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Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben Wa Balls-Small
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Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben Wa Balls-Small

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$24.95 - $27.95

Glass Gets You Gushing!

Give your vagina natural, naughty stimulation anytime with these gorgeous black glass Ben Wa Balls! Each luxurious ball slips into your vagina easily. Squeeze your inner muscles to hold them in and enjoy an orgasmic massage as the weighted balls roll with your every move. Use these Ben Wa Balls regularly to strengthen your kegel muscles and your orgasms. Also try warming or cooling these glass balls for thrilling sensations.  

•    Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben Wa Balls
•    In 1” small or 1¼” medium sizes
•    Small balls weigh 1oz each; Medium weigh 2oz each
•    Made from beautiful black glass
•    Weighted balls roll and move with you naturally
•    Can be heated or cooled for new sensations
•    Increases muscle control
•    Strengthens orgasms
•    Designed to last a lifetime
•    Includes free storage bag

No batteries, just bliss! When you introduce your kitty to the Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben Wa Balls, you’ll experience intense natural pleasure. That’s because when you insert these gorgeous glass Ben Wa Balls into your vagina, each weighted ball rolls and moves with you to give you a mind-blowing internal massage.

And since the Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben Wa Balls are made with long-lasting quality borosilicate glass, you can safely heat them up or cool them down. If you’re a Ben Wa Ball newbie or you’re already a fan, you’ll love exploring the hot and cold possibilities.

Wear your Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben Wa Balls during solo play, for foreplay – or even wear them during household chores! They’re small, discreet, and so much fun. The luxurious black glass is always elegant, and makes an orgasmic addition to your fantasy toybox.

Clean your Black Glass Ben Wa Balls with antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner. Store in the included storage bag.

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No Batteries Required!
Pipedream, Fetish Fantasy
Kegel Exercise, Hypoallergenic
1.0 inches
Small, Medium
1.00 inches
" Her (Os) kept rolling. She loved it!! "
"Feels awesome inside of me. Really gets me in the mood. "
Great Item
"delivers a great kegel exersize because of the small size and heavy weight."
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Verified Purchase
I think these have a great benefit, especially if Submitted 1/8/2018
A few years ago I read about the benefits of Ben Wa balls. I have had kids and being in the medical profession I know what can happen if those muscles weaken. I decided to opt for the medium size to give me more of a challenge. I like the fact that they are glass, since I'm sensitive to almost everything. They are comfortable to insert and they don't pop out at all. I clean them with some baby shampoo and let then after they are dry I put them away in their little pouch. I wish they had another size larger, then that would be more of a challenge! Over all, I enjoy using these and can't even tell they are there. I have kept them in about 8 hrs with no problems. I sometimes have a time getting them out, but I recommend these to my friends who have had kids and they like them as well
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Confirmed purchaser
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 6/15/2017
Pros: They helped with bladder control. Cons: There is a risk off losing them in the toilet.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Got to love balls Submitted 7/22/2017
Have always loved Ben Wa Balls but these are great! The glass is cool and comfortable and the vibration from them moving is awesome. I got the bigger size and they are perfect.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Age: 45-54
Gender: Female
The challenge I was looking for...and more Submitted 4/29/2018
Was looking to "graduate" to something a little smaller and heavier to work with Kegels, and these fit the bill...exactly what I expected. I specifically wanted glass, as I've discovered I have sensitivity to most of the metal mixes many of the Ben Wa Balls are made of, and also seem to be sensitive to silicone (bit of a drag). As you'd expect...the easiest to clean. The glass is heavier and slick, making it a real challenge, so DO try these at home first. Dropped one a couple times that hit the hard floor, and no cracks or break, so impressed with the durability. Added bonus: working those Kegels around the Ben Wa balls lubricates! Left them in - surprised my partner when he entered me...like a massage in all the right places.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Age: 45-54
Gender: Female
Would buy these again Submitted 4/27/2018
Girl friend started out with one and wore for a week. Struggled the first two days to keep it in.she commented it was harder than she though. Then after 2 tweeks, she started using both and i could not believe the difference in her control of her muscles... WOW, I loved it!!!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Too small, too light. Submitted 9/12/2017
This is my first time trying these, but I don't even have to use any muscles to keep them up there. I think if they had some size and weight to them it would be a different story. I think I'll try the heavier ones. Overall I'd say go for the bigger ones first, probably be the right starting point.
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does the job Submitted 4/3/2013
i wore them for a few hours and at first i didnt feel much. after a while walking around in them, i did have to work my muscles to keep them in. As far as pleasure i didnt feel much of anything but i did stay wet the whole day so its good if you have something planned after.
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Not Impressed! Submitted 3/27/2013
I expected these to feel awesome, but I barely feel anything! Even when using other toys! The description should be more *honest* -- great for kegals, not so great for pleasure!!
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Black Glass Ben Wa Balls Submitted 3/9/2013
Nicely weighted, easy and fun to use, especially since they can be used straight out of their convenient storage bag, or used warm or cold for a little extra spice.
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doublegirlfun Submitted 3/13/2013
This is the first time I have had theses, but they were easy bto use & very comfortable.Love that fact that you can feel them moving inside.
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