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Adam & Eve Exclusive Crotchless Beaded Lovers Thong
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Adam & Eve Exclusive Crotchless Beaded Lovers Thong

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Beaded Panty Massages While You Make Love!
Adam and Eve Exclusive!
Experience natural stimulation with every thrust! The panty’s delicate black stretch lace encircles her waist and holds a loop of 12 smooth beads against her nether lips. When he slips inside, the beads roll and massage you both for intense orgasmic sensations that make sex even more amazing. Soft, stretchy, and stylish.

•    Soft stretchy lace thong with beaded crotchless opening
•    Beaded loop massages as you make love
•    Wide flowered lace waistband
•    Elastic and lace thong back
•    Nylon/Spandex
•    Imported

Add some heat to your next sexual encounter with this wild beaded crotchless thong panty! Just slip into the soft and comfortable stretch lace panty, then adjust the beaded loop in front so that it sits right over your hot spots.

Then guide your lover’s erection in through the panty’s beaded loop. As he thrusts inside you, you’ll both feel the beads naturally roll and massage with your movements, adding thrilling stimulation and pressure to heighten your satisfaction.

Wash this thong panty by hand in cold water. Do not iron.

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Adam and Eve
Black, White
Lingerie Features:
Crotchless, Stretch, Lace
Small/Medium, Medium/Large, 1X/2X
Holy Cow!!
"She instantly enjoyed them saying how good it felt just wearing them around. … The sensation for me was amazing"
This was a hit!!!!
"It was such a turn on."
"this is how you start a evening"
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Verified Purchase
OMG (GOTTA GET MANY MORE) Submitted 12/25/2017
I wore these on our anniversary date. I wore them with a super short lace mini dress and my stilettos. Hubby keep telling me how hot I was. I even received compliments in the restroom at the club,,,, apparently while putting on my lipstick and powdering my nose a couple of females where in the bathroom to. I was super tipsy and clumsy and my purse went tumbling with everything rolling all over the floor. I starting pickup my goods and one chick told me wow, are those beads on your pussy. ( I was in so much shock) But I thought about it and said yes, go these puppies from Adam and Eve Unfortunately my clit is larger than I like so I used these sexy panties and placed the beads inside my labia to hold them open ( Of course if your clit is large it makes it look like a mini penis in these) there my chocolate chip was out there...... These are also really great when you spread your legs just a little under the table with a mini dress..... girls keep there’s eyes on it and guy’s freaking eyes pop out and all over you... I am buying a few more of these puppies, they are a turn on and you feel super sexy and apparently females and males almost get off if they ever get a peek from across the room. I think they had my hubby smiling see how I was being watch.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Feels great during sex Submitted 8/26/2017
Stimulated both the receiving clit and the giving cock. Made we want to push that much harder and faster. Lube recommended for smooth feeling.
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Double T
Holy Cow!! Submitted 10/17/2014
We ordered these the other day and tried them for the first time as soon as they were delivered. She instantly enjoyed them saying how good it felt just wearing them around. Of course we had to immediately try them out. The sensation for me was amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the pearls against my shaft. She really enjoyed them as we proceeded. Saying how amazing it felt rubbing against her lips as I moved in and out. Definitely being added to the rotation and a highly recommended product!!! Well done A&E, well done!
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excellent crutch Submitted 10/7/2014
at first, I was uncomfortable wearing a contraption like this, because it seems so primal. but, with my partners encouragement, I got used to wearing this during our intimate journey. And, now, I bought a few of them to rotate for daily wear, even during "non-sexual" time. it helps remind me im human and have desires that need to be taken care of.
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Middle Aged Couple
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Incredibily Sexy! Submitted 8/18/2017
Make sure you're shaved completely to avoid any pinching (both him and her) and it absolutely rocks!
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Outstanding! Submitted 12/28/2013
Were a lot of fun! My wife was curious and wanted to wear them. She said they felt great against her pussy! A lot of fun!
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not magic, but good Submitted 10/27/2013
We both liked it. She said the beads rubbed het the right way. I liked the feeling too. They are well made, not like others that pinched.
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sweet Submitted 11/12/2013
what a fit but not w/clothes on.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 5/8/2017
Pros: None Cons: When I received the product it was not as pictured. It was made of hard plastic, elastic, and metal rivets. Asked customer service they said they're send me a new one. Got the same exact thing. Called again and got a refund. So upsetting.
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great Submitted 11/28/2013
Feels amazing during sex
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