Customer Service at Adam and Eve

I’m just so happy and glad that all of you have been really helpful because not all customer service is like this and I am so grateful that you all have helped me so well and directly to the point. Thank you for the amazing work you do! And have an amazing day! -Susan L.

Thanks for your quick response to my order and it was so nice of you to offer to me all of the things you did and I thank you for everything -Tim B.

Thank you I appreciate that. 10/10 on customer service. -Tatya

just wanted to say thank you so much for your time and your fast response!!! great service -Cleo

I appreciate the swift and generous manner in which your company handled this situation. It is no wonder why you have been in business for 45 years. You are truly a company whom values their customers. I look forward to my next dealings with Adam and Eve. Thank you again. -Clifton

10/10 customer service! I really appreciate it. -Lindsey H.

Hi! I just wanted to say thank y'all SO much for being so prompt with my exchange! Best customer service ever. Can't wait to order more goodies! -Amanda

Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing customer service. We've ordered twice from you now, and there were (minor) issues with both orders, and you fixed them right away with no questions and no hassle. Because of your response alone, but also for the great products, we created an account and will definitely be repeat customers. Thanks again! –Stephen B.

WOW!!! Dang, this is actually the best customer service I've ever experienced. I used to think Amazon rocked the world of customer satisfaction but naw... You guys blow them out of the water. Not exactly sure what I'll do with two of these but hey - I'll figure it out!!! :) Thanks again for being the best! Regards, Michelle

I appreciate the quick response and the wonderful customer service. I will definitely be purchasing more products through your site, as this experience has been very smooth, other than my lack of attention to detail. Thanks so much, Kaleb

We’d like to give Donna from my wife’s customer service chat some props tonight! We ordered the g-gasm rabbit a while back and went to use it for the first time tonight and it didn’t work. My wife hopped on a customer service chat and spoke with Donna and she was so helpful! We discovered the vibrator wasn’t working correctly, and Donna offered us a refund or replacement with zero hassle. We opted for a replacement and Donna gave us all the information we needed, and was very friendly and personable. Thank you guys so much for yet another fantastic Adam and Eve experience! –Michael & Emily

Oh thank you! Despite the issues, I appreciate the rapid, helpful customer service A&E has provided me. Kudos to the company/employees for being on top of it! -Hayley Marie

Between your selection, your help "chat" window and your customer service, Adam and Eve has given me the confidence to know I'm safe in making my online purchases and my privacy is assured!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this so easy! -A. S. H.

Great service is rare and much appreciated. I have a very positive image of your company. -Mark H.

This is the kinda of customer service that will keep me as customer. I look forward to making many more purchases in the future! Class act. -Mike S.

Thank you so much. This has been some of the quickest and easiest customer service I have ever received. Thanks again! -Rebecca N.

The customer support for your company was rumored to be amazing, and it still exceeded my expectations. Can't thank you enough. Feel free to use that as a testimonial, too. Thanks again. -Monica M.

This order shipped missing one item, it was a big order. I called customer service, they were very friendly, offered to ship a replacement or issue a refund right up front, very helpful. What I've learned to expect from A&E. –Daniel

Thanks so much for the outstanding customer service ! I'm impressed. -Jim P.

Wow! Exceptional customer service! Thank you so much, this is greatly appreciated. Can’t wait to get back to it! -Abbigail

Wow! Thank you very much! Didn’t expect a response so quickly and satisfying. Kudo’s to Adam and Eve!! Top notch!! -Mike from Illinois

I wanted to thank you for your courteous and timely response. Your outstanding customer service will not be taken for granted and because of it, I look forward to offering my patronage to your company again. If there is a customer service review I can fill out, please let me know and I will be glad give you high marks. Thank you. -L. M.

Hello, I would just like to comment that your online chat assistant was very helpful in answering my questions and providing assistance with my first purchase through Adam and Eve. Her name in chat was 'Sharon'. Thank you and I look forward to shopping with you again. -Matty C.

Thank you very much. I appreciate the great customer service. -Ines

I do have to say that you guys have wonderful customer service! I really do appreciate all your helpfulness! I will tell all my friends about how well your customer service! -Jeremy G.

THANK YOU so very much for your expedited response and crediting funds to my orders. This is fair and truly appreciated. I will more closely inspect the A&E web pages for these type codes on all future orders, or, maybe I will enlist help from one of your helpful phone representatives. Again, thanks to you and A&E for operating a consumer friendly business...In gratitude, -D.R.B.

Thank you so much it's amazing service like this that I really appreciate i've bought from you before on a different account and it's a service like this that will probably have me buying from you again thank you. -C.J.

Thank you so so much Susan forresponding so quickly!!! This is why I love ordering from you all, you always take such good care of your customers. I never even look at other toy companies, Adam & Eve is always our first and only choice!!! Thank you so much. -Josh P.

I Just wanted to say that, Sarah was so so helpful! she's very bubbly and amazing im really happy she was able to help me. I was having a bad day and came home to a defective toy so that didn't help but speaking with her made my night so so much better. THANKS SARAH!! -Katie A.

