Massages are an essential part of foreplay and a great way to spice up your relationship, but only if you do them right! Learn how to make your fingers feel like magic so you can give a great massage. 

Giving a Great Massage

How to Give a Great Massage

Even an average massage can be fun and relaxing. A great massage, on the other hand, can be an incredibly intimate experience that helps you and your lover grow as a couple. Massages are a great way for couples to relax after a long, stressful day, which makes them a fantastic relationship-building tool. They’re also a great excuse to run your hands up and down every inch of your lover’s body while they shiver with pleasure, which makes massages a fantastic foreplay tool as well. That’s just two of the reasons why everyone should know how to give a great massage. Here are a few tips you need to know if you want the magic touch:


1. Draw a Romantic Bath.
Fill up the bath with warm water as well as any oils, bubbles or salts you have lying around. You might want to light a candle or two around the tub for ambiance. Let your partner relax in the tub as you pour warm water over the rest of their body. The warm bath helps loosen and relax their muscles to make your massage feel a million times better!


2. Focus on Your Lover.
One of the biggest differences between a great massage and one that’s just so-so is how you respond to your lover. A great massage is about more than just rubbing your hands all over them for a cheap grope or two. You need to pay close attention to their verbal and physical cues and adjust your massage technique as needed.


3. Start With a Back Rub.
When the bath is over, wrap them in a thick robe or towel and have them lie face down on a flat, firm surface with their arms at their side. Tell them to take a deep breath or two to relax their whole body and focus on your touch. Once they’re relaxed, start with the balls of their feet and slowly work your way upward into their thighs, back, arms and shoulders. Always ask your lover how much pressure you should apply. Sometimes it’s a lot, and other times it’s a little. It can even vary day to day, so it never hurts to check.


4. Let Your Partner Determine What Comes Next.

After you finish rubbing their back, ask your partner if they’ve got any more stress they need to work out. Don’t automatically assume that your massage will have a “happy ending.” Great massages are about pampering and helping your partner. If you’re only giving a massage so you can have sex afterwards, you’re doing it for the wrong reason entirely… and your performance will suffer as a result. Asking your partner what they want to do gives them an easy way to either call it quits or an excuse to take things to the next level.


As long as you focus on making your partner feel good, and you’re sure to give a great massage.