February 2019 (continued)

Forbidden Fruit Newsletter (continued)
Do you orgasm better solo or with a partner?
A) Solo -- nobody's better at making me come than me.
B) With a partner -- especially one who knows what they're doing.
C) Every orgasm is a great orgasm! I can't decide.
D) My orgasms are a mystery to myself and everyone else.
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Guilty Pleasures Continued

Yoga Lessons (continued)

Buckle up, dear reader, for a torrid tale of Tantric teachings gone south. Because anything can happen when three people come together with a common goal. Especially if you're downward facing dog in the Guilty Pleasures Zone… -- The Editors

While George is pretty good about lasting while we are making love, I have always been interested in the possibility of his lasting indefinitely -- or at least for an hour or more. Can't a girl have that? It feels so good when I lie back and open up and he thrusts into me. I can just feel the layers of tension peeling away as he slides deeper and deeper into me.

The only trouble is that the harder George fucks, the quicker he comes. I can usually have one orgasm before he does, but I would like to have more -- about a dozen would be nice. I can just imagine what that would be like: I'd have my legs way back and my rear end lifted up on a pillow, my lips spread wide open and him so deep inside me. He would screw me hard, banging away for half an hour or more. I wouldn't have to hurry, I could come at my own speed and then come again and again.

George said he wouldn't mind this either, but that if he is too vigorous he comes. He can delay coming indefinitely, but not if he's doing it so hard -- only if he slows down to a deep grinding movement. I like that also, but I still want to be pounded. I always knew that yoga is supposed to give people greater control over their bodies.

Practitioners of Tantric yoga can maintain an erection indefinitely.

In fact, the theory in Tantric yoga is that the man shouldn't ejaculate at all, but should reabsorb his semen for spiritual energizing. Well, I don't know about spiritual energizing, but I do like the part about the indefinite erection, so when a friend told me about a swami in town who was giving Tantric yoga lessons, I asked George if he was willing to give it a try. Since our motto has always been to try anything at least once, and since I had accompanied George on so many of his sexual adventures, he had no choice but to say yes, although I think he was a little worried about what he was getting himself into.

The swami was about twenty-five, bearded, with magnetic brown eyes. There were eight couples in the workshop in the swami's studio. His email had said specifically there would be no sex or nudity, so people were reasonably at ease. The studio had Indian art and fabric hanging on three walls and mirrors on the fourth.

The workshop was all day Saturday. We did a series of yoga postures and breathing exercises. The closest to sex we got was an exercise in which couples lay next to each other, each with his or her hand on their partner's tummy. This allowed you to bring your breathing into tune with that of your partner, a crucial step, the swami said, for Tantric yoga.

Before we left, the swami gave us a series of breathing exercises to do at home and explained that several weeks of such exercises were necessary before progressing to the next step.

After the class, while George was looking for his shoes, I told the swami that we were interested in progressing much faster and could we arranged for private lessons? He said yes and we made an appointment for the following Wednesday evening.

This time the studio was dimly lit with candles. Incense filled the air and flute music droned softly in the background. The swami instructed us to undress completely and begin the breathing exercises. He then told George to keep his eyes closed and to remain lying on his back while he took my hand and had me sit up.

"Bring him to erection," the swami instructed. "Use your mouth."

I was taken aback for a moment. I had wanted things to move along more quickly, but this was fast! The swami sensed my hesitation and smiled reassuringly. At the same time, he bore into me with the most intense eyes I had ever seen. I don't know if it was the eyes or what, but the next thing I knew I had George's penis in my mouth.

"What's up?" George asked as he started to lean forward.

"It's okay," I said, pressing him back down with a hand on his chest. "You just lie there. Keep your eyes closed. Everything will be okay."

I soon had George fully erect.

"Now mount him," the swami instructed, his intense eyes still drilling into me, the sounds of sitars and tabla droning in the background.

I put a leg over George so I was straddling him and slowly lowered myself onto his penis until it came up deep inside of me, pressing him against my womb.

I started to move up and down in rhythm to the Indian music, but the swami solemnly put his hand on my thigh.

"Please. Don't move," he said, "just sit still. Moving will cut off the deeper feelings. Close your eyes, stay absolutely still, and feel the energy passing back and forth between the two of you."

I followed his instructions, although staying still was not what I originally had in mind. What I had in mind was a lot of moving -- from George really pounding me. I started concentrating on the droning music and then found myself drifting off. I began to lose all sense of myself. George's penis inside of me began to set my vagina on fire. Waves spread out as I began having an orgasm, but neither of us was moving.

I felt the swami's hand slip between us, his fingers first encircling George's penis, then one sliding into my vagina next to it. My vaginal muscles are firm, but I can also make them relax. I easily made room for his finger, and for the second one that followed.

"Bend forward," the swami's firm voice instructed. I did.

I was lying with my head on George's chest, my rear end tilted up and exposed, with George's penis still deep inside of me. The swami moved around behind and the palms of his hands massaged the cheeks of my ass, pressing them apart so that all of me must have been in full view. Sure enough, I felt one of his fingers playing around the edge. "Now what?" I wondered.

It was not what I thought -- my asshole was spared. Instead, he gripped my haunches with two firm hands and brought his penis against my vagina. It was already full with George, but I pushed out to relax and opened up to let him in as well.

George began to sit up, exclaiming: "Hey, what's going on?"

I smiled down at him and put a finger over his lips.

"Sssh," I whispered, "I want to feel this."

I hadn't had two men in my vagina before. One in my vagina and one in my ass a few times, sure, but never two in my vagina.

I have great vaginal control and I knew I could take them. Sure enough, I just let everything go and he slid right in. There I was straddling my husband with his penis inside me and this strange swami is kneeling in back of me with full command of my rear and he's inside me too. I felt full -- very full, like tickling-my-womb full! And after that initial orgasm I had earlier without any movement, I thought I was going to blast off from both of these guys inside of me. The swami began to thrust, slowly at first, then harder and faster. Yeah.

Then he began to come. I could tell the poor teacher was trying not to, be he couldn't hold back, and with a grunt, he came inside me. His hot load set me off and I had an incredible orgasm, which brought George off and he popped off into me too.

I was all wet and slippery inside from both of them, and as they lost their hardness my contractions pushed them out. I rolled off of George onto my side, looking at the swami. He was embarrassed. I reached between his legs to play with his limp, wet swami cock.

"I thought you weren't supposed to come," I said, smiling. "I thought you were supposed to recycle all that come for your spiritual advancement?"

Boy, did he blush.

"Well, like, as you already know, I'm not supposed to, but I sort of couldn't help myself," he said.

In the ride going home, George was pissed.

"What was all that about?" he asked. "The first part was great, where we were exchanging orgasmic energy without moving. That's what's supposed to happen in Tantric yoga. But I'm pretty sure the teacher isn't supposed to fuck the fucking student."

"What it was about was that he lost control," I said calmly, my head on his shoulder and my hand gently cupped between his legs, fondling his semi-hard cock through his pants. "Look, I think he's cute. Just like a little angel fallen off the spiritual path. He's going to be in big trouble with his guru…and besides, now he has to start all over recycling his spiritual energy, and that could take years!"


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