Thank you very much. I must admit that I am very impressed with the speed and effectiveness of this customer service. Thank you! I just became a loyal customer to your site through this simple experience, but it was fantastic so thank you again! -Carly T.

WOW! ! Gotta say you have the best Customer Service support of ANY company / website I have ever dealt with ever. Thank you for your attention to detail and assistance!!!! I'll be a customer for a long time to come. :-) -Curtis D.

Thank you so much Anthony this is some of the best customer service I think I've ever received I will definitely be recommending to all of my friends. -Matt G.

I have never gotten better customer service, from anywhere I have ever called for support. She asked for identifying information about myself and the order, she asked what my concern was, and told me that the gift pack was shipping with the order, then asked if there was anything else she could help me with. Excellent manners, polite tone, she seemed like a genuinely nice person, with all the tools she needed to fix problems in front of her. I will make future purchases directly from your website, because it seems to me, as a consumer, you have put extra time, money, and effort into your customer care. Thank you. -Puck

Thank you very much, the customer service I have gotten from your company has honestly been the best customer service of any I've ever had interactions with. Thank you again. -Michael A.

Thanks for handling this in a professional and quick manner.The screwing around that many customer service's choose to do- always leaves the customer with feelings. And not coming back. i will remember how YOU handled my order and recommend your company to my friends. Remember- suggestion to all of those answering the phone (This is where the customer realationship starts and can be lost) is the WORD' NO' is not muttered out of anyone's mouth. -Bob

Thank you so much for your outstanding Customer Service. I look forward to shopping again at A&E. -Clarence

Wow I am truly blown away by your company's customer service. I worked for some time in hospitality you all are great.. From now on your company will be the only company I use as well as the company I recommend. Thank you all very much. -Greg M.

Wow, thank you so much! That is without a doubt, the fastest reply I've ever had with any customer service representative. How can I leave a review for you & the website? Happy to do it with how amazing you guys have been. Thanks -Vanessa W.

Thank you for all you help in this matter and youre very quick response and fix to the problem. Have a wonderful weekend and many props to your whole organization. You have always got it spot on and take care of your customers very well through the years. That is very rare to find in corporate America any more so again I thank you all. I look forward to more orders to come your way!! - Carl R.

Thank you for providing excellent customer service to me to help me. Wish every company was like yours. - Bart J.

As always, the service provided by A&E is exceptional and I will continue to use your site for my adult entertainment needs. Thank you again. -Jim R.

Thank you so much! I have to say I am so impressed by this customer service. You guys are awesome, and I will definitely be ordering from you in the future. -Bethany W.

Thank you so much, not only for your timely response, but also for your great attitude toward customer service. I did not understand the policy, I thought that I had completed the order process incorrectly, so thank you for the exception and adding it to my order. This type of customer service rarely happens anymore, and I can tell you that I appreciate it! -Ashley

I would like to thank all of you at Adam and Eve for your prompt attention to my return. I received my refund amount in full today, and I am extremely pleased with the speed and accuracy of your employees. It's not often that I am impressed with a business's professionalism and efficiency - customer service is quickly becoming a lost art! It's so nice to see that there are still people out there who care so much about their customers. You have earned my business for LIFE! Have a wonderful day! -Sarah P.

Thanks! You guys have incredible customer service. Should be template for other companies. I have been in customer service for almost 20 years so I know good ones when I see them. And it's a shame that you won't get the credit you should get because most people aren't gonna go ranting about how great the service at A&E is, out of embarrassment. Keep up the good work! -Fernando S

With both of my orders there has been either shipping or handling issues. However, as soon as I brought it to the attention of Adam & Eve they made it right and once we received the items the fun began. We've been married 37yrs and it never hurts to spice things up once in awhile. The free gifts are great too! We will be submitting orders again. Thanks -Gordon

Thank you very much, such great customer service! -Susan E.

Thank you very much! That is great customer service that keeps a happy customer coming back for more. I received the return label and will ship out the defect as soon as possible. Again, thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Kind Regards,
-Michael B.  

OUTSTANDING!! I just have to say there was an issue with an order I made and I called customer service twice , both times I have recievied the Best customer support I have ever gotten from a company be it online or in person. The satasfaction is definitely 110%.Thank you -Dwan B.

Just wanted to send a quick thank you to your company. Your customer service is phenomenal. Your easy ordering, quick shipping, non-hassle returns and exchange process are spot on. I couldn't be happier with how easy you make everything. I'm sure you get some negative feedback, but if you follow the instructions (which are clear as day and easy to find) everything runs just as it should. Your service is what will keep me coming back. Thank you again! -Melissa S.

This site is the best. I recently ordered Intro to Anal and the person who took my order was great. She offered a great deal and I appreciate it. I will always use this site for my wife and I sexual toys. -Ben S.

Thank you very much I appreciate how helpful you have been and how easy that was. -Michelle M.

This is the best customer service experience I've ever had. I think I will order again soon just because of this. Thank you so much!! -Danny W.

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this matter. It is much appreciated. -Angela D., A very satisfied customer.

