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Kama Sutra Love Oil

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Lure Your Lover To Delicious Foreplay!

Gently massage any of the flavored Kama Sutra Oils Of Love into your lover's skin...then blow gently to release their powers. Kiss their skin and let the taste from your lips meet. Trust us, your mojo will rock! This kissable water-based oil washes away with ease, leaving only the sweet memory of passion. 

• Delicately scented
• Edible water-based oils
• Foster intimacy and special moments
• Encourages body exploration
• Wonderful for oral sex
• Flavor tastes great
• Blow on it to warm skin
• Washes away easily


Light a candle, dim the lights and close the door. Just rub a few drops of Kama Sutra Oils Of Love wherever desire draws you, then blow with a gentle breath to unleash pulse-pounding pleasure and erotic discovery! Slippery to the touch, warm to the skin –– and irresistible to the tongue. Thrill your lover with a tingling glow.

Adam & Eve recommends Kama Sutra Oils Of Love to couple who seek more intimacy in their lovemaking and foreplay. Stimulate your senses of taste and smell for a full-on sensual experience.

Not a flavored lubricant.Oil of Love® is a kissable flavored body oil designed for foreplay enhancement.



Raspberry Kiss: glycerin, propylene glycol, water (aqua/eau), sucrose, flavor (aroma), sodium saccharin, red 40 (ci 16035), blue 1 (ci 42090), caramel.

Vanilla Crème: glycerin, propylene glycol, water (aqua/eau), sucrose, flavor (aroma), sodium saccharin, yellow 5 (ci 19140).

Tropical Mango: glycerin, propylene glycol, water (aqua/eau), sucrose, flavor (aroma), sodium saccharin, benzyl alcohol, limonene, yellow 6 (ci 15985), red 40 (ci 16035).       

Strawberry Dreams: glycerin, propylene glycol, water (aqua/eau), flavor (aroma), sucrose, sodium saccharin, red 40 (ci 16035), caramel.

Coconut Pineapple: glycerin, propylene glycol, water (aqua/eau), sucrose, flavor (aroma), sodium saccharin.

The Original: glycerin, propylene glycol, water (aqua/eau), sucrose, flavor (aroma), sodium saccharin, yellow 5 (ci 19140), red 40 (ci 16035), blue 1 (ci 42090).

Kama Sutra
Coconut/Pineapple, Mango, Original, Raspberry, Vanilla
Male, Female
.075 Ounces
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Smells great Submitted 8/9/2015
Smells great but be cautious can NOT use internally, so don't get to excited and rub your male partner down and then let him enter you!!!
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Beware those with sensitive skin! Submitted 9/4/2013
Ok, I am so embarrassed! I used this oil for the first time while massaging my boyfriend...it tasted good but it became VERY sticky...after the massage, i began licking and kissing his body and after i went to go wipe off my hands and face because the oil was so sticky..and when i looked into he mirror i saw that the skin around my mouth was RED and a bit swollen looking! I was definitely allergic to this stuff and i looked like a freakin clown for a few days after that night...so beware people who have sensitive skin, this product may not be for you!
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a grandma and grandpa
love it Submitted 12/7/2008
both of us love the feeling and taste of the original scent oil. The first time we tried it just like the 4th of July. We were both flying. Hard to find this glad I checked your sight will be ordering more
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Meh? Submitted 5/14/2015
I got this for me and my boyfriend because we thought it might be nice to massage each other as foreplay. I'll admit that I didn't pay attention to the description of the product before buying it. When it finally arrived in the mail and it came time to try it out, I was thoroughly confused. On the back it says not a massage oil but it's clearly not a lubricant either. So what do you do with this hot mess? Your guess is as good as mine. I just tried glomping some of it on my boyfriends stomach and it was extremely sticky and tasted weird. I picked out vanilla and it ended up tasting like cookies and cream gone wrong.
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bedroom essential Submitted 6/7/2008
this is the best stuff. it tastes good. during oral sex try exhaling between the kisses and licks. it heats up my wife's private parts and her orgasms. she really enjoys it.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 5/4/2017
Pros: like the smell. Cons: Thought you should get more you have to watch how many ounces in things.
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Kama Sutra Oils Submitted 6/20/2009
These oils are awesome. Not only are they warm,but they taste great.All their flavors taste good to me. My lover likes the original. I Love the way she makes it feel!
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Kama Sutra oil Submitted 12/7/2008
Both of us Love the taste and the way it feels
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wonderful Submitted 4/18/2008
This is wonderful i love it not only did it explain itself it helped me and my other half connect in ways that i am so happy to have bought this
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kama sutra oil Submitted 12/27/2010
does not have enough oil in it. should be silky like baby oil. not exactly what my wife was hoping for.
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