Noise is sexy. Hearing you howl during playtime can turn your partner on and inspire them to take things to the next level!

How to Moan, Groan & Scream in Bed

Getting loud is a fun and easy way to spice up your love life – whether you’re talking dirty or just howling your heart out! Sexperts agree that getting noisy during sex is a positive thing as it helps our partners know that we’re enjoying it. You can even use your sounds to help guide your partner into what to do. Just start moaning louder as your partner nears your “sweet spot” before letting out a big gasp when they strike gold. It’s much more effective than trying to order your partner around with “a little to the left. My left, not your left. Now go up a hair…”

If you’re usually quiet as a mouse, here’s how can get loud during sex:

1. Don’t Force It – Let It Come Out Naturally
If you can fake an orgasm, surely you can fake a moan, right? Sure you can, but that’s actually a bad idea. Like pet treats, moans should be associated with good behavior. You wouldn’t reward your dog or cat for tearing up your favorite shoes, so you shouldn’t reward your partner with a moan for doing something that leaves you aching in a bad way. Your partner might think it’s something you actually enjoy and keep doing it over & over again!

2. Don’t Be Shocked Or Surprised What Comes Out
When you open your mouth during the heat of the moment, there’s no telling what might come out. It could a gentle whimper, a window-rattling scream or dirty words that you’d never say outside the bedroom. During the heat of the moment, it’s easy to get carried away… and that’s one of the things that makes loud sex so hot!

3. Practice Makes Perfect
If you’re a little self-conscious, there’s nothing wrong with “warming up” a little before the main performance. After all, even the best singers tune up their pipes a little before a big performance. Simply stand in front of a mirror and start with a gentle “ooohhh!” Try it loud and soft, short and long to see what feels the best and sounds the sexiest. You might want to throw in a little dirty talk or a few other phrases like “Oh my God!”

4. Have Fun
Sex is all about enjoyment. If noisy sex turns you off, then go back to biting your lip and what works best for you!