Adam & Eve Vibrating Silver Bullet

Adam & Eve Vibrating Silver Bullet

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Make your clit & nipples tingle!

Give your clit or any other erogenous zone a real workout with this powerful silver bullet vibrator!

• Bullet easily reaches all over your body to tease any erogenous zone
• Can be used with other sex toys for versatility
• Vibration speeds range from relaxing low to body-shaking high
• Variable speed dial for easy control
• Terrific for foreplay with your partner
• Made from plastic for durability and easy cleaning
• Measures 1 inch across and 2.5 inches long
• Cord measures 30 inches long
• Powered by 2 AA batteries, sold separately

Designed for clitoral stimulation, the silver bullet vibrator can reach easily all over your body to tease your nipples, feet and other erogenous zones. The bullet sends vibrations to your most sensitive spots to both arouse and titillate you – making it a great tool for foreplay or masturbation.

The bullet vibrator can also be used as a massager to relax your stiff muscles. Or you can use the vibrator with other sex toys, including male masturbators, love dolls, butt plugs and even dildos for extra stimulation.

The vibrator features fully adjustable speeds ranging from a soothing and relaxing low that’s perfect for massages to a super-charged high sure to get you off quick! The dial control is easy to use and super responsive to keep up with your changes. And the dial is on both sides of the controller to make it convenient for everyone whether you’re left- or right-handed.

The bullet vibrator and controller are made from plastic, making your sex toy hard and durable. The rigid material is excellent at transmitting vibrations so you don’t lose any power, and it also makes the vibrator a useful massager. Plastic is easy to clean with a wet cloth and requires no special handling like some other sex toy materials.

Adam & Eve’s bullet vibrator measures 1 inch across and 2.25 inches long. The cord measures 30 inches, giving your sex toy plenty of reach. The back of the controller slides off to hold 2 AA batteries, sold separately. Wrapping the batteries in a piece of paper, such as the directions, will keep them from rattling and make your sex toy much quieter.

Adam and Eve recommends the bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation during foreplay.

The vibrator is compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. Wash the vibrator carefully after use in warm, soapy water – taking care to keep the battery compartment dry. Rinse your bullet vibrator off and let it dry. Then store the vibrator in a cool, dark place with the rest of your sex toy collection.

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2 AA batteries (sold separately)
Cal Exotics, Adam and Eve
Battery Operated, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds
2.5 inches
Power Source:
Uses Batteries
1.00 inches
Best freebie ever
"If I was trapped on an island this would definitely be one of the things I would take with me!!!"
"...the fastest speed I have ever had on a bullet."
"(Os) have been EXTREMELY intense with this little toy!"
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Very nice! Submitted 4/22/2011
I ordered a couple toys for my girl, and this was included in as a free gift. I talked her into putting it in her ass (wrapped in a condom) while I f*cked her. Let me tell you its pretty awesome, you have a vibrating p*ssy for your pleasure. She was hesitant going into it but afterwords she was impressed on how it intensified her orgasm(s). Her face was priceless when I cranked it to high right before she came! That very next weekend she asked if I wanted to use it on her again. Worth the $15, even better free.
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Strong Vibes! Submitted 8/29/2011
So far one of the strongest vibes for a bullet on this website, I have ordered a few in the past and this one has so far been the best.
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Best freebie ever Submitted 4/26/2011
I too got this as a free gift with an order and I love it! I love using it with a vibrator and by itself, it is so amazing. If I was trapped on an island this would definitely be one of the things I would take with me!!!
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disappointed Submitted 4/27/2011
I looooved this toy when we first got it but a lil more than a month after it suddenly stopped working! Changed the batteries weekly but it seemed like the cord disconnected by the egg :( so sad
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OMG! Submitted 5/16/2011
This thing got me off in what felt like 5 seconds! AWESOME!
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Great for a little while Submitted 6/16/2012
I ordered one of these a few months ago and at first it worked great. Had me going and going like the Energizers I used in it! But then after 3 weeks of using it 3 or so times each week it just quit working right in the middle of using it. No idea why. Not impressed.
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Awesome Submitted 11/16/2011
I originally got this toy as a freebie. I love it more than the item I actually wanted. Love the various speeds and easy control. It gives you a really good deep vibration. This is my favorite and is always a pleaser. Only drawback, it does use up batteries fairly quickly. Still, I highly recommend.
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Jess W
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
I'm on my 3rd one of these Submitted 8/4/2017
I love these vibes. They're cheap, you can customize the intensity and they work great solo or with a partner. I got one as a freebie that lasted about a year, when it broke I bought another one because I loved it so much and that one broke after 6 months. Tried out a couple other vibes and just went back to this one because nothing else seems to work as nicely, even if I have to keep replacing them.
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Joey T
oh yes! Submitted 12/2/2010
This will feel GREAT for both my wife and I! we have a similar bullet and WOW! many different ways to use it...We will be getting this one FREE!!! with our order. Cant wait to use this with my wife :D
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 6/14/2017
Cons: Threw it away after 2nd time trying to use it. Wires had a short or something because if i moved it the thing would stop. Very frustrating!!!
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