Whether you love the latest and greatest tech or prefer giving to receiving, you’re sure to strike gold with these fun sex toy suggestions!

Sex Toys That Fit Your Personality

Find the perfect gift for that special someone or even for yourself! By shopping based on personality and interests, you’re more likely to find something more suitable for your partner or yourself instead of something that just ends up buried in your underwear drawer!

If you like playing around…
Then you’ll get a kick out of our fun-filled adult games! We’ve got dozens of board games as well as card and dice games for you and your partner. There are games that explore bondage, different sexual positions, and others that focus on foreplay. Whether you want to try something new or just break out of your old routine, adult games are just what you need!

If you’re a trendsetter…
Then you’ll really love all of our new clit stimulators! These special stimulators feature a revolutionary new sucking and blowing action that replicates the sensations of oral sex. Some of them also vibrate as well for even more fun.

And guys are sure to enjoy all of our new automatic penis pumps. These pumps do all the work while you just sit back and watch your erection grow bigger and bigger! For extra thrills, look for an automatic pump that vibrates too!

If you’re into technology…
Then you’ll love some of our app-powered vibrators! These beauties work with your smartphone for unbeatable control. While controls differ from vibe to vibe, you can generally turn them on or off and change vibration modes. Some allow you to create your own vibration modes, while others even let you operate them from the other side of the world – making them ideal for long-distance relationships.

If those don’t float your boat, then try an OhMiBod Club Vibe. These specialized sex toys vibrate in sync to your favorite music – making them perfect for the dance floor. Just slip one into your panties and shake your money maker. The stronger the beat, the harder it vibrates!

Guys will want to check out some of our advanced prostate toys. These ergonomic toys feature all kinds of stimulating features – including thrusting shafts, rotating beads to work your rear, and intense vibrations to drive your prostate wild. Some are even remote controlled so you change speeds and pleasure settings without missing a beat.

If you like giving more than receiving…
Then it’s time to get licking with some oral play. Flavored lubes are great for everyone. These tasty treats come in a wide variety of flavors that will leave you licking your lips… and other bits too! And you can up your oral fun even more with some oral sex toys. These specialized toys include tongue vibrators and wearable dildos to tease your partner as you lick away. There’s also some numbing sprays to get rid of those pesky gag reflexes!

If you’ve already got a closet full of sex toys and want something new…
Then we’ve got some great luxury items. Sex machines have so much power that they can leave you shaking from head to toe. Adam & Eve offers several Sybian-like sex machines with knock-your-panties-off vibrations. While these sex machines include some attachments for internal stimulation, the bulk of their power comes from deep, rumbling vibrations stronger than anything else you’ve ever experienced!

If sex machines aren’t your thing, we’ve also got a few high-end love dolls. These life-sized dolls are incredibly realistic and made for companionship as much as sex. These realistic love dolls are fully functional and poseable for fun in multiple positions.