There are plenty of benefits to being in a relationship, but there are just as many reasons for staying single. If your friends keep trying to set you up with someone, here are three reasons to get them to back off while you enjoy being single.  

3 Fantastic Reasons to Stay Single

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single. Whether you’re between partners or perfectly happy as a permanent bachelor or bachelorette, here are some great reasons to embrace being single.


Your Time Is Your Own
You can do what you want without having to get someone else’s permission. If you want to up and go on a fun trip for a few days, then you have that freedom. You can stay out all night or spend all day hanging out with your friends without worrying about your significant other. And you’ll never have to skip that great concert or fantastic vacation if your significant other can’t get time off work.


Your Space Is Your Own
Living single allows you to do whatever you please in your own home. While married guys might be lucky to get a small man cave, their single buddies can do anything they want with their entire home. That means beds without dozens of pillows, toilet seats that can stay up, and definitely no decorative soap. As for single girls, they don’t have to worry about weird smells, laundry lying around, or someone “missing” the toilet.


Rich and Varied Sex Life
It’s all too easy for couples in long-term relationships to get a little bored with each other when it comes to sex. Being single makes sure this never happens. Every person you date brings something new and different into the bedroom. Different backgrounds, experience levels, likes and dislikes are the best possible way to spice up your sex life.