Silicone Pleasure Orb

Silicone Pleasure Orb

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A classic sex toy favorite!

This bullet vibrator pairs up with a stretchy, soft, delightfully nubby sleeve for a modern twist that will deliver lots of orgasmic bliss! The Silicone Pleasure Orb sleeve can be removed and used on other small vibrators or a fingertip to vary the sensations, and the bullet can be used by itself for more intense stimulation as well.

• Multiple speed remote control
• Vibrator has stretchy removable silicone sleeve
• Six rows of raised nubs for added stimulation
• Compact size
• Great sex toy for beginners
• Requires 2 AA batteries, sold separately

Use the vibrator’s handheld controller, with an adjustment dial that can be easily moved using a fingertip, to find just the right speed of soft or strong vibrations. Whether you want an orgasmic buzz to send you over the edge or a gentle purr get you hot and bothered for a wild night of sex, you’ll find the perfect setting. Pressed against nipples or clitoris, or even used to tease your partner’s penis, this handy little bullet vibrator is sure to arouse your erotic passions! The discreet size also makes this sex toy ideal for romantic weekend getaways or hiding in a purse for spontaneous fun.

The stretchy silicone material of the bullet vibrator’s sleeve warms quickly to body temperature, and becomes sensually slick with a few drops of your favorite sex lubricant. Six rows of raised nubs cover the surface on all sides for an erotically bumpy texture that will leave you gasping with pleasure. The long cord between the remote and the egg vibrator won’t restrict your movements, no matter how intense things get, and also makes it easy to hand off the control to a partner for wickedly exciting teasing.

To clean this vibrator, simply remove the silicone sleeve and wash with soap and water or toy cleaner. If using the bullet by itself, wipe down with a damp cloth, taking care not to get the battery compartment wet. When your intimate activities are finished, be sure to take the batteries out of this sex toy before storage to prolong their power.