Thank you for all your help. Your prompt replies and service and are reason why we continue to shop with you. Again thank you. - Naomi Quiroz

Thank you for taking care of my issue with delivery. Great job, will be ordering much more from you knowing that I am dealing with an honest business. The young lady who took care of my issue was professional and spoke to me with dignity and respect. PERFECT! - James

I just wanted to say what great customer service you have! I was having difficulty ordering online and called the 800 number. The lady I spoke with on 12/26/12 at approximately 10:45 pm was extremely helpful and polite. I will definitely be ordering from your company again. Thank you for a pleasant first-time ordering experience. I will be spreading the word. :) - Deidre

Thank you so much! I truly do appreciate all you have done for me! I do feel valued as a customer of A@E. I thank you for helping me out with those issues. Also I will continue to tell other people interested in toys to shop A@E because of the great deals, and excellent customer service. I plan to shop for more items shortly form A@E. Thank you and all the people at A@E! - Paul, A Happy Customer!!!

"WOW, a customer service that actually makes a customer feel important. You answered my inquiry very quickly and had exactly what I was looking for. Thank you."

As always I appreciate the outstanding customer service I receive from Adam & Eve and the quality of the products I order. If only other companies treated their customers as well as A&E... - Ken

That's the kind of courtesy that makes my business feel valued and that's definitely a feeling that encourages me to continue my patronage. - Eric

That is the best and fastest customer service I have ever had by any company I have ever dealt with. You can bet I will spread the word and continue to be your customer. - Dave, MI

I just wanted to thank you and the rest of your customer service team, this was a very good experience. I will remain a loyal customer, and as we call in business school, an advocate for your company. - Steven

Thank you! Awesome customer service!!!! - Kimberly, WA

Amazing! Thank you very much. I appreciate the level of service I just received from your company. I have never used mail order for adult toys. My only other experience purchasing adult products was through "Slumber Party" home services, alas, some of those products didn't last past first use, and all have since been low quality and short lived AND very, very expensive. Once Again, thank you, I will be a valued and return customer. I had my eye on a couple other toys. - Libby

Thank you for your amazingly quick response to my inquiry and thank you for addressing all of the items I asked about. I also appreciate your detail instructions for email, the website, and future offers. Now I am extra excited to receive my shipment from Adam & Eve! - Pat

We just wanted to thank you guys for your great customer service! You guys are very helpful and work great with your customers. Thank you for all your time! - Renee

Thank you so much, your customer service is top notch and I look forward to buying from Adam&Eve again! - Nick, New York City

Just wanted to let you know I received yesterday the free item in the mail. You had taken on your own initiative to replace the orginal one that was defective. Wanted to let you know that this is outstanding customer service and I thank you. Item works great, by the way. - Robert B.

Adam & Eve's customer service is phenomenal. Fast response time, very clear emails, no jumping through hoops. One of the bonus (free) items I had ordered had been discontinued. When I didn't get it in the package with everything else I had ordered, I contacted them about it. They clarified what had happened and offered to replace it with another gift for free (free shipping, too). All-in-all, it has been a very pleasurable experience. ^_^ -Dominic

I wanted to thank you for exchanging the products recently. Your customer service is always exceptional and you have a customer for life. Keep up the great work and thank you. - Chris L.

Thank you very much for your service. It's good to see in this day and time that businesses are still reliable.
- Brandon

"I was extremely pleased with your customer service. You company must have an exceptional policy in dealing with customers which is to be commended. Thanks"
-Ian, Australia  

I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE... IT WAS POSITIVELY EXCELLENT! I LOVE YOU GUYS! THANKS AGAIN! Good customer service is very hard to find these days and it makes a world of difference. I will be a life long customer for sure (my husband is in the Army and deploys a lot lol). Thanks again. - Cassy, GA

A few weeks ago I followed a link you guys sent to me by email. It was one of you spectacular specials. When my order arrived I was disappointed to see that what was offered in the email was not sent to me. It was never about the item, as something free has no value, but about getting what I expected due to the email. I contacted customer service to lodge my complaint. I got a very prompt reply, apologizing for the mix up, and the items were immediately shipped to me. Again it is not really about the items, but customer service with me. Your company stood by what they said (a rare and WONDERFUL quality in an online company) and fixed the problem right away. It is that wonderful service that will not only bring me back to your site time and time again for ALL of my adult shopping needs, but it has also won my loyalty. You can rest assured that I will happily and enthusiastically recommend your site and your company to my friends. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service. I will be back. You have the best prices too! - Dan, OR

You guys are awesome! I always dread to put in a complaint about anything because of the hassle companies put people through but I was so amazed on how your company does the exact opposite. I have purchased several items without complaint but when there was an issue you guys stick to your principle of 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed on Every Order. Almost thought I wasn't going to purchase another item but now I'm going to every month. THANK YOU! - Jessica, GA

Being away from home and overseas you want things to go according to plan, and when I noticed that I had not gotten the size right for my wife's outfits, the great people at Adam & Eve did an outstanding job at making the changes to my order. They have made a lifetime customer out of me. - William, GA

We will continue to shop with this company. Because it has great customer service. I love Adam&Eve. Thanks. - David

