GoodHead Kit For Him

GoodHead Kit For Him

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Turn Average Head Into Blowjob Heaven!

He’ll never know what hit him when you break out this toybox of oral tricks! This all-in-one kit includes lip-smoothing balm, tingly oral sex mints, and kissable minty delight gel that’ll make giving oral lip-smackingly great for both of you! Help him on with the stretchy vibrating penis ring and you’ll have him begging for more!

The GoodHead Kit for Him includes:

  • 1 oz. flip-cap bottle of minty flavored oral gel
  • 1 pack of 4 tingling oral sex mints
  • Stretchy vibrating penis ring w/ FREE batteries
  • Flavored fruity lip balm
  • A GoodHead Oral Sex tip card

The perfect pleasure pack for a weekend getaway, or to add a little spice to your oral sex! Apply the minty gel to tongue or straight to his shaft and enjoy a new flavor of blowjob. Then pop an oral sex mint into your mouth for a blast of icy minty flavor and sensation that’ll have him moaning and groaning. 

The included clear and stretchy vibrating penis ring switches on easily, and adds that extra burst of vibration and pleasure to send him tumbling over the edge! Batteries are included, so it’s ready right out of the box!

A tips card offers some oral pointers, and the included flavored lip balm makes sure your mouth is soft for totally pleasurable suction.

Colors might vary due to manufacturer issues.

Doc Johnson
Clitoral Stimulator, Stretchy, Textured, Vibrating
Male, Female
Power Source:
Uses Batteries
I had no idea!!!!
"I really enjoy pleasing my husband but now this is just the icing on the cake!"
First time!
"Totally enjoyable for the giver and receiver!"
Minty Fresh
"This really works for a tingly happy feeling for both of us"
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Fun!! Submitted 1/21/2011
I ordered this as a treat for my boyfriend. The mint lube tastes and smells very fresh and we always enjoy using the rings. I will give the included mints 5 stars because he really enjoyed the sensation and it helped spice things up. I just wish they sold them separately as well!! The chapstick was nothing to rave about, very sticky, wound up throwing it out..just use vaseline.
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The mints are awesome Submitted 2/23/2012
I got this to help with swallowing. The mints are excellent. And my man was very pleased.
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I had no idea!!!! Submitted 1/13/2011
This stuff is the best stuff ever! I really enjoy pleasing my husband but now this is just the icing on the cake! For all of you that like icing get this!!! The fact that there is no film on the roof of my mouth after is a big plus.
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Great head Submitted 2/26/2012
We used the mint, the Chapstick, and the gel. He said it felt great and made it easier for me to go down on him.
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First time! Submitted 2/25/2012
Totally enjoyable for the giver and receiver!
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my boyfriend loved it Submitted 5/15/2012
i couldnt believe how much this product could improve my head jobs for my boyfriend but he was going off way more then he ever has before. and the lipstick tatse great.
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Mel Kelly
amazing Submitted 12/22/2010
my fiance absolutely LOVES this kit, I think it was the best christmas gift I have gotten for him
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Angie Submitted 1/31/2011
Your man will love the head job
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Good Submitted 7/6/2017
The gel tastes good. Also the balm and mints work well, too. Plus the ring is powerful which I wasn't sure about.
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Minty Fresh Submitted 2/7/2011
This really works for a tingly happy feeling for both of us
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