Ride the orgasm wave with edging! Learn what edging is, how it helps you gain control over your orgasm, and how it leads to stronger and more intense Os! 

What is Edging?

Edging is a sexual practice or technique based on delaying an orgasm. In other words, edging is sexual frustration… but with a purpose. People who practice edging says it results in a stronger and more intense orgasm than usual. It also helps you become more familiar with your body, allowing you to gain more control over your orgasm. Women who edge can climax easier during sex, while it can also help men last longer.

Edging Basics

Edging involves bringing yourself to the brink of an orgasm and then immediately stopping or slowing down before you can finish. After giving yourself a minute or two to cool down, you then build yourself back up and then start the process all over again. You do this several times in a row before finally letting yourself finish.

Edging is best done while masturbating, but it can be done with a partner as long as both of you are extremely familiar with each other. Edging with someone else requires that your partner be onboard with it – after all you’re just as likely to leave them hanging as yourself. And it also requires that your partner be familiar enough with your body language and sexual signals to know when you’re about to climax.

Edging Benefits

One of the strongest benefits of edging is increased control over your orgasm. For women, edging helps them become more familiar with their orgasm triggers, those little things you do that send you over the edge. This allows them to use those triggers during sex to have more orgasms.

For men, however, edging is all about not having an orgasm. Men who edge typically do it as a way to help them last longer during sex. Edging is especially effective in men suffering from premature ejaculation. It helps them gain control over their orgasm while teaching them how to last longer during sex at the same time. And the stronger than usual orgasm at the end makes an excellent reward for all their hard work!