Check out some fun & naughty sexual activities that everyone should try at least once!

10 Must-Trys for Your Bedroom Bucket List

1. Oral (Getting & Getting)

This is something that everyone should be able to check off. However, there are some men and women who have never received or performed oral sex for a wide variety of reasons. Don’t let those hang-ups continue impacting your sex life. Oral sex is the best. But you can’t keep enjoying it if you’re not willing to return the favor!


2. Full-Body Massage

We’re not talking a simple shoulder or back rub. We mean lying naked on the bed or table while someone rubs you down from head to toe with oil. There’s nothing more soothing than a full-body massage. And when performed as a power move during foreplay, it’s an effective way to close the deal. 


3. Roleplaying

Bring your dirty dreams and fantasies to life. You don’t need elaborate costumes or a script to enjoy a little roleplaying. Just come up with a basic scenario that you both can enjoy whether it’s a misbehaving student or a pizza delivery.


4. Dirty Talk

Some people like it and others don’t, but you won’t know unless you try it! When done correctly, dirty talk is a great way to help guide your partner during sex by telling them what works best and what doesn’t.


5. Spanking

Spice up your next tryst with a little slap on the bottom. Start off with some light spanking during doggy or cowgirl. From there, you can pick up a nice paddle or whip and making spanking part of foreplay or roleplaying. After all, there are a lot of naughty students out there who need a little discipline!


6. Anal

Backdoor play is more common than ever before for both men and women. Before you leap into the deep end, make sure to check out our anal sex guides. A little preparation can make the difference between a pleasurable experience and one you’d rather forget.


7. Group Sex

Having a threesome is one of the most common sexual fantasies among men and women. Whether you try to pick up a stranger to avoid any awkwardness or turn to a trusted friend, group sex can be an amazing experience for all three or four or more of you!


8. Outside the Bedroom

Don’t restrict your sex life to the bedroom. There are plenty of other places to have fun too. Just getting wet and wild in the shower or cooking up something naughty in the kitchen. And there’s even more opportunities if you’re up for a little outdoor adventure!


9. Bondage

Save the leather bondage suits and dungeons for the experts. All you need to try bondage is just a simple necktie. Start by tying your hands or your partner’s hands together and see what happens. If you both have fun, then you explore other elements of kinky sex such as domination. Just make sure to come up with a safe word beforehand.


10. Toy Play

Nothing spices up masturbation or sex like a toy! Guys can find masturbators that vibrate and suck for much more fun than their hand could ever deliver. Women can use vibrators or dildos when they need some sweet release. And there are plenty of options for couples as well, including position aids, penis rings and more!