Giving someone a sex toy can be awkward and even embarrassing. Here are a few tips about buying a vibrator or other toy for a friend or a partner.

How to Gift a Sex Toy

Sex toys aren’t your typical gift. And treating them like a regular present could end in embarrassment, awkwardness, broken friendships or even worse. But if you handle the situation with a bit of aplomb and poise, a sex toy gift can change someone’s life for the better – making it a much better present than a gift card or another tie. Here a few tips to make your sex toy gift is a success instead of a disaster.

Make Sure You Know Your Giftee
Sex toys aren’t for everyone. Before buying a rabbit vibrator, ask yourself just how well do you know the intended recipient. Is a sex toy something they might object to on religious or moral grounds? Would it cause problems with their partner or even your own? How often do you have open and honest talks about each other’s sex lives? Have you ever talked about sex toys with them before? Feeling out the recipient ahead of time can save you a lot of trouble and money.

Make Sure Your Gift is Appropriate
While sex toys don’t come with age guidelines on them, it’s still important to make sure that the gift is something that the recipient can and will use. Otherwise, you’d be better off buying them a gift card. If you’re buying for a friend, make sure it’s something that fits their tastes and desires. For instance, don’t get them an anal toy if they swear they’ll never do anal. If you’re buying for your partner, look for a couples-friendly sex toy that you can use together.

Location & Context are Key
Make sure the environment is appropriate. Generally speaking, it should be quiet and discreet with just you and the recipient. Make sure they open the gift right there and then. You don’t want them to take it home and open up their 12-inch vibrating dildo in front of their family. Make sure your gift comes in a bag or a plain brown box so they can carry it around discreetly without everyone knowing there’s a sex toy inside. And never give someone a sex toy at an office Christmas party, regardless of how close you are. It might sound funny at the time, but it could lead to very serious troubles with human resources down the road and even a lawsuit.

Start with Small Steps
If you’re giving the sex toy to your partner, there’s a chance they might reject it at first. Make sure you tell them that the toy isn’t meant to replace either of you. It’s just there to make your sex life even better. Talk about how soft the toy feels or how powerful the vibrations are. See if your partner will touch it for themselves. Then slowly introduce the toy into your bedroom games to give your partner time to adjust to the idea. If they’re still hesitant, put in a drawer for a little while and then try again later.