Ride the orgasm wave with edging! Learn what edging is, how it helps you gain control over your orgasm, and how it leads to stronger and more intense Os! 

What is Edging?

You’re lying there enjoying some much needed “me time.” You know what gets you going as you start working yourself into a sexual frenzy but wait… it’s too soon. It feels like you just began, and you don’t want to come too quickly. So, you ease off and take a break until the feeling of upcoming orgasm subsides. Congratulations… you’ve just discovered edging.

Edging is the sexual practice of delaying an orgasm by reaching the brink of climax, stopping or slowing down, then doing it all over again. Edging allows men and women to experience the heights of pleasure for an extended time, drawing out those blissful feelings before eventually exploding into a quivering, satisfied mess. In fact, many people report that edging results in a stronger and more intense orgasm. You can edge during masturbation or sex with a partner.

How To Edge Yourself

Edging is best done while masturbating, and while sometimes you just want to get off and get off fast, it’s a great way for you to prolong the fun. It also helps you become more in tune with your body and its sexual triggers, allowing you to gain more control over your orgasm.

Edging takes patience and practice, and every person is different, but if you know the basics you’ll soon begin experiencing all the pleasure edging has to offer. Here's how to do it:

  1. Find a comfortable, private place where you can focus on yourself with no distractions.

  2. Ease into arousal by gently touching yourself, watching an adult movie, or doing whatever else turns you on.

  3. Begin to masturbate using your hands, a sex toy, the shower head, or your chosen method.

  4. Make sure to really pay attention to the signals your body is sending as you approach orgasm. Once it feels like you’re ready to come, stop or slow down to enjoy the plateau of pleasure.

  5. Take a short time to recover, then begin masturbating again. Continue this pattern until you’re ready to finish or unable to stop the orgasm.

Edging With A Partner

Edging can also be done with a partner as long they are onboard with it and are familiar enough with your body language and sexual signals to know when you’re about to climax. Before adding it to partner play, it’s important to discuss it ahead of time. For example, you’ll have to communicate and decide if you’re edging at the same time, if one person will pull back when they get close, if it’s okay for someone to come if the other isn’t ready, etc. And by practicing edging, it may even allow you to have enough control to experience simultaneous orgasms.

Edging Benefits

One of the strongest benefits of edging is increased control over your orgasm. For women, edging helps them become more familiar with their orgasm triggers, those little things you do that send you over the edge. This allows them to use those triggers during sex to have more orgasms.

For men, however, edging is all about not having an orgasm. Men who edge typically do it as a way to help them last longer during sex. Edging is especially effective in men suffering from premature ejaculation. It helps them gain control over their orgasm while teaching them how to last longer during sex at the same time. And the stronger than usual orgasm at the end makes an excellent reward for all their hard work!

Sex Toys & Lube For Edging

Toys not only add some spice to your masturbation routine or partner play, they’re also perfect in experimenting with edging. Some of our favorites include:

    Fleshlight Go: Surge Male Masturbator
  1. Guys – One of the most popular products on the market for men, a Fleshlight Male Masturbator is a perfect choice when it comes to edging. These toys mimic the feeling of oral sex and are great for building up stamina or simply enjoying a more realistic solo experience. And because you can vary the suction intensity, finding the right intensity to get you to the edge has never been easier.

  2. Ladies – Bullet and egg vibrators are fabulous toys for getting you to the edge, and sending you over it. Because they provide pinpoint stimulation, you can use them all over your body, especially the clitoris. Try teasing and gliding it around your love bud or place it there for constant stimulation until you feel that release coming. Then ease off and let the bliss build again.

  3. Lubricants – Always remember the most important part of any sex play is the lube. Whether you’re using fingers, toys, or having fun with your partner, lubricant ensures a smooth and comfortable experience every time.