Measuring sex toys is a little more complicated than just whipping out a ruler or tape measure - especially when you're trying to figure out what's insertable and what's not. Check out how Adam and Eve measures sex toys to make sure your next vibrator isn't too big or too small! 

How to Measure Sex Toys and Vibrators

Have you ever wondered how a vibrator that looks so big on the website can be teeny-tiny once you get it? Photos aren't always the best indication of size, so it pays to check the measurements before buying a sex toy or vibrator. But those numbers can be just as confusing if you don't know how they work. After all, there's a big difference in a sex toy's overall length and its insertable length. And an even bigger difference between a vibrator's width and its girth.

How to Measure Sex Toys

Every sex toy manufacturer and retailer has different measurement standards, which can make it even harder to figure them out. Adam and Eve bases our official measurements on the insertable dimensions of a sex toy. If something is not designed for insertion, such as a position aid, then we measure its overall dimensions instead.

Measuring Sex Toy Length

Insertable length is the distance from the tip of the sex toy to an obstruction that stops you from inserting it any further. This might be the controller on a vibrator, the balls on a realistic dildo, the clitoral stimulator on a rabbit vibe, or the flared base of a butt plug. Overall length is the distance from the top of the toy to the bottom, including any obstructions.

Determining Sex Toy Width

Insertable width is the widest point along the insertable length of the toy. (Many sex toys start out small at the tip and gradually grow larger and larger.) Overall width is the widest portion of a sex toy, which is usually its base. Adam and Eve bases our measurements on width, which shouldn't be confused with girth. Width is based on a sex toy's diameter – a straight line running through the middle of the toy. Girth measures around the sex toy's shaft to determine its circumference. For example, a soda can measures a little over 2.5 inches wide and a little over 7.75 inches in girth. You can easily estimate a sex toy’s girth by multiplying its width by 3.14. Looks like that geometry class was useful after all!

Tips On Measuring Your Sex Toys

When you’re looking at the sizes of specific sex toys, there are few things to keep in mind. The first is your experience level. If you are new to sex toys and you’re looking for a toy you can insert like a dildo or butt plug, it’s generally better to get something a little smaller than you think you need. Remember, you can always work your way up to larger toys. If you’re buying a stroker or penis pump, then it’s better to get something a little larger. You want to make sure you can insert yourself comfortably. Here are a few additional tips about measuring specific types of sex toys:

Measuring Dildos & Vibrators

When it comes to dildos and vibrators the above information on length and width is the best way to measure. But once you have the size will it fit and will it be comfortable? An easy way to judge this is by using your fingers. Slip in one, two, or more if you prefer to see what feels best. Then use a soft measuring tape or piece of string to gauge the circumference. Mark the string where it meets and then use a ruler to measure the distance from where the string ends to the mark you made. This will give you the circumference, which you will then divide by 3.14 to get your width.

Measuring Masturbators

Masturbators have two basic designs, open and close-ended. Open-ended sleeves usually measure around 4 to 6 inches and are perfect for guys who are a little larger down there since there is no barrier to stop your thrusting pleasure. Here, the measurements are pretty straight forward when it comes to length, as you are literally just measuring how long the actual sleeve is.

Close-ended masturbators are a little different. Since there is not another hole at the end, you need to know how far you can insert your penis before you hit the back of the sleeve. For this, the actual tunnel and not the overall length of the toy is measured, so if it says 5 inches insertable, then you know you can sink your that deep before you reach the end.

Width for both close-ended and open-ended masturbators are measured by how wide the opening is on the sleeve. However, even if it says it has a width of 1.5 inches, most masturbators stretch so there is a little extra give there.

One of the most popular masturbators on the planet is the Fleshlight. This super-sucker is more super-sized. To measure a Fleshlight, the same techniques are used as far as the sleeve goes, but they feature a hard outer case as well. So not only is the overall and insertable length and width of the sleeve measured, the overall measurements of the case are included too. Always make sure to go with the sleeve, since that is where all the action happens.

Measuring Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are usually tapered at the top to ease in insertion, then flare out to their widest point, before dipping in again to meet the base. For this, you want to make sure you measure for length going from the tip of the plug, down to the base as this is what you will be inserting. You then want to determine the width by measuring the widest point of the plug itself, not the base so you know just how much you are taking in.

Measuring Penis Rings

When it comes to penis rings there are two main measurements. First is the outer diameter. This is the total overall width of the ring from one side, through the center, and to the other. The inner diameter is what is most important, as that is what is going to determine what size ring you actually need.

A good way to measure this is to use the piece of string trick mentioned above. Wrap it around the base of your penis (or penis and scrotum) to ensure you get the right size ring.

Adam and Eve checks and double-checks our measurements to provide you with the most accurate information possible. But problems do pop up from time to time. Please contact our Customer Service Department if you find any discrepancy between the stated size of a product and its actual measurements.

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