Wow! your company has to be the leading company in customer service both with such a rapid response reply and a very kind and generous offer to ship a replacement unit. I cannot thank you enough as i'm impressed with your company and as a Chairman & CEO of my company compliment you and your company for such integrity customer service and support. - Chris


your customer service department is excellent. gold stars all around, lol - Caryl

That's why I shop with your company and always will. The best customer service even when it's my fault. Thanks and I will make sure to spread the word of your great company and it's products. - Rich

I want to commend your company on your customer service. You are always prompt in your answers and do what you said you would do. I wish your way of doing business spread into other faucets of business. I'm in insurance and they are constantly tying our hands when we feel the customer is right. - Lee Ann

Doing business with outfits like Adam & Eve makes it effortless when you get customer service and response to inquiries lke this. I will continue to push your business forward to all of my friends and family. Thank you once again - Santiago

You guys have some of the best customer service ever. We had to call you customer service number to get help and they were extremely helpful. We appreciate your excellent service and look forward to receiving our shipment and shopping some more. No need to write back to us we just wanted to let you know how good of a job you do. - Brian

Thank you so much! While the subject of sex toys doesn't really come up in my usual conversations, I will be sure to recommend A&E in the future, as you have a great selection and amazing customer service! - Dan

"I am one of your customers and I just wanted to THANK YOU guys for the service you have provided me with. I am highly appreciative of the policies and rules you guys have. I definently am going to purchase from you again. I also wanted to thank you guys for the item you sent me I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much"

Thank you for the great customer service. You guys are amazing! - Julie

Seriously you guys are the BEST. Your customer service is so good I wish you guys would start selling out your business model to every other company in the world. Last time we ordered, something was backordered and the website wasn't up to date, and 2 days before I got my order, I had 2 emails from you saying how sorry you were and how it would be shipped to us as soon as possible, as well as weekly updates on the status. - Jason

After receiving two broken DVD cases resulting in scratched DVDs, I contacted customer service and they happily gave me a replacement after quality control checked into the issue. They even put padding in the case to ensure the DVD did not move in the unbroken case. Thank you again for the excellent service, it is truly appreciated. - Steven

I deal with a lot of companies, both professionally and personally. I just want to say THANK YOU for how you handle returns, changes, make helpful suggestions for alternatives, and generally make customer service a really good experience!! - William

You guys are the best in customer service!!! I emailed you not very long ago about how I would like to know the size (circumference and length) of the toys I was purchasing and what type of material they were made of... it seemed that not 2 days later all this info was on your page! It has really helped in choosing the best toy for me! I really do appreciate you guys for doing that! It has made shopping for what I want a lot more easy and fun, I feel more comfortable in my purchase. I don't like rubber, so now all I have to do is pick the material I like (Cyberskin) and I don't have to worry about getting something that I can't use and have to return. Thank you for taking guessing game out, and making my purchases more fun. - Jami

Wow!! Now that's what I call Great Customer Service... Thanks so much for the quick resolution. Not to mention saving me the time, trouble, and couple bucks it would of taken to purchase the packing material, re-package the item, ship it back, and then the wait for the replacement. This is the first time I had an issue with a product from you guys, and to be honest if you guys weren't so professional, and didn't have the well constructed and detailed self explanatory website, I probably would have taken it as a loss. I would of had to again purchase a similar product, and probably wouldn't have thought twice about keeping my future purchases with the same company. The company may be out a few bucks for the replacement of my product, but they gained another loyal, and satisfied customer.
– Matt

I just received a Thank You email from Phil Harvey. I want to let you know that I have done business with A&E for many years. I wish to Thank You, not only for your community service, but for the impeccable customer service. I have dealt with your customer service more than once in my many years of doing business with A&E, and each time it was an enjoyable experience. You're the BEST!! - Teri

Your customer support is always outstanding, whether on line or on the phone! Your products are great with a terrific selection ( makes me and my partner feel like kids at a candy store lol) and a great guaranty on ALL your products, though I haven't had to use it, it's good to know it's there. You always have great discounts and offers and I'm always trying new things because of them, and that has made for some great fun!!! And I do like and respect greatly that you donate so much. It is refreshing to see that you all have such big hearts and care about not only your customers but in your community as well and that in it's self is outstanding!!! Thanks again and Happy Holidays - David

Hi i would like to say thank you to your staff that processed my request for return of an item i was not satisfied with and the exchange item you sent at my request i was very impressed with the speed in which everything was done in and the fact that you kept me informed through out the process things like this are what makes a company great because you care about your customers and you strive for profection and thats why you are number one in the industry and thats why i will continue to purchase items from Adam & Eve and again thank you very much for your impeckable service rivaled by no one. - Donald

Thank you so much, you guys are awesome. This is one more reason I can say I love Adam & eve -Jo

Thank you very much for the quick response and replacement! This kind of service is why I have continued to be a customer for the last 8 or 10 years. Many thanks! –Bill P.

