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December 2013  

Forbidden Fruit
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›› In This Issue: ›› Share Your Sexy Secrets:

Share Your Sexy Secrets
Sex Position of the Month
A&E's Resident Sex Expert Answers You
Have A Very Naughty Christmas!
And Don't Forget The Foreplay!
Christmas Wish List
Play Free Sex Games at Adam&Eve
2 Tickets to Paradise…

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›› Sex Position of the Month: Sex Position

The Sleigh Ride
This involves the woman lying flat on her stomach with her legs spread wide. The man approaches her from behind and slides in. She then folds one of her legs in and wraps it around his waist. She can use the leg as a signal if she wants him to speed up or go deeper. This position combines the intimacy of missionary with the additional clitoral stimulation of doggy to bring you and your lover closer.

My First Sex Toy


Don't know where to begin when buying a sex toy? Let alone how to use it on what parts? Let Dr. Kat show you the ins and outs of some Adam and Eve's most popular sex toys in these fun, brief and free videos.

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›› A&E's Resident Sex Expert:
Ask Dr. Kat at

Cuckoo for Cuckolding

Dear Dr. Kat,
So wanting to get my wife more into cuckolding. At random times she talks dirty about it and I go insane with her. Such a turn on. How can I make this more of a reality? Thank you. Hope I don't sound like an idiot.
Thanks, Mike

Dear Mike,
You absolutely do not sound like an idiot. Cuckold (or having an adulterous wife ), is a very common fantasy. The term is actually derived from the female cuckoo bird's propensity to change partners. It often involves the male partner watching said encounter. The big question...

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Listen to Dr. Kat's FREE iTunes Podcast

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Interested in all things spicy and even down right dirty?
Let Dr. Kat and her gay boyfriend Ross guide you through Q&As, saucy sex stories from the media and funny sex education bits - all from the comfort of iTunes.

Dr. Kat & Her Gay Boyfriend
›› Have A Very Naughty Christmas! ›› And Don't Forget The Foreplay!

With the focus on toys, family, shopping, and other G-rated holiday goodness, your love life can get off track in the holiday hustle and bustle. This December, take advantage of the season to have some naughty adult fun with the one (s) you love.

• Hang The Mistletoe. Start a smoochy holiday tradition by hanging up a sprig of this Christmas staple in a strategic place. Tradition states that whoever gets caught underneath it should be kissed! At home, hang in the kitchen or living room to set up lots of casual kissable moments. Get steamier by hanging it in the bedroom.

• Get Hot Down By The Fire. Start a fire in your fireplace or put on an internet stream of a cracking fire. Don't have a handy bearskin rug? Then lay out a blanket and pillows. Bring over a bottle of mulled wine and a few sweet nibbles, then stretch out together and enjoy a romantic and racy evening in.

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Are you and your Significant Other missing out on the fun of pre-sex sex? Here are some ways to bring back the passion to warm-ups for your hook-ups.

Experts have come to agree that foreplay is a very important part of sexual health. It encourages communication, bonding (and perhaps bondage, too ) and helps you relax and let go as a couple.

Foreplay helps you both become more aroused, more ready for sex – and more satisfied. Research shows that when a woman's body becomes sexually aroused, muscles pull up the uterus, creating more room for fun in the vagina. This makes for more comfortable coitus.

For example, foreplay for at least 10 minutes will give you both a good warm-up, just like a 5K runner, your muscles and mind-body connections will become more focused on the activity at hand.

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Adam&Eve Hot Chat
›› Christmas Wish List

See the sex toys your friends at Adam & Eve want this year!

5. Roto-Bator Stroker No more working your hand to the bone – this sex toy does it all with the press of a button! The battery-powered toy spins a massaging sleeve around your shaft applying pressure while gently massaging every inch of your pole! Just imagine what it would feel like to have a woman spinning and twisting in your lap while squeezing your shaft with her Kegels – and you'll know what the Roto-Bator feels like!

4. Pure Aluminum Large Blue Vibrator After playing with this colorful aluminum vibe, you'll never go back to your old toys! Sleek and sexy looking, this colorful vibrator's tip is lined with ribs that rub and massage your G-Spot and vagina with every move. But it's the unique metal design – and the many specialized benefits that come with it – that make this vibrator a must-have!

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Play Games at Adam&Eve now  
›› Play Free Sex Games at Adam & Eve:

Spend some time playing free sex games - like "Sexy Picture Find" & Connect the Dots. Download some wallpapers & learn about our sexy contract girls.

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›› 2 Tickets to Paradise…

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