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Whether you need something for a long road trip or just need something to get your motor running, these funny product reviews are instant hits!

Funny Sex Toy Reviews from Adam and Eve

Funny Sex Toy Reviews #22

Adam & Eve gets hundreds of product reviews every week. While most of them are serious, there are a few that are a little more off the cuff. We reached deep into our product review archive to share some of our favorite funny sex toy reviews with you.

Lucid Dreams 14 G Spot Vibrator
Tried this out once or twice didnt quite do the job via missionary masturbation...However I tried it from the rear (me in doggie style position) and OH BOY!!!!! I soaked my carpet!

Lucid Dreams 14 G Spot Vibrator
Adam and Eve Clit Sensitizer

Adam and Eve Clit Sensitizer
For a Woman the key is to "lift the hood" to get your motor running! It is a good starter, it could be a little more potent, but I found it a pleasure!

Satin Seduction Chemise
My wife looked so hot in this that I just lost control right there once I saw it on her. The quality and strength of the material was great too because I did not damage it as I tore it off of her half way through the night...

Satin Seduction Babydoll
Head Honcho Masturbator

Head Honcho Masturbator
love how it turns inside out to clean- a great toy for car trips, as it is containing...

Wild G-Spot Vibrator
put down the vibrator, Kat. Put down the vibrator, Kat. You need to take care of other things. This is just too good for words.

Wild G-Spot Vibrator
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