December 2019 (continued)

Forbidden Fruit Newsletter (continued)
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Guilty Pleasures Continued

A Country Girl (continued)

It was a hot, lazy Sunday afternoon, late in the summer, and I was headed back to the city after spending the weekend at a friend's country place. I decided to get off the highway, put the top down on my convertible, and wander through the winding country roads. I thought it would be nice to bring some fresh corn home for dinner, so when I came across a farm stand, I pulled in. The only person at the stand was a young woman, and we chatted as I picked out ears of corn and looked over the fruit on display. She was quite striking, with strong, deeply tanned arms and blond hair in two braids, wearing tight, faded jeans and a T-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her breasts filled out the shirt, the outline of her nipples showing clearly. She smiled, showing gleaming white teeth as she caught me looking at her nipples.

"Like to sample them?" she asked.

her breasts filled out the shirt, the outline of her nipples showing clearly.

I was just picking out peaches, carefully feeling each one, and I was frozen in confusion. Was she talking about the peaches or her breasts? How could I be sure without making a fool of myself?

"They're nice and firm," she continued.

Now I was totally flustered. I still didn't know if she was talking about her breasts or the fruit, but I was beginning to suspect it was her breasts, and I still didn't know how to answer. I flushed and could feel myself become damp with sweat between my legs. Sensing my problem, she burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry I confused you," she said. "It's been a long, boring day, sitting at this stand, and you don't look like you're in a hurry. Why don't we go find a nice shady spot out back? Only thing is, it's been a slow day and I gotta make the cash till come out right, so I'll have to hit you for forty bucks."

Well, there wasn't anything confusing about that. She really did look great, stuffed into her jeans and T-shirt. I handed her the money for the corn, plus two twenties, and tossed the bags in the back of the car. She took my hand and led me up a small hill. The grass was dry and had the smell of late summer. Her hand was strong as it gripped mine. We made our way to a secluded spot in a clump of trees. It was nice there in the shade, the ground moist and soft, and a warm breeze rustled the leaves. We sat down and looked at each other. Neither of us moved.

Then she giggled. "I'm afraid I'm new at this. Not sex, but doing it for money," she said. "Maybe you should make the first move." I laughed. "Forget the money. We're doing it because it's fun. Let's get out of our clothes."

She responded by pulling off her T-shirt, revealing the most fantastic breasts I had ever seen. They were white against the tan on the rest of her, and they bobbed up and down with a springy fullness. Her nipples were pink and large.

She responded by pulling off her T-shirt, revealing the most fantastic breasts I had ever seen.

I removed my clothes and then helped her with her jeans, pulling them as she wiggled her legs. Her pubic hair, set between wide, strong hips, was thick and as blond as the hair on her head. Her nice smell, a combination of the smell of sex from between her legs and the sweat from her long day at the stand, mixed with the afternoon smell of the grass around us.

So there we were, both naked, but still nothing was happening.

Finally she laughed and said: "Come on, don't be shy. And she leaned forward and pressed her lips against mine. That did it. I circled her with my arms and we rolled over onto the grass, wrapped in each other's arms. She was strong and ended up on top. With a hand on each shoulder, she looked down at me, her hazel eyes twinkling, her lips smiling, and her breasts hanging over me invitingly. "Looks like I'm on top, big boy," she laughed.

Not for long, I thought. I wanted those breasts and I hadn't been on the wrestling team in college for nothing. She had her weight forward, guarding against my coming up, but she wasn't looking for me to roll backwards. Bracing my hand against her upper arms, I lifted my legs over my head, doing a backward somersault, carrying her with me. Even though I caught her by surprise, she tried to regain the upper hand, but I beat her to it and got on top. Then I got my mouth on her breast. Boy! Was that good! So firm and ripe with the taste of her perspiration and the grass we were rolling in. I hung on tight and sucked away, getting as much of her into my mouth as I could. I sucked hard and she began to respond, making soft noises. I figured I had her calmed enough that I could loosen my grip, so I let go of her breast and dove between her legs.

Heaven! A day in tight jeans had made her smell thick and sexual. Her hair was soft and her skin damp. I pulled her lips apart and drove my tongue in, just as her thighs clamped against my head and she again rolled on top of me. But I didn't care, I had my arms around her waist and my face between her legs. She wasn't going to get away. She grabbed onto my cock and balls and held tight while I ate her, driving my tongue into her sweetness. Her clitoris became erect and protruded and I got my lips over it, sucking it.

She relaxed, going limp on me, and then began to breathe hard as I sucked on her. She took her time but I was in no hurry. Then she stiffened and came with a soft cry as she let go of her fluids and creamed on my face.

She was all sweetness now as we lay together, our lips touching, our hands exploring each other's bodies. I played with her magnificent breasts and she played with my genitals, alternately manipulating my balls with her fingers and pressing my cock against my stomach, rolling it back and forth.

"If you keep doing that, something's going to happen," I said softly as I pulled my mouth away from hers.

"We wouldn't want that" she responded. "You better put it someplace safe." Lying on her back, she held her legs straight up, spreading them in a wide V.

Lying on her back, she held her legs straight up, spreading them in a wide V.

I have never seen a woman look more fantastic, more inviting. I knelt on the grass between her legs and spread her wet lips with my fingers. Bringing the tip of my cock to her entrance, I leaned forward and entered her. Bliss! I melted into her and she into me. We were surrounded by the sounds of crickets and the wind moving through the grass. Our bodies fused, becoming one, and for a long time neither of us stirred.

Then her hips came to life and began a rhythmic movement beneath me. I caught her movement, just echoing it with slight thrusts. Her movement continued and then became more forceful, a grind, and her breathing became heavy with it. I hung onto her tightly as she began to sweat, her whole body becoming wet under me.

I was now sweating too, and I responded to her movements by forcefully thrusting into her.

"Harder, come into me harder," she said urgently.

I hooked my elbows under her knees and tilted her back. I established a long stroke and thrust firmly into her, slapping hard against her upturned butt. She responded with a grunt to each slap and kept urging, "Harder! Harder!"

I thrust as hard as I could, and she still wanted more. Our fucking blended into the hot afternoon and I drifted into a trance.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard," she urged, and I did. I pounded away and then I felt my balls tighten like wound-up springs, pulling up hard against my body. The tightness went all through me and she sensed it and her breathing broke into irregular panting and she dug her fingers into my back as I came, exploding inside her. She held me tight, shuddered, and came too.

We didn't let go of each other, but dozed off, still plugged together. The sun was lower when I awoke. I was limp now, having withdrawn from her. She opened her eyes and smiled, rubbing her hand over my chest.

"Well, you sure broke up the boredom of the afternoon," she said smiling.

"And you were sure worth forty dollars," I replied, making her blush.

I watched her dress, stuffing those magnificent breasts back into her T-shirt and pulling on her tight jeans, holding her pubic hair down with one hand while pulling up the zipper with the other. Then I dressed, and we walked lazily back down to her stand.

I looked deep into her hazel eyes before getting into my car and driving off.

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