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2 AA batteries (sold separately)
Cal Exotics
Textured, Battery Operated, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds
Power Source:
Battery Operated
pleasure orb indeed.
"it got me there in 2 minutes, no joke…"
One HAPPY GIRL!!!!!!
"It gets you going quick quick especially on high power. I can't wait to get home to use it everyday!!!"
"EVERY time we use this thing, she's screaming so loud the neighbors can surely hear her."
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The little egg vibrator that could! Submitted 5/19/2008
When I first opened up the box and spotted this little purple vibe, I wasn’t very impressed. The remote is incredibly plain and very dull looking. The silicone sleeve is a nice purple and covered with four rows of what toymakers call “pleasure nubs,” which are basically little projections that are supposed to shake when the vibrator’s turned on and which give the toy some texture to enhance your stimulation. As with most things, the idea works better than the reality. Call me spoiled, but after testing out a bunch of rabbit and G Spot vibrators and some higher-end glass dildos, this little purple egg had all the makings of a serious let down. But appearances can be deceiving! Like all other egg vibrators, this one can be inserted inside or used for clit stimulation. (Take note any would-be backdoor adventurers that I don’t think the cord is strong enough to hold up to anal penetration.) I started off with a little clit teasing before sliding it in and pressing it against my G Spot. The pleasure nubs were firm enough to grind against my clit and G Spot with just enough give for a comfortable experience. For an egg vibrator, I was pleasantly surprised by both its power and how quiet it was. It’s not exactly a jackhammer on your clit, but you’ll definitely know it’s there! The dial works fine, with noticeable differences as you work your way from high to low. Take care that it changes easily. Speaking from experience there’s nothing worse than finding the perfect speed only to bump the damned dial and lose it seconds later. The cord’s long enough for solo use, but I’d prefer a couple of extra inches for added flexibility. I was very surprised by the durability of the motor. While I only played with mine for a few weeks, I’ve heard very good reports from other users that claimed theirs lasted 5 or even 6 months. Most comparable vibrators last 2 or 3 months tops before burning out, which makes this budget-priced vibrator a real steal. This toy’s not waterproof and given the cord openings in the egg and remote, you’ll have to exercise extra control to make sure it doesn’t get wet and short out. Rather than washing it, I recommend using one of those toy cleaners that let you squirt it on and then just wipe it off. All in all, I found the Silicone Pleasure Orb to be an excellent foreplay toy. While it’s strong enough to take you all the way, it wouldn’t be my first choice. Power: 4 – Strong Vibrations Volume: 3 – Average Pros + Very durable & strong for an egg vibrator + Nubbed sleeve offers stronger clit & G Spot stimulation + Small size makes it easy to hide at home or on vacation Cons - Easy to change speed accidentally - Cord’s somewhat on the short side - Easy to get wet when cleaning Verdict An outstanding foreplay toy that’s also strong enough to deliver the goods on its own. If you’re gonna have breakfast in bed, make sure this egg is the first course!
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pleasure orb indeed. Submitted 9/13/2010
I LOVE THIS TOY! I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little guy after my first and only toy broke...it took me a while to reach a decision as some of the reviews were mixed. it got me there in 2 minutes, no joke and i didnt even have it on the maximum setting. I know everyone varies with preferences but the vibrations in this toy were definitely enough for me. I will be recommending this to friends.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Cheap and Reliable Submitted 9/1/2017
Nothing fancy here. Just a corded bullet that delivers power right where you want it. The dial makes it easy to find your speed, and the AA batteries fuel some surprisingly strong vibrations. Didn't care for the silicone sleeve - even with lube, it never quite feels right against my bits. The stretchiness also makes it tacky/sticky, something that lube only kind of bypasses. Lifespan for me was about six months of regular use (at least a few times per week) before it started having intermittent issues with the cord, but it's cheap enough that I don't mind repurchasing it once or twice per year. This was my first bullet vibe, and it remains my favorite so far. Can't beat the power for the price!
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Nice but got too hot (as in melted the sleeve) Submitted 4/18/2012
I loved this and had used it a handful of times before the sleeve actually melted. I suppose it melted from the heat of the egg, but I was disappointed.
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nice product Submitted 2/6/2009
This product does have allot of power. I really like the silicone that comes off for easy cleaning to. I recommend this.
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buy extra ones!! Submitted 4/24/2012
I love this one too, but it stops working after about 3 months. I am going to keep 2 as spares!! They really do work, but it makes me sad when they quit working, think they should be buy one get one free!!! lol
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Better than expected Submitted 7/28/2017
Strong vibrations for running on just a couple AA batteries! I like the vibes and simple controls. Little sleeve thing is a nice bonus, just not sure if it gonna fit on his bonus lol. Only bad thing so far is that the battery cover will not stay on. But if ya can't "duck" It, fu k it. I did both :)
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Very Happy Girl from Baltimore
One HAPPY GIRL!!!!!! Submitted 1/13/2012
WOW!!!! this is a small but powerful viberator. It gets you going quick quick especially on high power. I can't wait to get home to use it everyday!!! It is very addicting
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Holy Shit!!!! ***** Submitted 4/2/2012
Just got this in the mail yesterday and HOLY CRAP does it get me off.1 the cord is long so it can go deep to make room for my man or other toys.2 it is EXTREMELY POWERFUL... I JUST CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS TOY!
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WHOA Submitted 1/21/2015
Bought this for my wife, as she likes the external stimulation to help her climax. We've used multiple brands before, but CA Exotics makes THE BEST in our book. EVERY time we use this thing, she's screaming so loud the neighbors can surely hear her. We've run into problems with other brands shorting out in the cord - probably from us handling it BY the cord when we're "done" and want it out of the way after we both finish and collapse in a heap of pleasure-filled exhaustion. For my money, and her pleasure? This thing wins hands down. Sidebar...for the guys? When she's on top, it works FANTASTIC if you tuck it against your anus. The vibration combined with the in and out made me climax harder than I've EVER climaxed before! AMAZING! BUY IT NOW!!!
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