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Sex Machines
What are Sex Machines?

You’ve probably heard someone boasting about being a sex machine, but they’ve got nothing on the real deal. Sex machines are the most advanced and powerful adult products you can find. And they make even your strongest vibrator feel like a toy. Learn more about sex machines, including the most famous one of all – the Sybian.

Steam Powered Vibrator History
The History of Vibrators

From medical tool to sex toy, vibrators have been putting smiles on women’s faces for more than a hundred years. Learn why vibrators were invented and how these popular sex toys have changed over the decades.

Ben Wa Balls
What are Ben Wa Balls?

Just a few years ago, Ben Wa Balls were a confusing sex toy that most people had never heard about. And now they’re a confusing sex toy that everyone wants to try. Find out what Ben Wa Balls actually do, how to use them, and how these mysterious balls can help improve your sex life.

Leather Penis Ring History
The History of Penis Rings

From river reeds to auto supplies, men throughout history have turned an amazing number of objects into penis rings. Follow the progress of this popular sex toy throughout history to see how penis rings have developed over the years. 

Sex Swings
What are Sex Swings?

Sex swings used to be the mark of sexually adventurous couples. While plenty of couples still use them today for kinky fun, sex swings are also used as position aids for couples suffering from medical problems or other issues. Learn more about sex swings, including how they can improve your sex life.