I have been very happy with Adam and Eve and your company's excellent customer service. Very helpful and easy to deal with. Easy to order, discreet, and quick shipping. Thank you. I would def recommend you to anyone. –Dave

Just want to commend this company on their amazing customer service. So fast at responding and very helpful and friendly. Thank you! –Kyle

I can honestly say this is the fastest customer service I've ever delt with. Very glad i chose to use your website. –Jennifer

You are the best company in all the land!!!!! I had a chat with one of your customer service reps last week about one of my favorite toys that had stopped working. He was very helpful and told me that since it was past the warranty time that I could fill out a return form and send it in to see if it could be repaired. I thanked him and mentioned that since I had another order coming out later that week, I would just send it back when I received that one. Low and behold, before I could package up my sad, defective toy...I received a second package in the mail this past week!!! It was a brand new replacement of my favorite toy!!! Not only was I so excited, my husband was thrilled to pieces and we put it to use that very night!!! You guys have my business and my advertising (as much as I can do ;) ) forever!!! As I said, “the best company in all the land!!” If only I could get someone to say that about my 38 year old business!!! Awesome job, keep up the great work!!! This is coming from a 46 yo mom of 2 men who are in their 20’s, I am remarried now for 12 years and living my best life to a man 10 years older who as I say,”knocks my socks off!!” And y’all have made this last year of it even more entertaining, so thank you!!! –Katie

Wow thank you so much. You guys have some of the best customer service! Thank you again so much. I can't thank you enough for going through this and re shipping it! I appreciate it so much. -Cory L.

Thanks !!! I'm very satisfied. Any way I can rate you guy 5 stars for the excellent service? -Kai R.

Thank you so much for you prompt and professional service in regards to my return. Will be sure to recommend and continue to buy from your online store! :D kind regards, Alex.

Thank you so much! That’s amazing customer service. More companies should follow your lead! Thanks again! -Ryan M.

That is amazing customer service!! Thank you so much! -Julie D.

Thank you for being professional and quick to respond to my emails I really appreciate your great customer support. -Kaleb D.

Hey there! I just wanted the team members at Adam & Eve to know that I think they're doing a super job! One member in particular I spoke to was super kind, friendly, and really helpful. I spoke to a woman named Maggie who handled my questions and situation with a pleasant tone and a quick, pain-free service. This is my first time ever ordering and getting service from Adam & Eve and I have to say I'm very pleased! Also, the two free gifts I was offered are very, very generous and I'm looking forward to receiving my purchase. Please let Maggie know she's doing a super job, you have a very hard worker on your hands! Best wishes, G.B.

Thank you for being understanding and willing to make us happier customers. Your products and your customer service will definitely keep us cumming back to Adam & Eve. -Guy B.

Thank you for your very prompt reply and solving this problem so easily. It is uncommon in this day and age to not have to argue for weeks with a vendor to solve a simple problem with a purchased product. Your actions have reaffirmed my choice in dealing with your company. I am a happy camper! -David B.

Thank you so much! This is why I also stay true to A&E! You guys have the BEST customer service! Thank you so much! -Rachel C.

Thank you so much!!! Your customer service is incredible, I appreciate it. I would never order from any other site solely because of the great customer service. The fact that the products are great too, is icing on the cake. thank you again for the quick and very painless service! Natalie M.

Susan that was quick and painless, I appreciate your customer service. Better than even Dell! If there was some way I could return the favor please let me know! -Lloyd

Oh my goodness! You are saving me shipping charges to return as well as surpassing my customer service expectations, I thought this process would take weeks! Thank you! -Meagan

Thank you SO much for your assistance. We really appreciate it and will definitely be returning for additional purchases. Thank you again for this one time gesture, we truly appreciate it. -Corey

Thank you Sharon. that act of good customer service will keep me as a valued customer. -A.O.

Hey Glenn, please let your supervisor know that you have given me the fastest customer support response time that ive ever experienced and that I appreciate your hardwork. I will continue to shop at adamandeve. Thanks so much! You've made my wife very happy ;) - Richard B.

Thank you sincerely for the quick and hassle-free resolution to this. This is great customer service and I will certainly purchase again from Adam and Eve. If every business made defective item replacement/returns this easy they would be doing something right. -Adam

I just wanted to say thank you! I ordered for the first time last week, and the product came and only one of the buttons worked of three, even with the new batteries. I called in, spoke to a wonderful rep, and she sent me a new one, which I just got today. Got it out of the box, put in the batteries, and it's working! Just very happy and wanted to say thank you to Adam & Eve, and to the wonderful, friendly, and professional rep I spoke with a few days ago. Thank you so much!!! -Shannon S.

I appreciate you trusting me and resending the DVD’s. That is good customer service. I teach in a university and have done customer service training in the business world. You handled it correctly and have me as a loyal customer. -Bob

Thank you! That may be the best customer service I've ever experienced. I really appreciate it. -Brad M.

Customer service was very nice and reshipped the items. Much more than i was expecting. It was a nice surprise. This is just a thank you note. -Mike M.

I have gained massive respect for adam&eve's customer service and their dedication to their customers, the following is why. My first experience trying to order from adam&eve started in failure, from the USPS mainly, the item plus the first time buyers gift arrived at my local PO in very fast time, But that's as far as it got. The post office says the carrier was a sub and didn't "recognize" the name on the package. The story of the missing package soon changed to we left it at your mail box so it must have been stolen. I paid a shipping fee for the package to arrive and it never did. I wrote a general inquiry to the representatives at adam&eve by email, myself not expecting a fast response, no the less I received a fast response. The response was pleasant to say the least, I was informed my order would be reshipped free of charge to my location, by a different carrier (UPS). I hope those that may read this will gain faith in adam&eves dedication to their customers. From me personally I say thanks for going above and beyond to provide me with my product. -Garrett A.

