Keep your partner happy and marriage strong with these helpful tips.

Top Marriage Tips for Women

At the beginning of any relationship, everything is smooth and effortless. We're excited about the newfound love that seems to make us happy without any conscious effort required that feeling of never wanting to be apart and an insatiable thirst for one another in and out of the bedroom. The thought of needing marriage advice doesn’t usually enter our mind. However, the following top marriage tips for women can help ensure smooth sailing as we navigate the intricate waters of marital bliss.

Never Take Him for Granted
Men love to pamper us, but they want to know that even the little things he does don’t go unnoticed. It’s important to show him your appreciation and thank him when he does something special for you and never take him for granted.

Initiate Sex
Remember those nights of unbridled passion at the beginning of the relationship? Well, if you think back, you were both initiating that steamy sex. Keep the fires burning and let your man know you are still interested in his body as much as his mind and take control in the bedroom on a regular basis.

Let Him Know you’re Happy
Most of our husbands take great pride in making us happy and see it as their sole purpose. It's important to let him know you’re happy, the more you do, the happier the relationship; it’s that simple. Think about this; no one wants to do something for someone that’s always complaining or for someone too hard to please.

Don’t Try to Change Him
One of the best bits of marriage advice for women I've often heard is, don’t try to change him and these are words to live by. Seriously, you fell in love with him, with all his quirks and he fell in love with yours, so don’t try to change his uniqueness. If you don’t like how he forgets the put the toilette seat down, just put it down yourself, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Keep it Positive
There will be times when you get frustrated, and all you want to do is share over lunch with your friends but resist that urge. You don’t want to discourage healthy relationships with your friends and your husband; that never makes for fun couples nights. Instead, keep it positive and focus on all the good things he does for you, all his wonderful attributes and all that positive energy will spill over to your marriage.

Whether its one month or 50 years, remembering these marriage tips might just be the key to maintaining that blissfully happy feeling you felt when you first met, that feeling that kept your nights filled with passion and excitement.