Icicles No. 46 Glass P-Spot Pleaser

Icicles No. 46 Glass P-Spot Pleaser

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Backordered Ships 09/18
Backordered Ships 09/18
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Curvy Glass Delivers Dynamite P-Spot Pleasure!

Send your prostate on a joy ride with this slim and sexy 4.5 inches glass anal pleaser! Just add lube to make this plug’s firm surface super-slick. The curvy shape slips inside up to 3.25 inches and expertly targets your P-Spot with a 1” wide head. Heat or cool your glass toy in water for thrilling temperature play! Safety ring for easy control & removal.

  • Exquisite glass prostate stimulator
  • Made from high quality hand blown glass
  • Tapered tip for easy insertion
  • Curvy bulbs angled for maximum sensation
  • Slim neck lets your muscles hold it in
  • Glass holds temperature for amazing hot or cold play
  • Safety ring at base

Introduce your backdoor to the uniquely thrilling feel of glass! The Icicles No. 46 Glass P-Spot Pleaser is designed especially for amazing anal play. Get its already-slick glass surface even wetter with your favorite lube, then use the tapered tip to slide this prostate toy inside.

Feel that? It’s the Icicles No. 46 Glass P-Spot Pleaser’s bulbs and curves expertly stimulating your prostate. Leave this p-spot toy in like a plug, or thrust and move for amazing anal stimulation. The safety ring at the base of this sex toy makes play pleasurable and safe.

You can really heat things up – or cool things down! – by adding temperature play to the mix. Since glass holds temperature, use a bowl of cold or warm water to make your P-Spot Pleaser take on sexy chills or heated thrills. It’s like unlocking a whole new world of pleasure.

When you’re finished, wash the Icicles No. 46 Glass P-Spot Pleaser with antibacterial soap and water or Adam & Eve Pure And Clean Toy Cleaner.

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Pipedream, Icicles
3.5 inches
1.00 inches
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Gets the Juices Flowing 5/26/2015
This thing is amazing. What I do is get on all fours and crouch down with my forehead resting on the floor and butt in the air. Once inserted, all I do is lightly contract my sphincter muscles and the precum starts flowing. I literally have to place something on the floor under my penis to catch the drips. Pure pleasure. I'm still amazed how the body responds to prostate stimulation.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
The best !!! 11/8/2017
This is by far the absolute best of any prostate stimulator I've tried...and I've tried everything whether it be prostate specific or not....vibes,dlidos,different materials,etc. 1. Glass is the only material that combines all the positives of being slick, needing minimal lube,non abrasive,etc. 2. This particular item requires barely any manipulation for climax 3.The loop at the end is perfect to control moving in,out, and around 4.The loop also serves as a stopper for hands free fun such as kegels. (you're exercising and doing it for medicinal purposes, right ?) 5. I've only tried it twice but both times I've got off in 30 minutes or less (everything else I've tried it's rare to climax and leaves you frustrated...)
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Amazing 6/6/2014
Just bough this little gem..very nice fit, hits the spot, makes for a nice orgasm with no hands. I've tried many others and this is a nice addition to my collection of anal toys..she loves it too!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Pros: It's the perfect length. Don't listen the those who say it's too short. It nails the prostate gland. With the right pressure it actually makes me ejaculate prostate fluid without orgasm. Absolutely perfect. Cons: None
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Great fit! 7/5/2017
This is an expensive little pleaser and well worth every dollar. It fits perfectly as advertised and expected. It feels great going in and while it is in there. It hits all of the important parts. It is great to use when getting pleased to completion - it makes completion explosive! That makes it a fantastic toy. It is well worth the money.
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hit the spot 8/28/2015
my boyfriend really likes this butt plug/prostate massager. only problem is if he has it in while we are having sex it pops out very easily! its perfectly fine (and enjoyable) when i give him a bj while he is laying down though.
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Mac in Indy
hoping for a little bit more 5/23/2015
The smooth feeling of glass is pretty sweet. I didn't experiment with extreme hot or cold, but did experience how the device picked up body temp quickly from room temp. Has a good solid weight to it. For me personally, my "p"spot must be a bit further up than most because I had to situate this way up inside to be able hit it, just to a point that it felt good and it was difficult to keep it there. Remember we're all built differently so if your spot is closer to the entry this more but work for you. For guys like me that have a longer way to go -meh.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Pros: Fits just right, great texture and the finger hook keeps it in place.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
great item 10/1/2017
At first it was a littlemuch but after a few minutesit was worth it!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Pros: Size is perfect to start and feels great. The glass is smooth, easy in and ouy.
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