Exceptional customer care, I wish there were more awesome CSR like you! Thanks again.... -Lisa C.

Thank you for the prompt response. If customer satisfaction is your goal, I'd say you are succeeding. Thank you. -Matthew S.

I'm impressed with how quickly customer service responded and that my issue was resolved in one email. Fantastic! More companies should take a note from the Adam and Eve book of customer service. -Kim B.

My husband and I have been together for 13 years now. We have been looking for ways to spice it up in the bedroom and your products have REALLY help add the heat. I ordered 3 items and received so many other goodies free. My order arrived earlier than estimated. The quality of the products are wonderful. The customer service is remarkable. There are so many items to "tickle ones fancy". I love the variety of products. They make you want to try new exciting things. My niece is a consultant for a sexual pleasure company. I ordered one small item from her, only to make her a sale. After browsing their items, which there wasn't many choices and way over priced. I visited your website and was very pleased with it. I was very excited when my order came. I was very anxious to try everything out. We both were even more excited using our goodies. There are several more great goodies we have been looking at purchasing. You have a customer for as long as we can manage to perform. ;) Thank you again. -Melissa & James

I received working item today and rather impressed with your service and attention. I can hardly believe the speed and personal service from you and your company. Your business must thrive with your attitude and commitment to your customers. -Rick E.

Thank you so much! I will be ordering from you again! Costomer service A-1 -Kelly N.

"Thank you so much! I have always loved your site and your customer service will definitely keep me as a prolonged customer =)"

Thank you, Brian. You have assisted me in the past as I recall your emails. The fact that you have taken ownership is representative of why people come back to A&E. You certainly do not have the lowest prices to be found on the net. But, I am one who believes that service still counts. -Brian M.

Wow! Now THAT'S great customer service! I'm very impressed indeed. Although I don't spend a lot of money, I have been a long time A&E customer (since 1999 or so, perhaps). Consider my "long time customer" title now officially changed to "life time customer" from here on. Thank you very much Brian. -Sean S.

"Wow! That was so fast!!! Thank you for your assistance!!! This is part of why I love adam n eve!!!!" -Kim :)

"I just wanted to personally thank Gail from Customer service. She hastily helped me fix my problem only an hour after I contacted customer service! Often these days customer service can be lazy and/or inefficient or unable to resolve issues at all, but my issue was dealt with fast, effectively and courteously! Thanks again for your help and keep up the good work!" -Nicholas L.

Thank you! I have had correspondence with 3 different people and you all have been awesome!! Excellent customer service! I hope you have a Happy New Year! Thanks again for all your help! -Jennifer P.

I just want to say that Adam & Eve has provided nothing but 5 Star service to my wife and I. We appreciate it! Always prompt, professional and curtious. Also, I recently contacted A&E by phone and the phone operator was so kind and helpful! All around great company to do business with, if you know what I mean! -Morgan A.

Adam and Eve is a well run company and this was the first time I have ever had an issue. From looking at my account you see we purchase many things and my girlfriend and I enjoy them very much. Look fwd to the next fun purchase. -Eric H.

Thank you so very much! Great CS!! Your company responded within hours of my inquiry not the usual 24-48 hours most companies take to respond. I appreciate the quickness. Mary W.

I can't say enough great things about my experiences at Adam and Eve. Few businesses impress me to the point where I feel the need to gush about them and their service. I had ordered a vibrator, which I got a few uses out of, but unfortunately stopped working after only 2 months. I contacted Adam and Eve about it, and they immediately apologized, and shipped me a new one! I didnt even have to return the defective one. Not only that, the deals one can get on this website is second to none. Amazing offers and promo codes. And, you can re-use promo codes as much as you want! I have used a promo code that gives you 50% off plus free shipping a few times now! Not only that, Adam and Eve gives you unbelievable value! The free gifts I have gotten as a bonus with my purchases have been incredible. I'm talking $70, $80 values, absolutely FREE! You will never experience deals like this. I am a very happy customer. Packaging is discreet. As someone who enjoys self-pleasuring, I cant say enough how thrilled I am with this business. Once you start shopping, you will become a loyal customer, trust me. -Michele N.

This is probably the fastest and the most efficient Customer Service I have ever experienced. Although the Documents part was the biggest hassle and also had a holiday break, but the quickest reply I have ever had. I'd be expecting the same kind of quality in the goods I'll be receiving and ordering in the future. Customer Service Rating: 5/5 -Henry, Singapore

Wow that was a fast response!!! Thank you so much! I'm so glad to have discovered this site-the service and products are great! Thank you again! -Erika J

Thank you so much for the excellent customer service and quick response! I'm a first time shopper, but I will definitely continue to order off this website. Thanks again! -Elizabeth J.

