One of our readers suggested this as relationship-building exercise. We liked their idea so much that we had to share it!

Tonight is Your Night

Really knowing your partner is a fundamental part of great sex.

There are lots of different ways you can learn about each other, including long candid conversations and living together over time. One of our readers, however, came up with a special shortcut that’s worked wonders on their relationship. And it sounded so good that we wanted to pass it along so you could benefit too.

The reader suggested spending one night every week focusing entirely on your partner’s pleasure. It could mean cooking their favorite meal for them or cuddling them up on the couch to watch one of their favorite movies. That means pampering them during foreplay by treating them to a long sensual massage or drawing a warm bubble bath.

And during the rest of their night, your partner has free reign for sexual experimentation. They can almost anything they want to (with your consent of course), and it’s up to you to help make their wishes come true. If they’re interested in trying roleplaying, then you’d better get dressed up and help act out their fantasy. And if they’re interested in trying anal, you’d better stock up on some lube.

After pampering your partner for all night long (or at least until one of you falls asleep), it’s time to switch things up and get pampered by them in return. You could try switching back and forth every night, but you’d both end up exhausted pretty quickly. We suggest setting aside one special night each week and just taking turns. There’s sure to be a lot of sexual ground for you and your lover to explore together, so it’s best to take your time and do it right!

According to our reader, it’s a great way to explore your sexuality, broaden your experiences in (and out of) the bedroom, and try lots of new things. They said, “Great fun and an awesome learning experience for both parties.”

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