Take the ride of your life! A fun twist to the basic cowgirl, this sex position shifts you to the side - allowing your partner to admire all your "bouncing" assets while leaving you in control!

Side Saddle

Women: take charge in the bedroom with the side saddle sex position! This basic woman on top sex position lets you set the pace while your guy completely surrenders control. You get to call all the shots and take charge while he simply lies back and enjoys the loving attention.

Side saddle is a fun alternative to more traditional sex positions like missionary. And unlike other woman on top positions such as cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, side saddle gives your guy an eyeful of your entire figure at once, including your face, breasts and butt! All the bouncing going on — not to mention what’s going on down under — is sure to leave him spellbound! And that gives you the perfect opportunity to work your feminine wiles and make him yours.

Side Saddle Sex Position

Difficulty Level of the Side Saddle Sex Position

Beginner: a basic sex position that is fun and easy to do

While side saddle does require you to use some unusual muscles, it doesn't need any special flexibility or preparation. And that makes it relatively easy for everyone to do, regardless of your physical abilities or sexual experience. As long as you can lie down (for men) or sit down (for women), then you can do side saddle.

Pros & Cons of Side Saddle

+ Allows women to determine the pace, angle and depth
+ Unusual position helps many men last longer
 Can be extremely tiring for women because of muscle strain
 Not recommended for long periods of time

Side Saddle Sex Position Instructions

This beginner level sex position starts with the man lying flat on his back and his partner standing over him. She twists to one side before sitting down on his lap with her legs beside his torso, which is why this sex position is called side saddle. She then uses her leg muscles to ride her partner. This can consist of her rocking back and forth on top of him, grinding on him, or even bouncing like a pogo stick. While the man can just lie there and let his partner do all the work, it's more enjoyable if he raises his hips and arches his back upward in sync with her. This allows for deeper penetration, which can be somewhat hard to achieve in this particular sex position. It can also help increase his and her pleasure as well.

From her position on top, the woman can change the pace from slow and steady to fast and intense as she wishes. She can use the side saddle sex position to control just how deep he goes or even shift from side to side to adjust the angle so he can reach her G-Spot. The man gets to watch her breasts and butt bounce as she rides him. His hands are completely free so he can enhance their pleasure even more by playing with her breasts, her clit or other bits. He could even give her a nice, firm spanking mid-ride!

Side saddle isn’t limited to just hetero couples either. Gay couples can use it for anal sex. And lesbian couples can try it as well while using a strap-on dildo.

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