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Vaginal Pump
What are Clit and Vaginal Pumps?

Pumps aren’t just for guys anymore! Clit and vaginal pumps finally give women the same boost in size and pleasure that men have enjoyed for decades. Learn all about how these pumps for women work and how they can enhance your sensitivity.

Male Masturbator and Stroker
What are Masturbators?

With their soft texture and snug fit, masturbators feel better than your hand ever could. Masturbators can provide all types of stimulation – from blowjob-like sucking to the super-tight squeeze of anal sex. Learn more about the different types of masturbators and how they can put a smile on your face!

Anal Sex Toys
What are Anal Toys?

If you’re curious about anal sex or just anal stimulation, then anal toys are an easy way to dip your toe in the water. Read all about the different types of anal toys to see which ones spike your curiosity and interest. 

Prostate Sex Toys
What are Prostate Toys?

Known for their ability to strengthen men’s orgasms, prostate toys can be a guy’s best friend. Unfortunately, most men are too scared to actually try them! Learn more about why guys are afraid to try prostate toys and how they can boost your sexual pleasure. 

Sex Machines
What are Sex Machines?

You’ve probably heard someone boasting about being a sex machine, but they’ve got nothing on the real deal. Sex machines are the most advanced and powerful adult products you can find. And they make even your strongest vibrator feel like a toy. Learn more about sex machines, including the most famous one of all – the Sybian.