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Liberator Wedge

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Get Liberated with The Liberator Wedge!

Say goodbye to position fatigue and go longer and deeper with the revolutionary Liberator Wedge! It's like getting a custom sex bed without buying expensive sex furniture.

• The Wedge enhances sex positions
• Provides support for more comfortable sex
• Made of dense foam
•Wedge measures 24" wide x 14" long x 7" incline.

Indulge yourself in all those fantasy positions you've ever dreamed of, and make your old favorite positions all the more fun for the two of you. The Liberator Wedge is a dense foam pillow sex prop that raises your partner's body up off the bed for better angles – no more boring, one dimensional sex positions.

The Liberator Wedge shape offers extra height for ease of entry, and makes any man's penis feel larger and penetrate more deeply. The specially-designed angle helps hit the G-spot or the prostate every time for increased sensations and incredible orgasms. And the Liberator Wedge is sensational for oral sex, too, making you more relaxed and able to go for a longer period of time. Your partner will be thrilled.

The Liberator Wedge is also great for female masturbation, giving you the best angle for more effective use of all your toys for dynamite solo orgasms. And it's good for mutual masturbation toy play.

The dense foam of the Liberator Wedge sex prop is engineered for firm, comfortable support, so you can be sure of longer-lasting, more relaxed sex. It comes with a removable, stain-resistant nylon and plush velour cover. When the fun's over, just remove the cover – it's washable for easy cleanup.

Try the Liberator Wedge tonight, and you'll agree that you’ve never had more comfortable or more adventurous sex. You can achieve deeper, more accurate penetration on all your partner's "hot spots". You've never tried anything like it – you'll turn to the Liberator Wedge again and again as your favorite sex prop.

Adam & Eve customers rated the Liberator Wedge with four out of five stars. Check out all the sex toys Adam and Eve offers for couples and solo excitement.

Due to their size, we can only ship Liberator Shapes by UPS ground. A surcharge also will be added to the regular delivery charges.

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Liberator, One Up Innovations
Made in America
Male, Female
14.0 inches
24 inches
"Just got it last night and am so looking forward to tonight again."
Love the boost!
" It's just the right size for a little boost."
A must have!
"For anyone with any back pain that can interfere with intimacy, this is a must have."
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A must have! Submitted 6/13/2011
100% worth every penny! I have the wedge & ramp but prefer the wedge. My husband has a love/hate relationship with the wedge....he loves how great it feels, but hates how much quicker it makes him want to finish! Haha It's much better then just using a pillow because the wedge is dense enough foam to hold you up without being too hard to lay on. The cover removes & can be easily washed. The material underneath the cover is nylon so liquids won't seep into the foam. If you are a taller person you can purchase different size wedges. I'm 5'3 & this works great for us. Bite the bullet, spend the money & have the greatest sex ever!
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Good times
Oh so good Submitted 9/3/2015
Suprised the wife with this slid it under her bottom had already done oral so she was in the mood slid in and her eyes got wider soni knew she was feeling something new and I was to I had not felt her inside like that ever after a short time she was begging for more and I was happy to give it to her . She must have came 4 times. The feeling was amazing and we went at it till I have out. We will use this again. And try new positions for sure if you want to spice up the bedroom this will do it well worth the money nice product .
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Awesom!! Submitted 2/24/2012
I waited too long to buy this product!! I spent alot of time trying to decide whether it was worth the cost. Oh my this is one of my favorite things. Just got it last night and am so looking forward to tonight again. My wife was thrilled. So many things to do with this. We have been married for 15 years and this was a great add to our life.
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Love the boost! Submitted 8/28/2008
My husband and I love the wedge! It's not so awkwardly sized so as to make storing it difficult. It's just the right size for a little boost. We had looked for a hard-filled pillow that might work for the same purpose, but there's just nothing else like the Wedge. It's great! Oh, and the included cover with handle is especially practical--cover keeps it clean (you could even store it under your bed) and the handle makes it much easier to manage!
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Colonel Dave
Over the TOP! Submitted 11/26/2012
Our first time using a product like this. We were hesitant at first because of the price. But after receiving a coupon we decided to try it. WOW! Even at full price this purchase would be worth the money. She absolutely loved it. And so did I. Her immediate reaction was, “ OMG, I can’t believe how great that feels.” So, that’s probably enough said, but the quality of the product is amazing as well. We expect to use it for a very long time.
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A must have! Submitted 6/11/2013
We were watching the mail for our liberator wedge to come. As soon as we got it we tried it out. For anyone with any back pain that can interfere with intimacy, this is a must have. Not only does it give you the support you need it also gives the angles to achieve more than you thought possible. Great product.
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lets your body rest so you can enjoy sex better!!! Submitted 7/9/2009
Our sex life has changed due to the furniture!
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great Submitted 8/14/2009
I bought this with the hopes of getting better angles and it works It is also small enough to fit under the bed which is nice when you have kids!
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Awsome Submitted 1/30/2012
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flexible positions made easy Submitted 2/25/2009
this liberator wedge is amazing. it allows some really great stretch and you can get into some great positions. my wife was really turned on by the penetration angles. the construction is good and the cover is comfortable. the wedge is also light and comes with a zippered cover.
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