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Trojan Bareskin The Every Thin Pack 10 ct.


Trojan Bareskin The Every Thin Pack 10 ct.

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Get Closer Than Ever Before With A Variety Of Super-Thin Condoms!

Have a natural, barely-there feeling as you enjoy the closest thing to a skin-to-skin experience with Trojan's thinnest condoms. Each extra thin BareSkin style is designed to feel like you're not wearing a condom –– you might just forget you've put one on in the first place! The Every Thin Pack includes 3 BareSkin Raw, 3 Original BareSkin, and 4 Studded BareSkin –– each style has special features you and your partner will love. BareSkin Raw is America's thinnest latex condom. Original Bareskin is 40% thinner than all condoms and comes pre-lubed with a silky-smooth lubricant. Studded BareSkin has elevated studs to add texture and more stimulation for your lover. 10 count box.

Key Features
  • 3 different types of extra thin Trojan condoms 
  • You get 3 BareSkin Raw, 3 Original BareSkin, 4 Studded BareSkin
  • 10 count box of latex condoms
  • Improves feel & sensitivity
  • Pre-lubed with premium lubricant
  • Each has a reservoir tip for more protection
  • Made with premium latex for top performance
  • Designed for contraception & STI protection
  • America’s #1 condom
  • Triple tested Trojan quality

Sample these premium, ultra-thin Trojan condoms and conduct your own comparison test! 

BareSkin Raw
If you want to get closer, look no further. This is America’s thinnest latex condom. In Trojan's latest innovation, they pulled out all the stops to bring you BareSkin Raw. Their thinnest condom helps you enjoy a more natural experience and feel it all. If it got any thinner, it’d be almost be non-existent. (Length: 7.09 ¬– 7.87 inches, Base Width:  2.17 inches, Shape: Straight.)

Original BareSkin
40% thinner for that bare skin feel! America’s #1 Condom maker gives you ultimate protection that’s got the protection you trust, but in a thinner formula – for sex that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Made with Trojan's premium latex, and pre-lubed with silky-smooth lubricant, so you can roll one on and enjoy all that freedom. (Length: 6.69 ¬– 7.48 inches, Base Width:  2.09 inches, Shape: Straight.)

Studded BareSkin
Experience ultimate sensitivity + maximum stimulation! Trojan’s thinnest latex condom gets a studly upgrade! The super-thin design feels almost like it’s not even there, while elevated studs along its length add texture for maximum stimulation & shared satisfaction. A roomy comfort shape and silky smooth lubricant make every moment magical. Stay protected –– and enjoy night after night of pleasure! (Length: 7.5 – 8.27 inches, Base Width:  2.09 inches, Shape: Bulbous.)


Brand Trojan
Material Latex
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I597-Trojan Bareskin Everythin 10ct.
Trojan Bareskin The Every Thin Pack 10 ct.