Shower sex is something everyone should try at least once. But it does have some potential pitfalls, including a slippery floor among the least. These shower sex tips will help make sure your wet and wild fun doesn’t turn into a slip and slide disaster.

4 Tips for Better & Safer Shower Sex

Between the warm water running down your body and the feel of your soapy lover in your arms, shower sex can be an incredible experience. And no matter how dirty things might get, you always come out squeaky clean – albeit a little wrinkled – in the end! Here are a few shower sex tips to make sure you both have a fun and safe time.

Put a Towel Down
A wet towel is much more effective at preventing slips and slides then any bath mat. And it can also provide a slight cushion for your knees. But you still need to be careful, especially when you’re changing positions. An unexpected soapy patch or even a knocked-over shampoo bottle can still send you sliding, especially if you’re distracted by your lover’s tongue!

Watch Those Soapy Fingers
Half the fun of shower sex is exploring your lover’s body while soaping them up. But you need to be careful where those soapy fingers go. Unlike sex lubes, most body washes aren’t made for internal use. If you’re not sure whether your body wash is safe or not, make sure to rinse it completely off before things get too X-rated.

Share the Warmth
You might get away with hogging the blankets, but you definitely need to share the warm water. It’s easy to get chilled while having shower sex even in the middle of summer. Your lover could be shivering beside you… and not because of your amazing sexual prowess! Cold water is a huge turn-off, so make sure to play nice and share the warmth.

Make Sure Your Lover Can Breathe Easily
Performing oral sex in the shower can be a little like getting water-boarded if you’re not careful. It’s all too easy for your partner to get a noseful of water, start coughing or choking, and end up biting down a little too hard on a certain part of your anatomy. You can easily prevent this by using your hands to form a breath tent over your lover's face to make sure they don't accidentally breathe in a noseful of water. This lets them breathe easily, while allowing them to enjoy the warm water at the same time.