth. Behind me, the man who'd been fucking me had climaxed and moved away. And just at that moment I felt a finger in my anus. There was a pause and then the finger made a sort of two-and-a-half twirl, withdrawal & thrust, an intimate handshake that that is our special "hello".

I smiled to myself and wiggled my ass, letting myself go a little wild. I'd been having fun all night but I hadn't been giving away any of my real special stuff. Now I started to show off, playing the role of wanton slut. I began to make uninhibited sounds, growls and yelps, groans, slurps and breathy sighs.

As I got more turned on the men around me got even more excited. Soon I was at the edge of completely forgetting my identity and becoming a hot anonymous body. A horny, throbbing nest of nerves and sensations. Whenever Steve was part of it, overseeing and guiding me, I could lose my self-consciousness. That was my greatest joy.

Soon I was at the edge of completely forgetting my identity and becoming a hot anonymous body.

Steve pulled my ass cheeks apart with the calm assurance of a man who knows what he is doing, and the response he will get. He rubbed the shaft of his cock between my buttocks, sliding it up and down the crack, and when I started to reach for it by lifting my ass higher, he slowly, even insolently, placed the tip of his cock against my twitching sphincter.

I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to push myself back and impale myself on his long, thick rod. He wanted me to prove I really wanted it by pushing my asshole over his cock rather than making him shove it into me. Honestly, there was nothing else in the whole universe of reality or fantasy that I wanted to do just then.

So I gave myself to Steve and in so doing gave myself to the other cocks who were ravishing me, and to the crowd watching. The most exciting part of it, beyond the incredible erotic intensity of all that stimulation, was thinking about what would come afterwards. After a scene like this, Steve would remove me from the action, take us home, and make love to me with such fierce romantic passion that I would swoon and just want to die in his arms.

Just picturing it was enough to make me cut loose entirely, reaching behind to pull my ass cheeks apart so that not only could Steve penetrate me more fully, but so everyone in the room would eat their heart out.

Steve met my abandon with a surge of virtuoso passion. He used some of his fancier moves, which are in themselves beyond what most men know about, but also added a few new ones that had me catching my breath. I found myself moving in ways that went beyond anything I'd done before.

Steve met my abandon with a surge of virtuoso passion.

Then, just as I glanced to one side to get a sense of what kind of crowd we'd gathered, I got the biggest shock of my life - Steve was standing in the audience! My brain couldn't digest the idea that he was in two places at once. As I struggled to understand, I couldn't help but feel I had betrayed him terribly without even knowing I was doing so. He was my husband and my lover, and he possessed me exclusively, had I thrown that all away without meaning to?

I gazed at Steve and read on his face feelings of fear and betrayal. He didn't know I thought it was him behind me. I held my breath as he cycled through a range of emotions, then sighed with relief when his gaze settle on an expression of acceptance and love. Even with all that, he still wanted me. He came over, leaned down, and kissed me tenderly.

We got dressed and went home. Later in bed I was anxious as I gave my explanation, then relieved when he responded. "I should have known," he said. "That was Ricardo behind you. He knows more tricks than the devil himself." It was a beautiful moment. Steve's love for me had survived his jealousy and blossomed when he learned I hadn't consciously given him anything to be jealous about.

The second incident was harder for me to take because the tables were turned. Steve and I were in separate rooms at another party, and at one point I saw Denise moving toward the space where he was. I had a bad feeling because I knew she wasn't just interested in sex with him -- she had her sights set on stealing him away.

she wasn't just interested in sex with him -- she had her sights set on stealing him away.

As soon as I could disentangle myself from the four men I was with, I went into the next room and what I saw made my heart sink. Steve was lying on his back, his spine arched so that only his shoulders and feet touched the ground. His legs were spread wide and taut with tension. His cock was a raging, swollen erection sticking straight up in the air. Denise was squatting over his face and he gazed up with wild intensity, his mouth stretched into a trembling "O" shape.

As I watched, she lowered herself and wiped her entire crotch back & forth on his lips and tongue. He moaned and began licking and sucking her pussy and asshole madly, showing a hunger I'd never seen before. She lifted her bottom and his head rose, his mouth seeking contact again.

I realized that Steve was more far gone than I'd ever seen him be with another woman. It wasn't that he'd just forgotten me for the moment -- we all forget our mates temporarily at any decent swing party -- he was finding an erotic contact that threatened the deepest bond of our marriage. It didn't happen often, but there had been incidents at swings where two people fell for one another so totally that they left their respective spouses right there on the spot. At that instant I was afraid this might be one of those times and my whole body went cold.

I don't know what would have happened if the two of them had just continued without knowing I was there, but as Denise lowered herself once more and Steve started burrowing into the crack of her ass and mouthing her pussy lips, she looked over at me. I'll never forget the expression on her face, it was one of malicious glee. She knew what I was feeling and she was rubbing it in.

I'll never forget the expression on her face, it was one of malicious glee.

All of a sudden, I was mad. Pissed off. That was my man and I wasn't going to let him go without a fight. I walked over to them, knelt between Steve's thighs, and in a single motion swallowed his cock down to the balls. It was unbelievably hard & hot, and it was much thicker than I had ever seen it before. It took me a minute before I could work it completely in my mouth, the head lodged deep in my throat, my lips buried in Steve's pubic hair.

Now it was a contest. Could Diane hold his attention or would he shift his interest to me? It was a tug of war -- with Steve as the rope. She and I put all our energy and experience into the fray, using every trick we knew.

Then I felt Steve's fingers on my face. In that instant the struggle was over. Denise continued to sit on his mouth, but he didn't respond. He was completely focused on the contact between us. Finally, Denise stood up and I glanced up at her. She was a bit disgruntled, but I must say she smiled with all the graciousness of a good loser.

-- Marjorie H.

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