I'm really pleased by your customer service and how much you guys care about your customers. It's touching and it makes me as a consumer feel valued and pleased to give you my business whenever I need it. Thank you. -Angelina B.

Now thats customer service! I will be sure to keep your return policy in mind in the future. And you just earned a lifetime customer :) Lisa P

Wow! Not what I expected but thank you very much. Amazing to have a company provide such customer service these days. This is the reason you get all my relevant business. Thank you Adamn and Eve Cust Service. - Carl

"I absolutely love the new mobile website! It is very clean looking and easy to navigate. As someone who uses their iPhone as their main source of Internet I personally really appreciate this."
-Holly S.  

I just want to say that A&E has the best Customer Service out of any store that I shop at. I do not shop here often but, when I do and there is possibly a mistake with my order it is taken care of with no questions asked. Thank you guys for being AWESOME! - Nathan

thank you for the quick reply and outstanding customer service! - Matt

I am pleasantly shocked with not only the expeditious manner that you responded to my plight, but also that you are sending me a replacement just as quickly! Thank you again so much, Happy Holidays to you and yours! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! - Jennifer

I have been ordering from A&E and AdamMale for quite a few years now. You have great deals and prices. Above all, your service is excellent. Though I do have issues once in a while with how orders are packaged and arrive after shipping. Those padded shipping envelopes don't provide much protection when they are handled by aggressive delivery people. LOL But I have always got replacements with no hassle if items were damaged. That's why I keep ordering from you. Other companies make you jump through hoops when you recieve defective items and want to return them. I have never received a hassle from A&E with any request I have ever made. Your great service means a lot to me. - Dave

That's fantastic news! Thanks so much for your help and flexibility on this. Also, thanks for your prompt reply to my original email. So far I've been impressed with the website (descriptions, pics, prices), as well as with the customer service (and the deals you offer/freebies). It all makes such a huge difference to the customer. Customer service is everything! And you guys are definitely making the grade!! Thanks again. - Kate

"I placed an order with Adam and Eve and it got lost somewhere in transit. When I called in to see if there was anything they could do, they shipped a replacement out complimentary air for me. This was way more than I expected and I'm very pleased with the way they treated me as a customer. This is why I keep coming back to Adam and Eve. Thanks a bunch for your great sevice."

Thank you for the quick response..I appreciate the truth and will absolutely continue doing business with you. - Julie

Thank you for your fast reply. I appreciate the quick and courteous customer service. - Miranda

I greatly appreciate the prompt reply and your very clear instructions. On a related matter, this is my first purchase from your company, and I must say that so far, Adam & Eve's customer service has been nothing short of spectacular. My item has been out of stock for a long time, and I received many emails keeping me abreast of its status. What was really cool was that my free gifts from my original order were shipped immediately. That was a very nice surprise-one would normally expect those to arrive with the item ordered. Now that I've decided to cancel my original order, you guys are honoring the original offer code that I used on checkout the 1st time. Again, very cool. Just wanted to let you know...keep up the great work :) - Greg

WOW! Thank you for your prompt and impressive handling of this problem. We always look good when things go perfect. It's when things go wrong that defines us. - Brian

Thank you very much. That is outstanding customer service. - Andy

Just wanted to say thank you! I have never had a company of any sort respond so quickly to anything as you did yesterday! I appreciate it greatly! - M.R.

Thanks you have great service which is very rare today. Thanks again and have a great day. - B.

I had ordered a certain vibrator and the battery end kept falling off. I called just to say that this product had that problem and was told very insistently that you would replace it. I find that kind of customer service rare. And the fact that it was one I had ordered awhile ago. I only wanted to let your company know that this may be a design flaw. All in all your customer service is impeccable. And the fact that the last order was a gift was kind of embarrassing. But your staff made me very comfortable and I appreciate that so very much. Your site is fantastic. Customer service like yours is very rare these days.
- Kathy, CA

I only wish all companies had as good customer service and response times as you folks do. Thank you very much. Good products, too! - Harris, VA

I had an issue obtaining a special offer I received via email, and the people from Adam & Eve were extremely quick to respond and take care of the problem! I have absolutely zero complaints. They were polite and courteous and did everything they could to make me happy! Will definitely continue shopping with Adam & Eve!!! I probably have never encountered customer service as great as I've received here! - Ariel, IN

I just wanted to thank you all for your EXCEPTIONAL customer service and dependable fast shipping. I have always received my orders in a timely manner, and I truly appreciate it, as I am always overly excited to try them out. I recently placed an order over the phone and was nervous because I was afraid the representative would make me feel uncomfortable. The complete opposite happened. She made me feel really comfortable and seemed very excited to have my business. I would love to commend you all on your exceptional service. For this reason, I will not shop anywhere else. It is truly appreciated. Thank you all so much. - Katie, AL

Wow, that was easy and fast. What great Customer Service. I am really impressed. Thank you. - Ben

Thank you for your quick response to our email. Also thank you for your "above & beyond" customer service. Talk about wowing your customer! We are elated! - Angela

Thank all of you for your expedient responses and assistance with this order. My wife and I have been long-time Adam & Eve customers and it is greatly due to the exemplary customer service. Thanks again. - William

Just wanted to say how great your Customer Service is. Prompt filling of orders, Emailing us when it is shipped plus Great People when you have questions. You will be getting orders from us because of these reasons. Keep up the good work.. - Michelle

The customer service this company has goes beyond every company I have ever come across. I have told several friends about the company since I found out about it in December and everyone of them are now customers. - Phil

"i have been an adam and eve customer for years and the products are great. but the customer service is so amazing and everyone is so nice. i had a product that the wire came off, and they sent me another one without me asking for it."

