Show off your wild side for all kinds of kinky fun! Learn how to growl, use your claws and other tricks for making your partner purr.

How to be a Wildcat in Bed

Wild sex is hot sex. And it doesn’t get much hotter than a wildcat. Unleashing your inner beast and primal urges naturally leads to more passionate sex. It helps you forget about the outside world and all its problems while focusing on the here and now. Where the only thing that matters is how much you can make your partner moan before you both reach the Big O!

Look The Part
Everyone knows that clothes make the beast. So if you want to be a wildcat in bed, then you’ve got to dress like one. Lucky for you, there are tons of options out there. Women have plenty of animal-print dresses to choose from as well as all kinds of exotic lingerie. Even guys can easily find leopard or tiger-print boxers and thongs. And if you’re willing to take things to the next level, you can find additional accessories such as hairbands with ears on them and even tails that you can wear!

Roleplaying Tips
While looking like a wildcat is a step in the right direction, you’ve still got to unleash your inner beast. And that’s best done through roleplaying! While the real you has hang-ups and inhibitions, your character doesn’t – allowing them to try things that you wouldn’t dare. Roleplaying as a wildcat is easy to do. Just remember that the world revolves around you, and your partner is there to please you.

How to be a Wildcat in Bed

Make Some Noise
When you’re unleashing your inner beast, you’ve got to let it out… all of it! And that means it’s time to get loud. Those demure little moans or squeaks you make during sex just won’t do anymore. A real wildcat would never bite their tongue. They’ll talk dirty during sex when they’re not moaning their heart out! And they’re not afraid to start growling if their partner’s not performing to their expectations!

Let Your Claws Out
You’re not a real wildcat if you’ve never left a love mark behind! Whether it’s a hickey on your lover’s neck (or other body part) or scratches down their back, a real wildcat marks their territory. Little love bits along their neckline and ear are a fun way to spice up foreplay. Even a little nibbling here and there during oral can be fun too – just don’t bite down too hard. Save the clawing for sex though. There’s something extremely hot about wrapping your arms around your lover while scratching up and down their back. Before you start nibbling or scratching, double-check with your partner that it’s okay with them.