Are you in a masturbation rut? Break away from your usual routine and go off like a firecracker! 

Celebrate Your Orgasmic Independence

Shake up your masturbation routine and have better orgasms than ever.

Let’s face it: nobody knows your orgasm better than you do. But if you stick to getting there the same way every time you indulge, you run the risk of falling into a real masturbation rut. But by making a few simple changes, you can take your everyday solo sessions into the stratosphere! Here are some of our favorite tips:

Take your foot off the brake.
Pick a block of time when you’re relatively certain to have no interruptions. Put your phone on silent, shoo the pets out of the room, and lock the door. You don’t want to be thinking about grabbing the clothes out of the dryer or whether your needy relative is going to call – you want to be able to relax and concentrate on pleasure.

Celebrate your Orgasmic Independence

Get inspired.
The brain is the body’s largest and most important sex organ. In order to achieve your wildest climaxes, you need to start here. Take your time and find a fantasy that really sparks your arousal. It could be a steamy romance novel, a smoking-hot adult DVD, or even an encounter with that sexy barista at the café on the corner.

Go the longer route.
Maybe you know hard and fast works for you, but slow down and let your attention and hands wander to neglected hot zones like the back of your neck, the small of your back, your stomach, thighs, nipples. Take your time and bring your whole body along for the ride.

Bring on the lubrication.
Add in some premium lubricant and make your standard pleasure sessions electric. Normally don’t use any? Add a few drops of water-based or silicone lube and feel how slick and sensual your touch becomes. Love a little lube? Shift your perspective and pleasure by trying out a little warming lubricant or tasty flavored lube instead of your usual.

Try a different position.
You don’t just have to lie back on the bed. Get creative and feel more like you’re in your fantasies by leaning up against the wall or over a desk. Try masturbating while kneeling, on your stomach, or on a pillow. Change venues and try watching yourself in the bathroom mirror, or see what it’s like in a bubbly bathtub or steamy shower.

Take on a new toy.
Ever tried getting off while wearing a penis ring or an anal plug? (Both?) What about using a vibrator as powerful as a plug-in Magic Massager? Mountable strokers and suction cup dildos let you go for hands-free rides. Try combining different toys and settings for a mind-blowing custom pleasure experience.

Need some supplies for your next adventure? As always, check in with Adam & Eve to find the newest, hottest toys, lube, movies and more for your next adventure.