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Strap-On Dildo and Harness
What are Strap-Ons?

Strap ons can look intimadating, but they can be a fun and safe way for couples to explore different aspects of their sexuality. Learn more about strap ons, how they work, and how you can use them to spice up your sex life.

Find Your Sex Toy Size
How to Find Your Sex Toy Size

Size matters a lot… at least when it comes to sex toys and vibrators. You can spend a ton of money on a vibrator that does everything but cook you breakfast the next morning. But if it doesn’t fit right, then you’ll never really enjoy it. This sex toy buyers guide walks you through everything you need to know about a vibrator or toy that fits you just right.

What are Dildos?

One of the most basic types of sex toys, dildos are made entirely for penetration, and they do it exceptionally well. But for such a simple sex toy, dildos can be surprisingly complicated… as you’ll learn with this basic guide.

Love Dolls
What are Love Dolls?

Love dolls were used centuries ago by sailors on long voyages. But today they’re much more likely to pop up as a gag gift at a bachelor party or appear in a film than sail the seven seas. Learn more about the different types of love dolls and why some people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for one.

Penis Rings
What are Penis Rings?

Penis rings are so useful that every guy should keep one by his bed and a second in his wallet. These sex toys can do everything from boost a guy’s staying power and size to help pleasure your partner. Find out how penis rings work and what they can do to spice up your sex life.

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