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Satisfyer Masturbator Egg 3Er (Naughty)


Satisfyer Masturbator Egg 3Er (Naughty)

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Crack Open These Masturbators To O On-The-Go!

Keep the vibes sexy even when you’re traveling! You get 3 small, simple and easy single-use masturbators. All you need an egg, and you are ready to play. Crack open your egg and remove the Naughty sleeve. The inner channel of the masturbator is lined with long, sensational ticklers. Add water (or saliva) to the hydro active TPE material, no need for lube. Now the real, fleshy feel material is wet & slippery for hot stroking. Feel the sleeve stretch as you work it up & down, dragging the ticklers from tip to balls. TPE. Egg dimensions: 2.5 by 2 inches. Masturbator dimensions: 2 by 2 inches; stretches to fit most men.

Key Features
  • 3 pack masturbator eggs
  • Inner channel is lined with sensational ticklers
  • Material is fleshy and stretchy to work all of your length
  • Hydro active material needs a few drops of water, no lube
  • TPE is soft & stretchy to accommodate most men
  • Single use design – just tug n’ toss
  • Take it anywhere, the perfect travel toy

Listen, dudes. We all agree- “O”s should be easy. This toy is simple, straightforward and sexy. You get 3 eggs, each with a fleshy masturbator sleeve. This hot little toy is ready to go anywhere with you – just throw it in your truck or suitcase and you’re ready to “O”! When you’re done, just toss it! No lube? No problem. The TPE is hydro active, which means all you need is a few drops of water (or saliva works in a pinch) and your toy becomes self-lubricating.

As you stroke, the masturbator becomes slippery. Long, teasing ticklers work you from tip to taint. Feel the sleeve surround you in 360° sensation. The masturbator stretches as you tug. Play as if you’re masturbating as normal, only now you have dozens of extra helpers stimulating your nerves. Even let your lover do the tugging for you, this is great for adding a special pinch of spice to your regular sex.

When you’re done – just toss it! No need to fuss with cleaning or care!

Batteries No batteries required
Brand Satisfyer
Colors Teal
Features Stretchy, Textured
Length 2.5 inches
Material TPE
Width 2 inches
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Satisfyer Masturbator Egg 3er Set - Naughty 3 eggs in unopened packages
Satisfyer Masturbator Egg 3Er (Naughty)