If you think one orgasm feels great, then imagine having two at the same time! Learn how you can blend clit & G-Spot O’s into a giant ‘gasm for the most intense pleasure you’ve ever experienced!

How to Have Blended Orgasms

Did you know it’s possible for women to have simultaneous orgasms from different parts of her body?

It’s not common by any means, but it does happen – resulting in what medical researchers call a blended orgasm. (They’ve even published research papers about it!) It might sound crazy, but the orgasms actually respond to each other, exponentially increasing your sexual pleasure. A blended O is like a regular orgasm on steroids and a bunch of other drugs it found in its grandparent’s medicine cabinet. Researchers described the end result as a “giant orgasm lasting anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes.” (Can you imagine taking part in that study?)

Blended orgasms are tricky to pull off, but they are doable.

To begin with, you must be able to have multiple types of orgasms. Sexperts generally agree that a blended orgasm is easiest to achieve through G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. You can still have a blended O from anal or even nipple stimulation; it’s just harder.

The next step is picking your position. You need something that maximizes your stimulation possibilities – either by directly teasing multiple erogenous zones or giving you and your partner easy access to multiple erogenous zones. Sexperts recommend using a missionary-based position and throwing a pillow under your hips for better G-Spot stimulation. This creates a stimulation sweet spot. Your lover can focus on your G-Spot and nipples, while you use a vibrator on your clit and another on your backdoor. This way you can cover all your bases.

From there, it’s all about timing. And that’s where it gets really difficult. In order to have a blended orgasm, you have to synchronize two completely different erogenous zones. Many people have a hard time having just one orgasm, let alone having two at the same time! It only works if you’re extremely familiar with your body. You have to know when you’re close, and you have to be able to distinguish which of your bits is about to climax. It’s a very delicate balancing act. You’ll probably have to cool off on clit stimulation for a little bit to give your other erogenous zones time to catch up so to speak. But you can’t let your clit cool off too much or you won’t be able to have a clit-gasm.

You can cheat a little by using your orgasm triggers. These are the little things you can do to push yourself over the edge. It might be someone slapping your bum or blowing on your clit at just the right time. Everyone has different orgasm triggers, so you’ll just have to experiment to find what works best for you.

But you’ll have plenty of time to do exactly that on your quest for the elusive blended orgasm. Just remember, this is one time where the journey can be (almost) as much fun as the destination.