Find sex toys that you and your lover can use and enjoy together. They're sure to leave you both smiling!

The Top 5 Sex Toys for Couples

Valentine’s Day (or your anniversary or some other special occasion) will be here before you know it! Make this one extra special by picking up a great sex toy that you and your lover can enjoy together. It’s the perfect for spicing up your sex life while bringing the two of you even closer. Here are some of our top sex toys for couples.

Penis Rings

Couple’s Enhancer Ring

Considered by many sexperts as the ultimate toy for couples, penis rings enhance sex for both partners. The ring fits snugly around the base of his penis to limit blood flow. This fills his shaft up, maximizing his size and hardness to help him perform better in bed. The rings’ unusual feeling can even help him last longer, especially if you get a penis ring that comes with a ball strap. For added thrills, look for a vibrating penis ring to provide additional stimulation for both of you! We recommend the Couple’s Enhancer Ring. It comes with a waterproof bullet vibrator, a ring for his penis and a second for his balls, so it checks all the boxes. It’s also covered with dozens of tiny ticklers for even more thrills. Not quite what you’re looking for? Check out dozens of other penis rings.

Wearable Vibrators

We-Vibe Match

Maximize your stimulation with an insertable vibrator that you can wear during sex while leaving your hands free for other things! These vibrators are shaped like the letter “C.” One arm slips inside to work her G-Spot and his penis, while the other arm presses against her clit for more intense thrills. Multiple forms of stimulation make it much easier for her to reach the Big O, which is why women worldwide love their wearable vibrators! We-Vibe developed the first wearable vibe, and their newest version – the We-Vibe Match – is even better. It comes with a vibrating motor in each arm for mind-blowing power and stimulation. You can easily change vibration settings without missing a second of fun thanks to the included remote control. Shop other wearable vibrators.

Bondage Restraints

Under the Bed Restraint System

Add a kinky twist to your night! Tie your lover’s hands or wrists together while dominating them for all kinds of wild fun. And surrendering control is just as much fun! The Under the Bed Restraint System is our most popular bondage set. It features four cuffs to fully restrain you or your lover, and it slips discreetly under your mattress when you’re done. We’ve sold over 150,000 with customers rating it 4.8 out of 5 stars. In the words of one reviewer, “The only problem is now we fight over who gets to be tied up next!” Browse some of our other bondage items.

Remote Control Panty Vibes

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh

Add a fun & naughty twist to date night! These super-discreet vibes slip inside her vagina or panties, so she can wear – and use – them in public. Imagine how wicked you’ll feel as these vibes start working their magic in the middle of a boring meeting at work or while you’re running errands around town. For even more fun, give the remote control to your lover during your next date night. Surrendering control allows them to surprise you with stimulating vibrations anytime – when you’re sitting down at a fancy restaurant, watching a movie, or dancing at a club. By the end of the night, you’ll be ready for anything! The OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh does all that and comes with a special sound-activated mode so it vibrates in sync with your favorite dance tracks. A sexy thong is included too. Shop our other panty vibes.

Flavored Lubes

Adam & Eve Flavored Lube

Pretty much everyone agrees that oral is amazing, but you can make it even better with a simple addition. Flavored lubes add a tasty treat that will leave you licking up every drop the next time you go down on your partner. Adam & Eve Flavored Lube comes in 3 great flavors: cherry, cotton candy, and strawberry. One customer noted, “My wife put a little dab on me, and went down like I can't remember! Of course, I returned the favor and almost shook her off the bed.” Check out all our other flavored lubes, including great flavors like caramel, frosted cupcake, mango, peach, and more.