There are a lot of misconceptions about marriage. Here are a few of the more common ones according to real-life couples.

5 Myths About Marriage That Aren't True

We have all heard those common marriage myths like kids come first, or they must not argue, but these marriage tips aren’t true. In fact, most marriage advice dispels these marriage misconceptions to build long lasting relationships full of passion and love.

Kids bring couples closer
While kids add another level to a relationship, they don’t bring couples closer. Little ones take a lot of time; time previously spent on each other; while we love our children, kids definitely don't heighten the level of intimacy.

Happy couples don’t argue
Stifled couples where one or both is unable to communicate their thoughts and feelings openly without fear of reprisal from the other are not typically happy campers. Happy couples do argue, but they disagree in a way that clearly gets their point across while staying open and receptive to how their spouse feels.

You should do everything together
One myth that is true is absence makes the heart grow fonder which is why doing everything together may not be the best road to marital bliss. Having interests outside of the relationship helps you maintain your own identity and bring your unique perspective to the marriage.

Married sex gets dull and boring
Married sex is never dull and boring, in fact, as you learn about each other’s bodies, you discover new avenues of pleasure. When the intimacy grows, you can explore things that you wouldn’t with anybody else, such as toys and role-playing.

Kids should always come first
We can all agree that kids are important and meeting their needs is at the top of every parent's list of priorities, but it’s also equally important to keep your spouse at the very top of your list. Remember, it’s you and him/her against the world.