Due to COVID-19, many couples are reluctant to go out for Valentine’s Day this year. Here’s a few ways you can make the most romantic night of the year magical even when you’re stuck at home.

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home

If you’re thinking about going out for Valentine’s Day, then good luck! With so many restrictions in place, it’s going to be harder than ever to score a restaurant reservation or find something else to do afterwards. That’s why many couples are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year. If you’re one of them, here are few helpful tips.

#1 Ditch the Kids (if you have any)
Kids are the anti-cupids when it comes to Valentine’s Day, so you’ve got to get them out of the house by any means necessary. Since the usual method of sending them to a relative's house or a friend's place won't really work this year, you'll have to get creative. Depending on what's open in your area, you might be able to send them to the movies, even if it means sticking them in a plastic bubble with a self-contained air supply. If that doesn’t work, talk the kids into taking an overnight camping trip in the backyard. It might snow? Well, that just makes it even more fun. If all else fails, try bribing them with a new toy or game. They’ll disappear by themselves and you might not see them for two or three days.

#2 Plan Something Extra Special
After all the stress of last year, your loved one deserves more than just flowers and a box of candy. Try recreating an experience that they’ve been unable to do. If they love going to the movies, try turning your living room into a theater for one night. If they love dancing, get some cool lighting and a sound system so you can shake your booties together. If nothing special comes to mind, you could always treat them to a “spa day” with a warm bath and sensual massage. Or you could score some relationship points by recreating your first date.

#3 Set the Mood
Being stuck at home makes creating the proper Valentine’s Day atmosphere even more important. Nothing says romance like low lights, flickering candles and music playing gently in the background. (Pro Tip: Make sure to use aromatherapy candles. The sweet, relaxing scents are incredibly soothing.) Skip the cheesy cupids and all the heart-shaped kitsch and keep it classy with some fresh flowers and framed photographs of you and your lover. Tastefully cover your bed with some rose petals. Just don’t get too carried away – somebody’s got to pick them all up afterwards!

#4 Plan a Special Meal… And Don’t Forget Dessert!
Cooking their favorite dishes is a great way to win anyone’s heart. Put together a list of your lover’s favorite dishes and build a multi-course menu around them. Research the dishes carefully in advance, making sure to watch any tutorial videos you can find to make sure you’re fully prepared. Hit the grocery store the day before and make sure to pick up fresh, high-quality ingredients. Then kick your lover out of the kitchen as you get everything ready for them. If you’re more likely to burn water than boil it, place a take-out order at your favorite restaurant. Many are already planning special Valentine’s Day to go menus, so you should have plenty of great options. Just make sure to place your order as early as possible because they’re likely to sell out fast.

#5 Pamper Them In Bed
Kick things off with some sensual foreplay. Slowly undress your lover, while showering them with kisses. Treat them to a soothing massage, complete with warm, scented oil. When they start melting in your hands, it’s time to put your tongue to work. Make sure they have at least one orgasm before surprising them with a new sex toy (preferably something from Adam & Eve) and see just how wild the two of you can get.