I just wanted to thank you for the immediate and courteous response I received when I had called regarding a purchase I had made. I did not receive the free part of my order, in which was the main reason I wanted to order. When I called, I spoke with a customer service representative who addressed my concern and quickly sent my missing items without hesitation. It was greatly appreciated, I will definitely continue to shop with Adam and Eve, and will definitely continue to recommend you to others. - Angela

Thank you very much for your prompt service. I appreciate it greatly. I will definitely be ordering from your company again soon, and will try to steer all my future business you're way. I certainly would refer anyone to your company. Thank you. - Aaron

What incredible customer service !!!! Thank you for taking care of this so promptly from the time of my first e-mail to Customer Service, through the offer to make the reduction manually, to actually adjusting the total. I've already seen the original charge AND THE ADJUSTMENT in my on-line banking record. You were super. Thank you. I wish all customer service employees in most organizations still provided this kind of service! You've definitely become responsible for creating a loyal customer. Have a great rest of the week. - Darrell

I wanted to say thank you for the prompt and kind response customer service gave me when a DVD arrived scratched up due to the case being broken in shipping. This is one of the many reasons I always suggest Adam & Eve to all my friends and anyone who has sex related questions. - Steven

I received a toy that didn't work out of the package, and I just wanted to say thank you for the fast replacement sent to me. The replacement worked great and is still working. Thank you Adam and Eve.... I will not shop any where else. Customer service is GREAT! - Inge

Wow. Thanks a lot. I have never gotten such great customer service, and I shop online OFTEN. Quote me on that! - Daniel

The only assistance that you can help with now is accepting my thanks! I just want to let you know that I have always had excellent experiences with your company, and recommend you to any and everyone. I have had a few times that I have needed help modifying an order, missing items, or a mistake with shipping address. Every time y'all have been incredibly helpful and the issue is always resolved with a single email or phone call. I have spent several hundred dollars at your company, and will most likely spend several more, over the years. Please keep up the outstanding work! This is why you are the best adult toy website, bar none. – David

I would just like to let you and all other staff at your company know...Shopping with Adam & Eve has been a very good experience. All representatives I have interacted with have been well informed and very friendly. It, quite frankly, inspires much confidence in your products and services, and I will definitely continue my association with you, largely in-part because of this. First class service needs all the deserved attention and highlighting it can get. - Loren

THANK YOU:) I didn't expect such amazing customer service..I'll be spreading to word!!!!!!!!!! - Leslie

You people crack me up. By the way, congratulations on your huge success (I have bought the first time in '91 or so when may people did not even know who you are and now I finally know why you have grown so much - you treat your customers like nobody else!)I am very happy with your company and you make me feel like I am the only customer and you are all on standby just for me and your sense of humor is just great - more businesses should get the sticks out of their behinds and do this. - Frank

"Thank you very much. Very few companies (in fact, I've never found one) come close to your level of commitment to the customer. I'm very happy with Adam & Eve. Best regards"

NO question. Just some good things. I have placed two orders with your company in the last, about 6 months or so. When placing every one, It was made easy to do online, good directions, very informative. I have gotten regulare emails updating me on the status of my order. Great customer service. And I was offered in one of my orders a vibe gift set for a great reduced price, and i love it. If you ever need anyone to endorce your company please contact me. I would be happy to. Thank you to all of you. - Christie

Thank you very much for your quick response to my issue. I also appreciate your exceptional customer service in the prompt correction of the problem. That seems like something that is not very common in business today, and is very refreshing! I commend you and your company for the way you do business! Thanks so much for your help!!! - Melinda

Thank You very much and I appreciate you and the continued 110% satisfaction I have been given each and every time I order from Adam and Eve, my preferred "adult" store... Adam and Eve is the BEST place and has the BEST customer service... and thank you again. - Justin

Thank you, its been a pleasure doing business with you. You are very responsive, honest, and helpful. thanks again for all you help. -Michael

I just want to thank you guys for the exceptional customer service. Everytime I have contacted you, you guys have been very fast at getting back to me. When one of my orders didn't arrive, you didn't give me any problems, you simply reshipped the order, which I recieved today. I just want to let you know that little things like that really make a difference and that you guys are truly appreciated. You have made me a happy customer and I will continue to shop with you guys. You really are the best in the business. Thanks! - LaTonya

Thank you. I am surprised, but very thankful. I have no job presently and every thing I save is a great help. This, of course, is a splurge. I will let my friends know how well you treat your customers. I appreciate people that have high standards in their businesses and treat their customers well. It seems that most businesses these days have lost those values. It seems that the all mighty dollar wins over principle. You have principles. Thank you again. - Susan