Dating can be a veritable minefield of potential mistakes. Here are some of the things you shouldn't do.

The 8 Biggest Dating Mistakes

Dating is somewhat like a symphony; there are many little steps involved to reach a successful and possibly climatic conclusion. Whether it’s your first date, first time meeting or you have been dating for a while, keeping these dating don’ts in mind will put you on the right path to a successful evening.

Looking for Perfection
Nobody is perfect and entering the dating scene with a checklist is one of the biggest dating mistakes you can make. When someone decides that the other person needs to meet specific criteria, it could discredit something spectacular only because they don’t fit their perfection list.

Complaining About Being Single
Nobody likes a needy person that is going to cling on like an annoying piece of tape stuck to the bottom of your foot, and nothing is sexier than confidence and someone entirely happy with their life as it is. Complaining about being single can leave the other person thinking that you need to have someone in your life to be happy and no one wants that responsibility right out of the gate.

Complaining About Your Exes
Forget about the ex; don’t bring them up. Even when asked, just say it didn’t work out; it was a mutual decision, or whatever you have to say to avoid complaining about a past relationship. You might come across as bitter and scare the other person away.

Forgetting Basic Manners
Don’t forget your basic manners. It’s not old-fashioned to open a door or let someone open the door for you. Hopefully, it goes without saying but chew with your mouth closed, and while it’s not necessary to know the difference between a salad and dessert fork, using utensils is always a good place to start.

Being Selfish
Remember there are two of you on the date. Choose an outing and conversation topic that you both will enjoy. Don’t monopolize the conversation and give your date your undivided attention. There’s nothing worse than spending time with someone with their face buried in their phone. Look for cues that tell you it’s time to switch topics, like a yawn, that’s a clear sign.

Focusing On Your Resume
Remember it’s not an interview. While you want to impress, the chances are that the other person doesn’t want a list of career accomplishments. They want to know about you, and they want you to be interested in learning about them.

Putting on an Act
Don’t try and be who you think your date will like; it will come off as fake and disingenuous. Try and relax and never put on an act, they will see right through it. Have fun, that’s what it’s all about.

No Follow Through
Have you ever left a date and thought, that went great only to never hear from the person again. There is no wrong time to follow up; in fact, a quick text after the end of the evening goes a long way to securing another date.