Get some fun and helpful advice about keeping your relationship fresh and exciting! 

7 Ways to Keep Long-Term Relationships Fresh

There’s nothing quite as exciting or passionate as new-found love. But it’s all too fleeting – especially after picking up dirty underwear a few dozen times or a few nights of lying awake in bed as your partner snores away next to you. Well you can put the spark back in your relationship and recapture some of that lost magic with these helpful tips!

1. Start Making Out Again

When you’re first dating, hugs and kisses are commonplace. But they tend to decline as your relationship progresses. Spending more time making out or even just cuddling increases intimacy and helps you re-forge a connection with your partner. And it’s sure to lead to other things too!

2. Try Something You’ve Been Afraid to Do

You and your partner should each come up with your own list of activities and then compare them to see if you’ve got anything in common. The activities can be mundane things like taking off one afternoon for a hike in the woods, something adventurous like skydiving, or something sexual such as bondage. Experimenting with new things together will give you something fresh and exciting to talk about instead of the same old stuff.

3. Take a Time-Out for Morning Sex

Long-term couples tend to establish patterns such as Taco Tuesdays and Sex-Night Saturdays. With the rush of waking up and leaving for work, there’s simply no time in their busy schedules for morning sex. And that’s exactly what makes it so important! A mid-week morning tryst is a great way to break out of your rut, and it’s sure to leave your smiling all day long. And if it makes you a little late for work, Adam & Eve will write you a doctor’s note!

4. Sext Each Other & Send Naughty Selfies

It’s a fun and easy way to engage with each other while you’re at work or just away from each other. The surprise of getting a naughty pic can be just the thing to get you through a dull afternoon meeting. And you might even get a thrill sneaking away to take your own naughty selfie. An afternoon of sexting and selfies can set the mood for the end of the day when you’re together again.

5. Play More Games (In Bed)

Sex should be fun and not something you check off your to-do list. Try coming up with a few fun and sexy games you can play together during foreplay. If you can think of anything, Adam & Eve has several couple-friendly board games perfect for breaking you out of your sexual routines.  

6. Keep Your Partner Guessing

It’s hard to keep things fresh and exciting if you can predict what your partner’s about to say or do. It’s important to keep your partner guessing by doing something wild and spontaneous every now and then. It might mean greeting them at the door wearing nothing but a smile and whipped cream. Or it might be planning a special weekend together at a romantic B&B.

7. Try A New Sex Position Every Other Week

Long-term couples tend to stick to their favorite positions until that’s all they do. By introducing new positions, you can branch out of your comfort zone and even expand your sexual horizons. Plus, you’re bound to have a lot of fun exploring different sex positions and picking out which ones to try. And you might even develop some new favorites along the way.